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april starters?newbie :-)

hi everyone,i know im early,but im due to start LL total on 14th april,im really looking forward to it but nervous too! been browsing for a while and think i will find this site extremely useful as u all seem very supportive on here :)

im katy im 24 and i have two children aged 2 and 5 months and im looking forward to getting to know u all along the way x
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Welcome M2. The waiting to start LL seems to last an age doesn't it?
I found that looking at the success stories and before and after photos was really inspirational at the start. Hope you do too and wish you success when you do get going.



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Hi Katy - Well done on finding your way here!! I could never have done it without the support on this forum.

GOOD LUCK - I will keep popping in to see how you are getting on xx
Should have been an April starter, but my surgery refuse to complete a health questionnaire. Not because I am illegible. Just that they wouldnt. no scientific bases no explanation why they wouldnt provide my data for a third party. Just no.

Funny thing, they took my blood pressure anyway and said "it's high, you really should try and loose some weight" I palmfaced internally.

Anyways, good luck April starters. Here's to me starting in May. I am going to continue doing what I have been doing since November and have lost ~2stone, but was getting frustrated and at times was loosing the will so that Is why I went for LL.
I will be popping in to read the success and struggles so that I am even more prepared.
Hi everyome

I am going to collect my LL pack tonight at 8pm.. i am excited and nervous at the same time.

Although i am not starting until the 5th of April (get all the Easter celebration out of the way), i wanted to prepare myself by getting familar with the packs and ways to prepare it.

I have set a goal of reaching 220lbs (loss of 88lbs) on LL. To most 220lbs is still overweight but for me, it was the weight i was happiest at... my husband loves my curves and i do too.

If i loss the 88lbs in 14wks of the 1st phase of treatment, that'd be great but i'm not going to kid myself. As long i loss a significant amount by the end of 14wks, i am looking already at life after VLCD and i can shed the rest on controlled eating and joining groups such as WW and the diet chef.

Anyways, I will post again next week.

Good luck all April starters and see you on the "thinner and Slender" side... soon.
Hi All,

well today marks the begin of a new dawn.. the day i had my first LL meal. I almost postponed starting again today. it is a collegues birthday and she brought in a huge and lovely selections of cakes and desserts that is just simply divine. I thought to myself... another day waiting would not hurt but then again another piece of cake (or in my case, another pieces of cakes) could trigger heart attach, type 2 diabetes or even worse... death.

So, I have had my first LL meal.... Porridge. Now, in as much as it tasted "nice", i have never had porridge in my entire life... so it was challenging to say the list. But i kept it down against all odds.

I have also had about 250ml of water and my next meal of strawberry flavoured shake is just a "shake " away. Again i absolutely hate milkshakes but i will give it a try.

Good luck April starters and keep in touch
hi ronky,hope the rest of your first day went well,im collecting my packs a week today on the 14th so i will officially b starting thurs 15th,im really looking forward to getting started,but also know its not gona b easy,let us know how the rest of your week goes :) xx
Hi Guys i started my first pack (porridge) this morning was ok-ish hoping the shakes will be that little bit nicer :D is there a minimum or max on the amount of water to drink i read the first wk booklet and it just said drink enough but not in excess.
I was drinking about 4 litres a day. I drink a lot normally anyway but got very thirsty on LL. They say drink to thisrt. You will find that drinking more keeps the bad ketosis breath away. But sip, don't drink gallons all in one go as it's not goo for you and you can end up 'flooding' your body.
It's different for everyone but I'd say try to have at least the recommended 2 litres a day if you can. (plus you get lots of exercise going to the loo!)
Hi everyone
on day 4 of LLT and it hasn't been bad actually. Had my pop in weigh in last night and i lost 2.2kg (5lbs)... not bad but i am hoping to have lost at least 12lbs come monday night (end of day 7).
Until i started on LLT, i have never had porridge, soup or milkshake... i just hated the look of it. how ironic that i am now on a diet that consist mainly the things i hate... it shows how desperate i am to loss the 88lbs of weight that is making my life a misery.

Day 1: had porridge (almost threw up) and 2 shakes ... that all i could manage. I have to say, the shakes (strawberry and vanilla) are lovely esp. if you make it thick.
Day 2: had porridge (better experience than day 1), 2 shakes and a soup (did not finish it )
Day 3, had my porridge (its tasting nice now, yippy!), and 2 shakes.
Drinking water as much as i need but when i feel dizzyness coming on, i just top up on water.

Occasionally, i have thought about food and eating it but i stop and think... if i leave LLT now, what am i going back to? do i want to go back to breathlessness, lack of self confidence, not enjoying my family life to the full, potentially not seeing my children get married? these thoughts kept me going and i hope, pray and believe these thought will see me through to a lighter new me.

Ladies, we truly can do this, we have seen evidence from other people on this site... they are no different from us... they don;t have any "super powers" but they took a day at a time. That is what i am doing too.

Roundracheal (more like slim racheal to me!) well done, you look fantastic.
Nikki10, make the porridge/shakes etc to a consitency you like... it may take you a few days to get the mixing right, so don't worry

Mummytwo.. the 15th is only around the corner... how exciting! looking forward to sharing your experiences with us

Have a great week and remember that what we need to succedd is already in us


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Hi to everyone on here i'm hoping to be joining you all this April , waiting on a call from LL as she now has a group starting up


Strong women stay slim
I was going to start few months ago , well i'm here now and I can't wait , I think it will be not next week but the week after . But still april time . I am at my biggest now which of today was 217 , ouch ... I am fed up with big clothes and getting backache . I have been around for a while , almost got to goal and things went downhill Nov 08 where by the weight krept up . Hello all of you, hoping to be part of this thread for some months to come through the good and bad times ahead after all I've done CD and I know its not easy . How is everyone doing ?
ronky u sound like u are really getting the hang of it now,and your right 15th is getting so close now! i cant wait,and everything say is really true,once i start this diet im in it 100% as if we cheat we r only cheating ourselves arent we.

looking forward to hearing the news of first weigh ins! and getting to know u all xx


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Hi All had a call tonight , I start April 20th , Tuesday .
When is everyones weigh day .
Does anyone know what products they do on LL
The 20th will soon b here!my weigh in will b on a Wednesday night,collect my foodpacks on 14th n start the 15th,iv been waiting ages for the 14th to come lol x x


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Hello all , hi mummytwo, not long till wednesday for you , are you excited ? How long are the LL Total group meetings ? As mines about 12 miles away and OH will have to wait for me in the car . But he doesn't mind . Think we both have a far way to go on LL and once the 14 weeks are up , where do we go from there ?
You know i'm going to miss my milk in drinks , cry cry , but all worth it .


Strong women stay slim
BTW , how much did people get charged for there forum to be signed by the doctor , mine was 30 pounds , and the nurse told me she would of done it for free , as she said they already get paid for there days work , which yes its not right .
Omg that's shocking,my dr didn't charge me,I'm not entirely sure of the length of class but maybe 30-45mins?someone please correct me if I'm wrong as not been to any yet lol yes I'm extremely excited and nervous at the same time! X x

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