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Baggy Trousers :)

I recently went through all my clothes, threw out all my 22/24's am wearing 18's but some 18's were still a bit snug so I thought I will put them to one side to wear later.
This morning picked up a pair of trousers from that side of the wardrobe and think I missed the boat with them as they are erm falling down :)
Jodphurs anyone LOL?

Meant to say, the top is a size 16, so yes it is snug, but it fastens up.. frst time I have worn a size 16 in erm about 15years!!
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Great photo Tilly - i am having that problem too - but it is isn't really a problem as it is fab!

Wearing a size 20 pair today that havent worn before. Bought them 2 years ago when was losing weight in the hope I would slim into them and they still had the label on them! Feel a bit tight, but they are done up!!

Well done on your losses so far, you are doing soo well.

I know what you mean about fitting clothes feeling tight...
Mind you, this blouse is a tad tight LOL
Nice to have fastened it up though.....
I think my bottoms are now def a size 16 maybe still in 18's up top!

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well done tilly, i kinda like wearing baggy trousers makes me feel good to think they were far too small a few weeks ago lol xxx


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I love it when that happens :) My mum's very clever so is taking all my trousers in for me as they get too big to save me money :)I'm smaller on my top half than on the bottom half-tops I am wearing a size 16/18 depending on the fabric...bottoms are size 22...I can get into size 20 but not do them up yet.


WILL be Slim!
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those trousers are massive on you! :) giggle!!!
Its great isnt it! :)


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Hooray for baggy clothes!!! How fabulous to see though? I mean this is solid evidence of how far have you have come and how all your hard work was sooo worth it!!! Bet you by next week that shirt won't be as tight in fact you shpould post a picture of you wearing it next Friday so that we can see the difference. You Look fabby :D


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Oh and I think you need a new avatar piccie as you can deffo tell you lost weight from your face as well :)


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yeah I would agree Tilly, look like a 16 on bottom and an 18 on top

Bet you feel great!

Can see a great difference in your face though!
It's funny really the face thing,
When I tell people I have got a long shaped face they used to snigger, but if you check out my photo on thin pics thread you can see what I mean...
It has been round purely because of the flab, but I can also see a change the last few days in my face shape and my OH said yesterday, "You're face looks thinner all of a sudden!"
I jsut hope my boobies start to shrink soon... my ass has dissapeared at a fast rate of knots and my stomach is shrinking fast but my boobs!!!
Anyone else hoping for smaller boobs?

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Go the size 16s!!! Well done Miss TillyFloss ;o) That shirt will be baggy on you in no time too


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Well done, Tilly. You are a true inspiration.

Tilly, can you please advise me how to create my blog (like yours) that displays the date and how you got on each day on the CD. I have tried for a tutorial but can't seem to get it. It just posts messeges rather than a day to day view like yours....sorry to be thick!!


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Hi Tilly, ignore the previous msg...I found out what I need to be doing...just adding the date in the title field and start typing.....well, it is Friday(feeling dumb!!)
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Hey tilly, Great pic. you are doing so well indeed!

I am sharing your joy today in the trouser department too! Wow that sounds so wrong lol.


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Im a bit late reading the thread but ME me me, I want smaller boobs!!! LOL. I have always had biggies. mind you, they are getting smaller just not mall enough!!! HEHE.


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Wow Tilly, all your hard work is paying off, you look fab, and I know what you mean about the face, I looked in my mirror the other day and realised my face is long and not round, has been round for quite a few years and thought it had always been that way. Unfortunately my top is also bigger than my bottom too, wish they would even out a bit. ie, top getting smaller, not bottom getting bigger.

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