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Feeling fab, not frumpy on night out

Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
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Two of my oldest friends came to stay with me at the weekend. I was relatively good - no alcohol or carbs, despite buying in loads of wine, bagels, croissants, desserts, cake, biscuits etc, to keep them fed for the weekend! However, did pick on the odd bit of protein. We went out for a drink on Saturday night down to Cardiff Bay. It was soooo good to feel fabulously glam instead of fat and frumpy. Loving this feeling. Size 16s are starting to feel loose and I actually got a pair of size 14s on today although I can't do them up yet around the waist but I'm not that far off - another 7-10lbs I estimate. Getting these done up is my new goal.
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well done Thornhill Cate. I debating wether to ask my manager to order me some size 14 uniform shirts now or to wait and get some 10-12s


Sensibly losing :)
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Aww, well done and I bet that feeling is something that will never leave you now.... dont know about you but being big for so long I always tend to have that feeling in some way or another as I am much slimmer... imagine how magnified that feeling will be when you hit the 14 or a 12 or a 10...!!! sky high I would have thought!

Glad you had a lovely weekend and managed to be good and avoid the naughties! I have a similar weekend in that I am travelling up to Wolverhampton for a girlie weekend.. we travel fro across the country to meet up without our kids! I never ever leave my kids and rarely go out so this is a big deal for me! I am so excited for the weekened and of course because of my weightloss. I too plan on being 'picky but good' but this seems to be my regime right now for all accounts but the losses remain... untiil that stops I dont think I will as it doesnt bother me in the slightest!! :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Oh it is the best feeling when you feel good in your clothes!! It's only then that you realise how much your confidence was affected by carrying the extra weight.
Great goal to fit into your 14s comfortably. It won't take long to achieve.
Well done on behaving over the weekend


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its just great isn't it.... already im wearin clothes that were far too small... its great to go to my wardrobe and everything in front of me FITS???? and thats with only 2 stone gone... plus people are really startin to notice now!!! and for the first time in a long while im actually looking forward to my holidays now.... knowing im packin clothes i love and not just settlin for whatever fits.. well done cate you deserve it, you've worked hard for it!
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Bet you felt fabulous! Really pleased for you Cate :) xx


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You must have felt great, i cant remember the last time i went out with the girls and felt great (their all stick thin) it must be a amazing feeling.... and you did so well to not give in to the drink and carbs.... i aim to be that strong........lol

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