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ellies dukan diary the next step Cruise

lost 8lbs on 6 days of attack :D

Day 1 PV
B- oatbran vanilla porridge (2tbs oatbran) black coffee
L- ham cottage cheese & salad
A snack- vanilla yoghurt
D- salmon fillets baked in oven with baby carrots & broccoli . for afters i had some stewed rhubarb with a few spoonfulls of natural yoghurt

2 litres of water
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thank you wheesht im very pleased with my first losses
thank you, im enjoying it so far :D and those veggies tasted soo soooo good today :p
Day 2 PP

B- oatbran vanilla porridge, black coffee
L- 2 egg omlette turkey slices
D- chicken breasts & cottage cheese & a yoghurt for afters
2 litres of water
Day 3 PV

B- gallette , black coffee
L- Turkey, cottage cheese & salad
D- meat & veg stew
S- yoghurt
2 litres of water
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Yesterday I packed up the car with me the dog , a load of DIY stuff (I honestly should be a shareholder in b&q lol ) and a food parcel and headed on to the farm we are renovating . I say we but I'm doing all the hard graft while hubby sits in his Cosy office drinking tea and paying for it. Decided to try and Lift the awfull 70s brown paisly patterned carpet up off the kitchen floor which was glued down :( 8 hours of tugging pulling huffing puffing hammering scraping and chipping away started revealing a lovely flagstone original floor under that mouldy old carpet and a layer of green red & White lino tiles. I'm hoping it can be restored but there are a few big cracks .... May add to the charm of the old rustic oak farmhouse kitchen I'm installing :)

So my food diary was good as no temptations up here in the wilds of aberdeenshire

Day 4 PP
B- oatbran vanilla porridge
L- tuna quiche black coffee
D- chicken breasts cottage cheese black coffee
2 litres of water
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Day 5 PV

B- yoghurt & oatbran , black coffee
L- spicy squash soup 1/2 a chicken breast left over from last nights dinner black coffee
S- yoghurt
D- turkey chilli including peppers
2 litres of water
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Your renovation project sounds amazing, just the sort of thing I would love to do (well supervise hubby doing ;)). Great that you can stick to your diet whilst there as you are only eating what you take, what a brilliant idea.
It's been really hard work .... I get my new oak kitchen installed in 2 weeks or so then we will hopefully have everything else that's being done this year completed :)


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It all sounds fabulous Ellie (renovation AND diet). You're so lucky with your flagstone floor too! (and oak kitchen!).

When we stripped off manky carpet in the first bedroom we were doing up in our country place, beneath it we found... loads of newspapers stapled to the old floor boards to level the floor. I sat (im)patiently removing hundreds of staples for hours!

You must be pretty handy? I'm not, alas!
I'm not that handy but learning to be lol when I took up the manky sparebedroom carpet I discovered lots of newspaper too and lovely wooden floorboards untill I got it all up and some were very damaged to put paid to my dreams of a nice varnished wood floor lol with the help of my friend one evening we laid a laminate floor and it looked pretty good considering it was 2 girls that had never used a saw or laid laminate before lol
I have however had a sneaky peak under the newish front hall carpet and the floor is already sanded and varnished so I may rip the carpet up if the stair carpet is separate

Today's diary day 6 PP
B- yoghurt & oatbran black coffee
L- rest of the dukan friendly tuna quiche I had on Tuesday black coffee
S- yoghurt
D- chicken breasts & cottage cheese

2 litres of water minimum
Day 7 PV
B- yoghurt & oatbran black coffee
L- ham & salad vegetables black coffee

My idiot hubby has not put a bag in the car that contained food for tonight my oatbran etc etc so now I'm gonna have to go shopping whilst hungry grr

Been shopping and resisted temptation lol

D- 2 salmon fillets broccoli carrots
S- rhubarb & yoghurt

2 litres water
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OMG i am soooo pleased :D weighed myself for the first time since starting cruise last saturday and ive lost anouther 4lbs :D:D

todays diary will be PV again as hubby wants to go out for dinner so this will test me lol

Day 8 PV
B- oatbran vanilla porridge, black coffee
L- 2 eggs scrambled (only 1 yolk) smoked salmon
D- steak, grilled tomato, grilled flat mushroom & a mixed salad, can of diet irn bru

2 litres of water
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Well done, must be all that work and self discipline at your farmhouse. Dinner will be testing. You are doing so well though I am sure you will sail through it.
planning to go to one of 2 places... i can have steak at one or venison at the other ... im sure they will accomodate me with just veg on my plate
well the restaraunt were very accomadating and gave me a salad instead of the chips that would have been with my steak.... and my hubby ate the peas LOL ....even managed not to grab the bag of caramel bites that my hubby was munching on in the cinema and sat and drank my bottle of water
Day 9 PP
B- oatbran vanilla porridge, black coffee
L- 2 scrambled eggs (1 whole 1 white) slices turkey ham, black coffee
s- ff greek yoghurt with sweetener & cinnamon
D- 1/2 a cooked chicken & cottage cheese , black coffee
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I'm limited to what I can have to eat as im back up at the farm till Wednesday morning and did a small shop on way here

Day 10 PP again

B- yoghurt 2 tbs oatbran , black coffee
L- 4 turkey rashers, 2 dry fried eggs & a black coffee
S- ff yoghurt
D- 2 chicken breasts & cottage cheese , black coffee
2 litres of water
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