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Anna's Diary...Back again...plus a few pounds....and....A BABY!!!!!

Hope you all dont mind if I have a diary....
I think I will find it helpful to express my feelings - highs and lows and also track my food intake.
Im only on day two, but chuffed to have got this far!

Tuesday 27th Jan

Breakfast- 2 Weetabix with s/s milk (4)
Milk for tea etc-(1)

Mid morn- Chubba chups lolly (0.5)

Lunch-2 slices bread with two light laughing cow triangles plus wafer thin ham (4.5)
Pk aldi quavers- (1)

Afternoon- Rainbow drops (0.5)

Dinner- Tesco h/l chill wedges (6)
Quorn escalope (4)
Ketchup- (0.5)
sainsburys fromage frais (1) meringue nest (0.5)

Tonight- Malteasers (3.5)

Total for day 27 points

Now according to the book im allowed 32 points per day, but I remember when I started WW before I had around 25 points the first week to "kickstart"

Would you recommend sticking to those 32 points, it seems very high :eek:

Everyday I intend to make up 1.5 litres of sugar free juice (cannot stand water!) and drink throughout the day...I do remember last time fluids seemed to help me no end :)

Anna x
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Hi Anna,

I think you are right with the kickstart thing - Sandy posted something on it on someones diary the other day - and 25 seems about right.

If you are just saving points (to use later) you can only carry over 4 per day. With kickstart you just "lose" them as it were.


Still fighting
Hi Nana
Great to read your diary, everyone is very freindly here!

Regarding water/fluid yes it helps me no end too especially as I suffer with bloating so it tends to made that better x
I need to change the rainbow drops to 1.5 points, am heading closer to that 32 anyway lol..
Im the same with bloating, on our honeymoon in Egypt my ankles were swelling terribly, luckily the rep had some water tablets, which helped but gave me a UTI!!...Im so determind to get my ankles skinny again!


Still fighting
Sorry for my typo error saying "Nana" not Anna ;oP

My ankles always usually swell when I fly but on my last hol I drank loads of water before and during flight and I had no problem.
Day 3 today, am feeeling positive...if a little gutted - our internet is playing up so im sneeking a post or two on my sisters this morning lol!

I really need to do a "big" shop to get food essentials in...looked in the freezer last night and had loads of tescos HL meals in, but they all are out of date!!!

So tonight, im going to make a spag bol, but only have full fat minced beef, so I think its going to be a rather large pointed meal :(

Dinner went down well, pointed it all up to be around 13 points...Ive had lots of little snacks today so will end my day on 28 points.
Am on hubbys work lappy now, cant beleive how much I miss the internet!!
God knows how long it will be before its back on now, Orange have messed us around to many times so hubby requested mac code so we can change....Any recommendations for a great ISP?!

*edited to add* Damian weighed this morning, he's been as good as me, and he's lost 4lbs already!! V.proud of him :)
Day four good so far, I discovered fish fingers for dinner, had three with mash and broccoli and felt lovely and full afterwards :)

Even managed to resist nicking a chip when dishing up sons and nieces dinners!!:p

Am still feeling positive, although had a bit of a moment today, worrying about being left with an "apron" of skin...Last time I lost my weight my tummy actually lifted and went fairly flat, I did use the gym lots though...Trouble is the weight has gone back on differently...People say im not as big as I was, but the scales show im actually a stone heavier than my original pre WW weight...The weight seems to have all gone on my tummy, I serious look like im preggers and overdue by 9 months:rolleyes:

Anyway, will cross that bridge when I come to it!

Thanks for reading, still no internet at home, am so thankful for hubbys laptop and mobile internet!!!

Another good day so far, am feeling very hungry today though...Got us some celery and carrots and a pot of low fat humous for tonight, Friday's is usually take away, so may have a struggle tonight :( x


Still fighting
Your doing great Anna, be strong tonight and you can still have takeaway as long as you make sensible choices and point it ;o) Chinese is usually best option I find x
Glad you got your internet back - Its a horrible feeling when it goes down and your without it! makes me tetchy!! lol
Me to, I dont know what to do with myself..plenty I could be doing, but rather browse here and facebook :)

Sat- TOTM came today, a bit gutted because I know i'll still be holding the pounds on WI monday :( ... A a better note, Ive managed to beat the run up to totm chocolate cravings!! yay!!!

Went shopping today and got loads of dinners, so set up nicely for next week..this week has been use whats in the freezer, some of which wasnt ideal as it was high pointed foods- but did manage to keep to points :)

I did have some maccy d's, which was divine :p .. Great points really, 9.5 for small fries and a chicken sandwich..was always my fave last time I did WW..

Tonight im having humous with mini pitta and some celery, and some malteasers :)...feels bad :D

I really want to have a roast tomorrow, and have a lovely loin of pork, but it seems very high in points...We always have ready made roasties as they are good on points, so maybe will have minimal meat, loads of broccoli and a few roasties :)...Yummy, and even better because Damian cook it :D

Oh, forgot to say, I have a few coats (one of my fave things!) but my most recent buy is fairly fitted, Ive worn it this week and it was feeling a little snug, but today it actually feels a little looser..hope Im not imagining it..but Damian said it looks looser as well :eek:

Am I sad for getting excited about getting on the scales Monday?! Im nervous, but excited..almost like first day of school :D

Im so glad ive found this forum..thanks for reading :) xx
i'm sure you will do great on your first WI :)

its a lovely feeling to notice a difference isnt it? good luck for monday anyway :) xxx
best of luck with the weigh in monday and hopefully i'll get weighed myself also. it's great to plan the meals for the week ahead isn't but i find it takes time but it will be worth it in the end.:)

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