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Confused about the SS / SS+ Plan / New Rules


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I've been reading on this forum that the Sole Source has recently changed and you can either have 3 packs and a meal or 4 packs and skimmed milk and that this is for 'newbies' Well, I started just under 2 weeks ago, and I'm on 3 packs and nothing else. Has my CDC got it wrong? The CD website hasnt updated, it's still got 3 shakes and 4 shakes for men, women over 5.8 - please help! :break_diet:
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Hey hun what you have read on here is right, obv CD havent updated their site yet. It is basically because the add a meal week no longer applies when you are doing SS+ and you can basically SS plus a 200cal meal for up to 12 weeks without an AAM or consulting your GP, but for those of us who have done it before or who are long-term CDers, CDCs are able to give you the option of doing SS+ OR normal SS plus add a meal week. So that is prob what your CDC has done! Hope this helps xx


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I dont know what to do.

Which one do you think is best? I've got 13 stone to lose so I am going to be doing this for at least 1 year. I was at ease with doing the packs a day and eating one week every 5, but damn I am looking forward to the add a meal week!! I dont know whether I should be eating a meal everytime now or having another pack with milk! ahhh I'm so confused.

What do you think is the best one, and why has CD changed the old style of 4 weeks packs and 1 week food?? Is there something wrong with it?
why has CD changed the old style of 4 weeks packs and 1 week food?? Is there something wrong with it?
No, there's nothing wrong with it at all. It's just that recent NICE guidelines on obesity have changed to the effect that anyone doing a diet providing less than 600 calories a day has to notify their GP that they are doing it just in case the GP wishes to monitor them more closely. All CDCs have a standard letter that they can send to GPs to inform them that their patient is following a diet of less than 600 calories. This doesn't mean the GP's permission has to be obtained first though - this is purely for information purposes.

The new Sole Source Plus programmes have been devised to provide slightly more than 600 calories so that it removes the requirement to inform the GP first as many people might not want their GP to know. It is still possible to follow the 'old' plan though if you wish. You just need to let your CDC know so that he/she can send the information letter to your GP.

HTH :)
i dont think my cdc asked about my doctor is she supposed to tll my doctor do you think i should ask her about it


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Hi, thanks so much for your explanation. I'm going to stick to this old way as I want to lose weight as quickly as possible and I dont want to have food in my life everyday at all. I am happy just to have it once every 5 weeks. The other thing is, I did get my form signed from my doctor because I was going to start Lighterlife which I photocopied, so that's good then! thanks so much

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