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JanD's Maintenance Diary. Week 38 onwards.


maintaining since June'09


maintaining since June'09
Monday 1st March.

Lost 1.8lbs this week :)

Breakie - 1 weetabix, blueberries, splenda & skimmed milk.

Lunch - 6" subway sub, meatball marinara with grated cheese, red onion & mayo. It's becoming a bit of a habit to have a cheeky lunch out on a monday (after I've been weighed ;)) ... I'm paying the price for this one though I'm feeling quite 'off' .. that'll larn me ;) xx

Edit later for rest of day. I'm not having any alcohol today though (don't faint :))

Edit - Tea - a John West sachet of tuna fillets with thai sweet red chili and stir fry.

I'll have something else later possibly mango, kiwi & vlf from frais or maybe a bar - shapers, shape or eat natural. My daughter's taking the laptop to work tonight so can't leave it till later till I know. (edit - had shapers bar)

I'm drinking fizzy water - enjoying it too even if it is making me feel a little bloated :eek: xx
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maintaining since June'09
Thanks Joy. I'm 10st 7lbs now - well I was this morning ;) xx


maintaining since June'09
Tues 2nd March

Breakie - 2 weetabix, blueberries etc

Bite of a pancake

Lunch - Tin of Be good to yourself Moroccan chick pea soup & piece of pumpkin seed bread toasted.

Mini choc muffin in sains cafe (100cals)

2 pringles & teaspoon of cheesey coleslaw

3 baby beetroots & 2 gherkins

eat natural kid's lunchie

small tin spaghetti hoops and piece of pumpkin seed bread toasted.

I've been in and out and running around since 6.30 this morning, grabbing 'bits' when I can. Not wonderful but not toooooo bad all in all considering.
I'm about to spoil that though because my good intentions not to have a drink again tonight are about to go out of the window .... I'm knackered and feel I've earned a couple v&cs ...... any excuse ;) :p xx

Oooops ... 'not too bad' is going out the window as well - weightwatchers tortilla chips and a cheese string
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maintaining since June'09
I did do thanks Joy .... it's wine tonight ;):eek:

Wed 3rd March

No breakie as I got up late and only when new Dyson arrived so putting it together and trying it out took me to after 12pm.

Lunch - Half an 800gm tin of chicken & pasta soup from Lidl with piece of toasted pumpkin seed bread.

Tea - (out) chicken & bacon pasta with garlic bread (not great)

wine xx

Will edit for what I have later because I WILL have something else x

Edit - Crust off pumpkin seed loaf. 1/3rd with houmous, 1/3rd with phili lite & branston & 1/3rd with egg & bacon sandwich filler. 1 finger of a HUGE twix (which nawty DH produced out of thin air when I said 'I want chocolate' :eek:) and later a boots shapers snack bar.

Bad day :(
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maintaining since June'09
Thursday 4th March

My once a month thursday off which I try to keep for myself :) Today I had a bit of a lie in and then got the train into Liverpool for a good old mooch round the shops :).

Breakie - 2 weetabix, blueberries etc as usual

Lunch - Costa Coffee BLT ... this did have the calories on the back but I didn't have me glasses on ;)

Snack - Alpen light bar.

Tea - Turkey thigh 'stew'. Diced turkey thigh, onion, passata, carrots & not sure what else yet .... actually I'd better go & get on with cooking it!! :) xx

Wine :eek:
added sweet potatoes, stock & leek to the stew. Twas very nice too!! :)

Have cut up mango & kiwi and will have that with vlf from frais later xx
edit - didn't have the fruit, had a shapers bar instead x
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sounds like you do what I like to do when I can, go for a mooch and treat myself to nice coffee and watch the world go by. Did you buy anything?


maintaining since June'09
Mmmmm - yeah - a few things for my sister (who's getting married in Gretna Green on 16th ... 3rd time lucky hopefully!) but not much really ... xx


maintaining since June'09
Friday 5th March

Breakie - The fruit from last night with some granola & vlf from frais.

Lunch - A tesco chicken salad sandwich (250cals - had me glasses with me today ;))

2 yellow plums

Tea - Diced pork in a moroccan sauce with spinach and 2 tablespoons of cous cous.

Have packed for work - left over turkey stew from last night, 2 yellow plums and a pear.

I really need be good over the weekend - even though it's my weekend on and I have Mother's house to contend with as well. Otherwise it'll be a gain on Monday, YIKES!!! :(

Edit ... had a viennese cream bikkie in Mum's tonight :( x
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maintaining since June'09
Saturday 6th March

Nothing in Mum's YAY!! :)

Breakie - 2 weetabix, blueberries etc then later a Boots Shapers bar before I went to bed.

Tea - 'Free From' vegetable curry with spinach and 10 chip shop chips and the crispy batter end off DH's chippie fish - literally one bite sized.
Alpen light bar & a yellow plum

Brought to work - A wholemeal deli roll with slice of corned beef, leaves, toms, cucumber & vlf salad cream. A little tub of pickles and gherkins, a pear & 2 yellow plums.

Quiet round here 'inni'??!!! :( xx

Edit to add - 3 minute slices of sains Italian ham - it would have taken another 6 as well to make one slice of ordinary ham!
& a teeniest tiny bit of choc - about 1/4 of a square :eek: xx
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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Dammit - been here thinking Jan hasnt been around lately and i've just realised im not even subscribed to this thread! What a rubbish minis friend i am! lol

Hope yer having a good weekend Jan x


maintaining since June'09
Thanks Joy - not too bad - but could have been better (never satisfied :)- will reserve final judgement till wi tomorrow!)

LOL Tan! I just thought you had nothing to say, you've been busy, away etc - don't worry about it , just DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!!!! Lol!! xx

Sunday 7th March

Nothing in Mum's again YAY!!!!

Breakie - 2 weetabix, blueberries etc. Boots shapers bar before went to bed (why do I DO this?? Don't need anything just before I go to bed ....?)

Tea - River Cobbler and stir fry. 2 plums

Alpen light bar

Brought to work - Wholemeal deli roll, slice corned beef, toms, cucumber & leaves and vlf salad cream, small tub of pickles & gherkins, 2 yellow plums and a pear.

Edit - slice white bread, vitalite & jam :(
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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Yes Mam! :giggle:

Well done on having nothing in your mums again :D :D :D *thumbs up* x


maintaining since June'09
ANd yet again nothing at my Mum's! - Don't tell me I'm finally breaking that habit!!! May have had more to do with the fact I knew I'd be getting weighed today. This also made me limit my breakie to 1 weetabix, blueberries etc and NOTHING else before I went to bed :):)

Weighed when I got up and had lost 1lb :):)

Then had piece of toast with egg&bacon sandwich filler on half & phili lite on the other half (coz I had to go out & didn't want to go on an empty stomach ... plus I was hungry! :))

V&Cs tonight & sure I'll have something else to eat so will edit later. xx

Tea - Morrocan chicken & chick pea tagine with lemon & coriander cous cous


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Well done on yer loss Jan :) Yer dinner sounds yummy! :drool:


maintaining since June'09
Ta Tan :)

Tea sounds difficult to when twas only a jar of sauce from tescos and chicken breasts xx

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