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Ceekays moving up the plans diary....


Staying on plan!
i'm trying to learn to eat "properly".
not only better portions and choices, but also "regular"-ish meal times lol
so as i started the 1000 plan this week, i thought this would be an ideal tool in trying to keep my self on track.....

good start foodwise, not so great with the timings, but hey, gotta start somewhere...

11am CD porridge
2pm 2 x shredded wheat and red milk
7pm Diet coke chicken(SW recipe)
1/2 bag salad leaves
40g brown pasta
20g strawberries + powder sweetener
10pm CD bar

1pm CD Porridge
then to the dentist to have a tooth out. couldnt eat again till numness went!
7pm fish, 200g new pots, broc & cauli
200g raspberries & sweetener
10.30pm slice granary bread with chopped boiled egg & cd bar

got an early start tomorrow and a late finish, so will have to spread food better...
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Staying on plan!
6.15am 2 x shredded wheat and milk
12.30 cd bar
2.30 salad leaves with bit of chicken
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Good luck my dear they say this is the hard bit but keep posting and we will keep you motivated for the way forward xxx


Trying to stay healthy!
HI Claire, good to see you on here! Hope you are enjoying the 1000 plan this week!



Staying on plan!


Staying on plan!
6.30 tuna an brown pasta, rasps and grapes with sweetener
11.30 CD porridge
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Staying on plan!
well thats day 3 over with lol.
havent been hungry at any stage today, and its been a looooong day.
once in a while my 2 jobs co-exist on the same day, and that was today, so worked from 7am to 9pm with a little break in the middle.
so here's to easier and shorter days!


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Claire.
Just wanted to say good luck for 1000 plan you sound like your doing fab so far.. Well done..
Keep writing in your diary it really helps to keep going!!


Staying on plan!
bit of a late start today! whoops

1pm CD porridge and slice granary toast
Dont know how anyone can not eat till that time i get up at 6 ish every morning and am gagging for my breakfast at 9!!!. Well done so far keep up the good work my dear xxx


Staying on plan!
i only get up that early for one of my jobs, and even then its not very often lol
most of my work is afternoon and evening, and i'm a late bird naturally, so my day quite often doesnt start till midday lol
sounds lazy, but i work till 10pm some nights and then have my "evening time" with OH, so bedtime is usually quite late.
makes diet and food planning a little tricky at times, but hey ho its the norm for me lol
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Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Ceekay - working two jobs means you definitely aren't lazy!

Dont know how anyone can not eat till that time i get up at 6 ish every morning and am gagging for my breakfast at 9!!!. Well done so far keep up the good work my dear xxx
You wait till 09:00. I'm ready at 06:01 ;)


Staying on plan!
Diet coke chicken??? You have to tell me more!
its lovely... think its an old WW recipe, but i found it on SW board...

chop chicken into chunks, brown off in a non stick frying pan....
just cover with diet coke, and a sprinkle of chinese 5 spice, stir lots and leave on quite a high heat until the coke has all gone.
what you're left with is chinesey/bbqy chicken...


Staying on plan!
funnily enough i had diet coke chicken again tonight... cooked it for a friend. had with new pots and salad
bout 11pm had CD porridge and some grapes

forgot to have my egg and missed a potion of veg... should i leave it out, or carry over to tommorrow??


Staying on plan!
okay..... been a busy day today, tanning and nailing all over the place!
so foodwise...

10am 2 shredded wheat
1pm tiny bit chicken with salad leaves
7pm chicken with tikka spices, couscous and salad
and for later CD porridge and bar and grapes

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