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Becky's EE 2 Stone to lose Diary

(NB when I started my diary I was only doing EE, but now I do Red and Green days too!)

Hi Everyone!

I really want to lose my last 18lbs and so here is where I will chart my journey to target!

Please feel free to comment whenever or just follow my progress anon... I'll try to add photos along the way to keep it interesting!

I will edit this everytime I lose something!!

Start Weight: (Dec 29th) 11st 0lb
Size : Trousers 14... Tops 12

Weight Now: (Mar 9th) 10st 6lb
Size : Trousers 12... Tops 10-12

Becky xx

Going to add useful recipes here for myself and others... hope this helps :0)

Smash Pizza
SW KFC Chicken
Mushy Pea Curry
SW Burgers
Doner Kebab!
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Hey, welcome! I have just joined the forum and started sw today too-am doing extra easy at the moment to see how I go.
I am 11 stone 1 today after gaining 3 pounds over Christmas. I wear size 14 top and bottoms, sometimes even a 16 top in some shops..eek
Best of luck.
Thanks Josie! Oh it's weird how we're roughly the same size! My weight is all on my bum, thighs and legs! Really want to lose the weight to get my legs thinner for summer as I hate them!! Not much up top I'm afraid!! Good luck on your Weight loss journey! xx
Woke up really positive this morning after a day of 100% yesterday! It was my first day of succeeding after trying and failing for 2 days to get back into the swing of things!

Today I decided to take down the decorations and at the same time I managed to de-clutter the porch and get rid of loads of old magazines etc... living room is looking lovely and spacious now and it was good exercise too... feeling pooped now!

So today I've had...

Breakfast: Clementine, apple and half a sachet of Highlights (1 syn)
Lunch: Salmon sandwich (heb) and a WW yogurt.
Tea: Chilli, Jacket and a bit of cheese (hea), WW yog
Snacks: Fruit and yogs.
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Hi there, your thread caught my eye as I am in the same position as you size and weight wise - I weighed in at 11 stone today and couldn't believe my eyes. Unfortunately that was after a greasy bacon sarnie and some choc - but no better time to start than the present!! I will follow your story with interest and probably steal some of your mealplans!! All the best x
Hi Katy! Mmm bacon sarnie and choccies sounds yummy!! I'm sure you'll do it! To be honest I don't feel big the weight I am, just wobbly! But I wouldn't be confident in Summer clothes so it's more weight off for me :0)
Let me know how you're getting on! xx
This is what I ate today...

Breakfast: Chicken sandwich (Heb) (1 syn for spread), clementine, half a sachet of highlights (1 syn), apple
Lunch: Salmon steak with green beans, carrots, sweetcorn and brocolli, WW yog and half a sachet of highlights (1 syn)
Tea:Made a soup/stew with leftover carrot, celery, leek, onion and garlic, cumin, garam masala, turmeric, chilli powder, veg stock cube, tin of tomatoes and finished with chopped fresh coriander (yum!) French Fries (4.5 syns) and a swizzles lolly (2 syns)

Got to go into work for a 3 hr shift this afternoon and then will be home at 5. We don't celebrate the New Year, think it's because none of my family are drinkers we just don't seem to bother so I'll probably be tucked up in bed before 11 (saddo lol!)

Hope you all have a great night if you're having parties etc...
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Happy New Year to everyone... I hope this one is a happy and healthy one for all!

Last night I had a little treat to welcome in the New Year... a packet of Walkers Crisps... ooh get me lol!

So today I'm on day 4 of being 100% (hopefully!) not got much food in the cupboards but really trying to use things up as we get our new kitchen on 17th Jan yay! (well they start then and it will take about 5 days)

So today...
Breakfast: 2 cheese on toast (heb/hea), WW yog, apple, half a sachet of highlights (1 syn)
Lunch: SW roasties, parsnips, sausage wrapped in bacon (2 syns), gravy and cranberry sauce (2 syns) sweetcorn, green beans and carrots. (didn't have any turkey in to do a proper xmas dinner lol!)
Tea: Spicy lamb soup (same as yesterday), clementine, packet of onion rings (3.5 syns) and a swizzles lolly (2 syns)

Really happy with how the week has gone so far and feeling a lot slimmer around my tummy and hips so hoping for a really good WI on Wednesday!
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Thanks Josie! I will stop by your diary to see how you've done!!

So today I had to go into work for 4 hours and it was really busy so I didn't have time to even think about the tin of roses on the counter he he!!

I love putting on my uniform as I can tell how I'm doing weight wise (as I only work Fri, Sat and Sun it's a good 5ish days before I have to wear it again and so I sometimes notice a change!) Well today it was feeling nice and loose! I have a small fleece, medium polo and size 14 trousers, but the medium polo is really big now so will ave to swap it for small I think woo hoo! I remember wearing all Large and size 18 trousers which were too small!!

So anyway, today has started off really well again! Breakfast was toast and half a sachet of hot choc (a full sachet makes me feel sick!) Then for lunch I had the Iceland beef in gravy with sweetcorn, carrots, green beans and broccoli with an apple and for tea I think I'll have a jacket with some cheese and the last of my spicy lamb soup!

I have written a list of everything in my freezer trying to work out meals so I can try to use it all up a bit! Also got loads of Pasta n sauce, packet rice, low fat noodles etc to use up! When I did SW years ago I lived off these packets, but since starting EE I prefer to cook and don't really enjoy these packets too much anymore, it's strange how we change!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! xx
Bet you were buzzing about your uniform being loose. I wear officey type clothes as I am student teacher so looking forward to feeling a difference in them. I am apple shaped though so hold my weight on my tummy and chest but don't gain on my thighs or bum!! Not good as it looks out of proportion and I get asked if I'm preggers lol!
A male colleague said to me 'I don't know why you're worried, you're in your 30s and married so why worry about your weight'. Made me laugh as there's nothing I'd want more than to fit in to a size 10.
You've reminded me about pasta n sauces, I love the cheese and brocolli one.
Oh I'd love to have thinner legs, I'm pear shaped so it's all on my thighs and bum, and I hate my chubby knees! OH says I'm seeing things but I know they're there! I think men just don't see the big deal about a bit of weight, like my OH he loves big boobs and bums lol! If we are out he'll point at someone with super skinny legs, he hates them he he!! And I'll be there thinking "I wish they were my legs!"
What type of teacher are you thinking of being? I've done an English degree but decided against doing teacher training in the end, my friend who I went Uni with is now a high school English teacher. Too much work for me!!
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I'm training to be a secondary science teacher. I have a degree and am now doing the PGCE year.
I absolutely agree about work all the time. When I went in to teaching I thought it was nice long holidays and 3pm finishes. The reality is that you teach all day, then have five classes worth of marking at the end of the day. Then you spend your weekends and school holidays planning lessons, making PowerPoint presentations and designing activities. It really is no rest for the wicked lol!
You have to really enjoy the teaching to make it worth it, luckily I do so far..
Hoping that when I go back I can still stick with the diet properly, I used to love getting mocha's or having choccy biccies in the staffroom so I need to be mega prepared.
Yep you sound just like my friend doing lots of work! But like you say if you enjoy the teaching side then that's where the enjoyment is!
Hope everything goes well when you get back to school xx
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I have a confession to make... last night I had 5 Quality Street choccies and a bag of Walkers (19 syns altogether)... I think I haven't been eating too much these last few days and I was hungry hence the mini snack! Going to try to have a bit more to eat today!! OK confession over lol! xx
Last day today of 'entertaining' my 5 year old son before he goes back to school tomorrow, will miss him but looking forward to getting back to my usual routine! Had more Quality Street choccies again this afternoon (another 10 syns!!) at least all my faves are now gone so they won't be as tempting!! Starting to feel my will-power waining a bit today!! HELP!!

Today I ate...

Breakfast: 2 toast (heb) with spread (1 syn) an apple and half a sachet of hot choccie (1 syn)

Lunch: Chicken breast with a few SW chips, sweetcorn, carrots, peas, green beans and gravy (2 syns)
5 Quality Street! (10 syns)

Tea: A concoction of Quorn mince, chopped toms and mixed veg (clearing out the cupboards!)
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Had a really busy day today!

I had a ham sandwich for breakfast (weird I know!) some packet chopped up tikka chicken for dinner (I'm guessing just a few syns for this) and some more of my Quorn mince, chopped toms and mixed veg concoction from yesterday. That's it! No fruit or yog and no choccies!! Hoping to get back to normal eating tomorrow although I'm stripping the kitchen tomorrow so it may end up being a busy day again!

I decided to look for some clothes to decorate in so I raided the cupboard and pulled out some clothes which really need to go to the charity shop (far too big now!) OH was laughing at me in 'clown' trousers and baggy tops! I think he was shocked to see how much weight I'd lost! I took a picture of me in a pair of size 16 jeans which fit me last summer... so baggy now!!

WI day tomorrow... fingers crossed for a loss!
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Wow! There's so many diaries on here now! Think I'll be talking to myself for a while lol!

My arm is totally aching off after stripping wallpaper for 4 hours! Good for toning the arms but it's left me with a banging headache!

After yesterday's disasterous food intake I went and got some food this morning!!

Breakfast: Ham sandwich (heb and 1 syn) hot choc (1 syn) Mullerlight toffee
Lunch: Pot Noodle in a mug spicy curry, handful of grapes
Tea: Lamb and veg soup, banana, Walkers BBQ (9 syns)

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