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Dukan Diary of a Thyroid Tortoise

Day 4 and -4lbs off so I'm happy. I have bags of energy today. I have invested in multi vitamins and Co-enzime Q10 for a boost. Got to do at least 7 days of attack but thats fine. I am size 22 and have a beautiful size 18 dress which is hanging on my bedroom door for encouragement. I have stuck the quote 'if hunger isnt the problem then eating is not the solution' on my fridge as a diet reminder and to keep me on the Dukan path!

Breakfast - smoked haddock
Lunch - Prawn Dukan gallette
Dinner - Baked salmon with mint and lemon
Snacks Prawns dipped into Tabasco Chipotle sauce
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Just to explain my title my thyroid went underactive during pregnancy 9 years ago and never recovered. I take 125mg thyroxine daily. An underactive thyroid can make losing weight a little more challenging and I have tried a couple of times during the past 9 years to little avail. I tried SW and joined with a friend but was pretty miserable at the half pound loss every fortnight. In hindsight I should have kept it up cos it all counts but I just got miserable and ate what I wanted. Then I tried GI but there are sugar spikes and the cravings wrecked that. Sooooooooooooo could this diet be the one I can stick to and hopefully get a good result with? I hope so and will post as I go.


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I always get my totm with this diet and atkins xxxx you will be fine.
can you take bladderwrack?
I havent heard of bladderwrack but I will look into it thank you! Thyroxine doesn't compete with any meds that I know of so should be ok with that.
Day 5 checked out bladderwrack and it seems helpful for those with a sluggish thyroid as it is iodine rich but in my case as my thyroid is knackered and I take thyroxine replacement I dont want to upset the balance. I will continue with coenzime Q10 though. I have found a lovely walk which takes an hour. It is uphill gently and steeply half way then gentle downhill the second half and includes a walk round a reservoir where baby ducks swim. Doing this as much as I can. Got a headache today probably toxins being released by Dukan and not drinking enough. Finding that bit the most difficult. Must try harder!! Scales this morning still -4lbs so thats ok.
Reminder to self - eat from a plate, forget seconds and have a sugar free polo mint to finish cos you cant eat after a mint as food will taste rubbish afterwards
Well today was a disaster. Started well till I got to work leaving prepared lunch behind. Ran into Smiths in desperation and ended up with 80g bag of dry roasted peanuts thinking well the carbs are lower than say an oatie type bar and I bought a 1.5 litre bottle of water flavoured with lemon and lime. This was delicious and I then checked the label and every 250 ml contained 58cals. I drank it, ate nothing else but the nuts, just had some ham with Dukan parsley sauce for tea but fear I have done some damage with the Attack. At least this is Day 5 and not Day 1. Must try and fit in some oatbran somehow whahhhhhhhhh its 9.08pm.........


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Reminder to self - eat from a plate, forget seconds and have a sugar free polo mint to finish cos you cant eat after a mint as food will taste rubbish afterwards
Keep the mints on hand - you'll need them later (trust me!).

As to your drinking slip-up today - don't let it get you down. Just have your oat bran, drink loads of water, and add some extra exercise in if you can... you'll be totally fine!!

Best of luck to you!
Stepped on scales to inspect the damage this morning and I have lost 1lb! Scales wobbled between 223 and 222 then settled on 223. I tried everything to lower it - standing on one leg, repeating it but no 223 it is. But that still is a loss after yesterday - thank God I did the hours walk again. Reet - a day off today so no excuses, gonna grab my cossie and head to the pool -5lb onwards and downwards :)


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'tis a miracle! Plan a couple of PPs now though after those nuts!
Thanks Jo lol. Yes tis a miracle. I'm back from pool where I did lengths for 40 mins (another miracle cos I need the loo every 30 mins). I had to pass the cafe to escape where the most amazing smell of buttered toasted teacakes was wafting. Held my head high and thought I am gonna attempt to make a cinnamon gallette - allowed cos breakfast was a surprisingly tasty baked salmon fillet sprinkled with curry powder. So off I go


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and plenty of H2O to wash it down... :D
Lol eee you ladies crack me up! Been as good as gold today but worked a long clinic shift so it was Dukan easy. No hunger pangs, ate homemade prawn and egg plus 5spice muffins for lunch, homemade fat free carb free chicken curry for tea. Done. Water 2L Done. Oooooosh!

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