General WeMITT Thread: Week commencing 18th December


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Hi to everyone.

Brand new week ahead.

Have a lovely holiday & Christmas Ann!

Love to all xxx
good morning all! well after me stressing over which way to go yesterday, i decided on going with ww and the points of i went to get my toast this morning and automatically made a shake! made the girls toast and couldnt being myself to do any for me! i guess cd is the way to go fornow. going to speak to cdc about ss after christmas, will gethe dr form this week so im totally prepared for the start. just wnat to start losing big time adn get away from food for a while.

Good morning Anja :D Lizzie :D and all others peeking in as we rush head first into another fab week... ooh and the week leading to Christmas! :D Am beginning to feel festive now as a result of last night. Hope all have a fab week and that each has a great week doing their chosen weight-loss plan :D xxx Jennie xxx
hi everyone, though don't 'spose there will be many arround this week, busy,busy!!
today is a really wierd day, i don't know whether to laugh or cry ?
i started out really happy cos i'd got on the scales & had got to my 3 stone loss, thats half way to target. went to the girls christmas carol concert, which was lovely & a friend commented that i was looking good 7 asked how much it was now that i'd lost. when i told her she said i should be really proud of myself, which i am. then i went off to Castlepoint window shopping, whilst there i thought i'd try on a few things.
i was really chuffed to fit into a size 20 in Evans & New Look but then got pi***d off when trying on in Asda, had to try on 22's, should have remembered their sizes are small.
anyway came home without purchases, so still don't know what i'll be wearing for xmas, oh well, say la vie as they say xx :)

WELL I CAN HOPE .........CAN`T I ?

I'm sure Santa will bring us all luck & take away a few pounds too, whether lbs or £s - since I'm not dieting at all I know which'll be mine! Oh well!

Cheryl - 3 stone - well done hon - that's brilliant! Don't get p***ed off hon! A dress size a month & you'll be tiny in no time...

To everyone else I hope you're all feeling festive!

Love xxx
Hi everyone

Can't type much as I'm in considerable discomfort (my own fault) ... I bought a big bag of nuts / seeds / dried fruit today and over indulged. This isn't the first time I've done it (they've always been my favourite snack) but now I've got stomach ache as my poor system struggles to digest a pile of nuts that would have kept a family of squirrels happy for the whole of the winter!! :(

I certainly can't have any dinner tonight - no way no how ... bleuuuuuchh!!

Serves me right!
Hi everyone

Can't type much as I'm in considerable discomfort (my own fault) ... I bought a big bag of nuts / seeds / dried fruit today and over indulged. This isn't the first time I've done it (they've always been my favourite snack) but now I've got stomach ache as my poor system struggles to digest a pile of nuts that would have kept a family of squirrels happy for the whole of the winter!! :(

I certainly can't have any dinner tonight - no way no how ... bleuuuuuchh!!

Serves me right!

ooooooooh debbie i hope youre feeling better today! nothing worse than a bad belly. i started to lose focus and was eating anything in sight and my guts really got hammered! hopefully im back ont he wagon now tho! take care xx

5 days till SANTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks Anja for your support, i just need to remember in future that Asda sizes are small & i need to go up a size & not get bothered by it lol :D
Just back from my weigh in, Im absolutely gutted, Iv only lost 1lb (1 ruddy pound), been good all week and started to exercise.
Feel like going and pinching some of the kids chips, so Im on here (my lifeline)

boo hoo ......sob ......sniff
Hi guys,

Hi Anja, how are you hun? xx

Hi Jennie, hope you are ok hun have a fab week xx

Cheryl definitely laugh babe, 3 stones loss is definitely something to grin about! Take no notice to the labels, they lie! xx

Lizzie, what plan did you decide to follow hun? hope it is going well? xx

Deb, aaaw hope your tum is feeling better v soon, happens to the best of us lol xx

Sonkie, don't despair hun, it happens to everyone what week are you on now babe? It usually seems to happen around week 3, it is just your body readjusting and you will definitely see a good loss over the next few weeks, just remember to average your losses as the diet really is fool proof and over all you will definitely see a stone each month disappear!!!!!



Merry Christmas Wemitts, hope you all have a lovely week xx

P.S. A big wave in Sharons direction (incase you are peeping in hun) xx
No, no, no: NO CHIPS! That would put the 1 lb back on. You just have to think that at least you're still going down, you're probably just retaining water. If you've stuck to it 100% you can't possibly NOT lose weight. How much are you drinking? If you don't drink enough you won't lose as much. It's best to do about 4 litres a day. (I used to do 2 litres between getting up & lunch, 1 litre during the afternoon & 1 during the evening at home).

Cheryl - if you're wearing an outfit that you like, that looks good & feels good you're the ONLY one who knows what the label says... Wearing an outfit that fits fab will look perfect, trying to get into something that's a size down but a bit tight will always look terrible!

It's all in the head, we've just got to get our heads round it & then we'll be fine.

Lizzie - have you decided which diet you're going for yet? CD is obviously great if you do it properly but after a while I started cheating and it's impossible if you eat too, you get too hungry & miserable & frustrated with yourself for cheating. WW is also great but ONLY if you buy & eat healthy stuff. The naughty stuff won't help but then you know this already. Sorry hon! Just stick with it, enjoy the support on here & within no time it'll all be gone! Loads of good luck with whichever plan you decide!

Hi Mrs T - our posts crossed! Have a lovely Christmas!

Love xxx
I just got the separate range marks for my exam parts, & the oral really did save me. The written was 55 - 69% & the oral was 70 -84% but based on my 74% average exam mark I must have actually got between 64 & 69 for the written & 79 - 84 for the oral!

Thank God I memorised that piece or I'd have been well under my 70% target!

Anyway, love to all xxx
It's all averaging out great though Anja so well done on a fantastic achievement!

Sonkie - I've already posted on your other thread but would just like to reiterate how well I think you're doing. Just keep at it like a Jack Russell with a bone! (sorry about the food reference: there are times when even a bone looks good!! ;) )

Hi Mrs T - Hope all is well and you're all geared up for Crimbo. I've done all my pressie shopping - just the food shopping to do. I've put it off til the last minute so I don't eat it before Dec 25th! LOL

Cheryl - Pay no attention to the label sizes: my sizes can differ IN THE SAME SHOP!! It just depends on where the clothes are manufactured. Just remember, whether you call something an automobile or a car, it's the same thing. You are 'whatever size' you are no matter what the label says - and that size is SMALLER than when you started! :)

You'll be pleased to hear I've digested the nuts at long last. :D Needless to say I've learned my lesson and will limit myself to an eggcupful per day. No wonder squirrels can hibernate after a nutty feast ... I felt like I never wanted to eat again!!

Hugs to all xx
hello fellow wemitts.

have been in hiding (sorting out last of xmas stuff!) hope u r all well and good. i cheated lastnight (probably cos i havent been on here!!) i had a sandwich. felt awful. sob sob. back on wagin now...sigh...

well done bakerfa. great going!

sonkie a lb is fab. have u ever seen a pound of fat? its big and yuk! be chuffed that u lost one. sure u'll have a big loss next week.

Hi karen, don't fret too much over the sandwich, lets face it you still will probably have eaten far less calories than you usually would have done pre diet, so in the great scheme of things a sandwich isn't really a big deal. Just drink plenty of water to flush it all out and you'll be back on track v soon.

Debbie, I know what you mean about the shopping I have ours ordered for Friday delivery, (I am off the diet on saturday - gulp) but am fully committed to being back into it in January (and will definitely be needing plenty of support from minimins come the new year lol)

Anja, well done hunny, at least you got the marks you needed no matter how lol

Hope everyone is ok xx
There's a lot of us starting again in January Mrs T so don't worry about it: with all of us pulling together, I have no doubt we'll all get right back on that wagon and complete our journeys :)
a sandwich wouldnt be too bad but the scales showed i'd lost a couple more lbs since last weigh-in but this morning that was back on. ruddy sarnie lol.

its all fine though, i dont find the diet too difficult. i cant believe i ate! didnt need to. wasnt hungry. it was just cos i was preparing food for hubby and didnt let myself think about it before cramming it in my face lol.

he needs to pull his finger out and start doing the food himself!
thanks for asking after me girls, ive decided to stick with cd. just had a bad couple of days but im focused yet again! ive got a rotten cold just now so i cant taste anything so theres no point in eating anything but the packs so hopefully after a few days sticking 100% ill be back on the wagon properly.

must say after my eating days i felt bl**dy awful! tired, sluggish, ratty, irritable and generally cr*p, im praising cd 100% for making me a very happy bunny this last few weeks (well most of the time!)....yet another incentive to stick iwth it!

sonkie - 1lb is a lot to lose, thats 2 packs of butter! (and now its GONE forever!!) well done!! :D

(squirrel!) debbie - glad youre feeling better now. :D

cheryl - dont get too wound up about the sizes, like the others have said, youre still samller than when you started out....BE CHUFFED!! :D

karen - forget the sarnie, its done, carry on with the programme. ive been learning not to beat myself up about the cheats and its really making a difference to how im thinking. its taken me a good 13 years to put this last 8 stone on so im not going to change overnight, it takes time. youre doing really well, keep it up. :D

take care all
ONLY 5 DAYS TILL SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL Karen, it will just be your glycogen stores refilling, after a day or two you will be back where you were before the sandwich!
i.e// I had a full 14" pizza *feels very embarrassed* and half a garlic bread a few weeks back and had put on 8lbs by the next day :( but 4 days ssing later I was back to my pre binge weight.

Tell your hubby to make his own sarnies in future xx