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Inspirational Purchase

Brilliant idea. I am still looking for my jacket with tassles but cant find you yet.

Hang it in site so you can see it everyday.
i did that with some size 14 jeans!
makes you feel so good dont it!
hehe xxx


Happily pro pointing!
You will defo get in it for your birthday.

I have a pair of size 10 jeans that I bought a few weeks ago, I got the 12s that fitted (a little tight but wearable). I hung the 10s where I will see them every morning, every Friday I try them on. The day I got them, I just about got them up my legs, the next week they got on the legs, but they were nowhere near going to do up. Last week I could get them done up if I wore magic knickers and lay on the bed and breathed in. I couldn't walk, but they were on. The next week was a little easier.
This week I can do them up whilst standing, and no magic knickers.
I can't wear them out yet but another couple of weeks and they will be there and they will be my 'normal' jeans.

I think it is well worth getting something like that to aim for.
Wow Greenockgal you've def got something to aim for now --- good idea :)

Might have to be having a look around the shops for something like that.
I bought myself a long white hippy skirt with flowers on in a size 14 to wear on my birthday (Sept), I always said if I lost enough weight I would be a born again hippy he he!
How far have you got to go, Greenockgal? If it helps, here is my 'size 14' story. A LL friend (from my group) gave me her size 14 work trousers and jeans - really good brands, and she couldn't bear just to throw them away - when she grew out of them. This was in, maybe, October and I was about a size 18. Every few weeks I tried them on, and at first I couldn't even get my legs into them, let alone my big butt. But gradually I got them further and further on, and just before Christmas there was about an inch before the zip would close. By new year I was wearing them all, but now, a month later, they are falling off and I've just bought some M&S 12s.

That's how fast this works. From hopeless to too big in about 7 weeks. So just keep trying it on and in no time it'll fit. Sounds gorgeous, by the way. I love Karen Millen stuff. Hey, that's an idea!..


constantly confused
I really depressed myself going through old clothes that didn't fit.

Day 12 of the diet and I'm currently wearing a pair of trousers that I used to love :D

They're an 18 though, so I wont be wearing them for long! :sign0151:
Hi Zombie, I started LL as a size 24 top and 22 bottoms, I had a break from end November to this week (long story!) and am now a 16, top and bottom.

I'ver always saod all along that I want to be 11 stone for my 40th in May, so have about 2 stones to go. I bought a gorgeous sating silver bustier top in June lasy year from oasis, size 14, and my plan was to be in that for my birthday, I wish I'd bought the skirt at the same time, but I didn't, so the karen Millen skirt will hopefully match!

I managed to get into the top when I went to Blackpool in November to see my mum and my stepdad, but a stone has gone on since then, so I don't even think I'll try it on at the moment, will just loan it to my (tiny) friend so she can go out on the razz in it on Friday night! But under strict instructions she doesn't ruin it!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
Sorry granny Mary again who is Karen Millen and where would you get them from.

Sorry for being too think, but for the last 15 years spent my life in Evans, Peacocks and Bon Marche. Would like to go up market now.:)
I bought a hugely expensive pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, with 5 inch heels as my inspiration! They are to die for! I can't wear them yet, as I am too heavy to walk in them...but soon they will be mine!! Mwahahahahaha!!


Happily pro pointing!
that is a very pretty dress, I have never looked good in dresses.
I will try one on to see next time I am in a clothes shop (which seems to be quite regular at the moment :D), but I don't hold out much hope.
Gorgeous dress Silhouette, really pretty.

Lady, Karen Millen is a designer, has some really beautiful stuff karenmillen.com :: KarenMillen

I'm off to Cheshire Oaks on Saturday and she has a shop there, might just take a peek - it's all stuff that's out of season so will be cheaper than in the shops.

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