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JanD's Maintenance Journal. The 1st 6 weeks.


maintaining since June'09
Refeeding is here .. http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-refeeding/97056-jand-refeeding-bus.html

and the first week of maintenance I was on holiday ... http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-refeeding/99814-what-sad-person-keeps-holiday-diary-o.html

Sat 20th June

Breakie - Lizi's granola & ff fromage frais

Lunch - Had to make do (at Mum's), 2 sm slcs wholemeal bread, toasted because it was frozen, with some reduced fat brussels pate. A pear.

Tea - Chicken breast baked with laughing cow light triangle, tarragon & ff from frais. Veg stir fried with frylite, soy sauce & chinese spices.

Snack - cheese string & tiniest bite of DHs Dutchbake crispbread thingamajig with egg& bacon sandwich filler on - just a taste (coz I could ;))

Drinks - water, not enough, black coffee and 2 large vodkas with Coke Zero.
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maintaining since June'09
I think it's lovely with chicken or turkey. I used to squirt loads of lemon or lime juice over it too. I might use that again next time instead of the fromage frais - see if I still like it ;) x


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I love lemon juice on my salad, and after visiting Turkey so many times, I also love lemon juice in my lentil soup. Never heard of it until I went to Turkey, its great.


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Im baking my chicken tomorrow with lemon juice and cant wait!!!! :D
Your tea sounds so scrummy jan! :D

What is Lizi's granola? x
Ya was wondering about that too what is Lizis granola . Dont think we have that here.????.

ps well done Jan ,you are flying with refeed and now maintenance. Proud of you :D


maintaining since June'09
Aw thanks!

Wow Tanya! Photo's fantastic! Look at you!! WooHoo!!!! xx

Lizi's granola is made by 'the good carb company'. It's low GL and i first had it when I did Diet Chef. It's what they supply for breakfasts. I now get it in Tescos. It's not cheap at £3.09 for 500grms but that's 10 days worth. Having said that I think 50g is too much for me now, I'm thinking I'm going to reduce the amount to about 35g. It doesn't look like much but it's very filling and slow absorbtion means it keeps you full for ages. xx


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Thanks Jan! Took my final comparison pics and so thought what the hell put it in me sig! lol

So is it like a cereal? xx


maintaining since June'09
Sun 21st June

Not a terribly good day overall - this evening we had dinner with Ozzie family on their last night in this country and it's my Mum's birthday. Afraid there was a bit of 'picking' going on .....

Breakie - Lizi's granola with raspberries & ff from frais

Lunch - Wholemeal roll with 2 small slices pork loin & salad - no spread.

Dinner - Turkey breast with gravy, I bite of stuffing (too salty), 1 pig in a blanket, 1 small roastie, 1 sm new potato, 1 floret of brocolli and I had carrots & cabbage on my plate but I only had a tiny bit as I could taste the butter on them (gorgeous it was too :eek:)
I didn't have a dessert but I DID have a slither of DH's & Mum's - strawberry mousse thing and lemon & ginger cheesecake. I nibbled the end off a piece of fudge (which was disgustingly sweet!) and I wiped the knife clean of birthday cake and ate that when I cut pieces for other people. I also had 1 wine and soda and a vodka & coke zero.

OH! and half a seashell chocolate :eek:

I have no idea what all that amounts to - but not a good day to be picking - the night before WI!

Ah well we'll see what the morning brings - I'm out for lunch tomorrow too :eek: ....... TFR was sooooo much easier! :) xx
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maintaining since June'09
Yes - granola is a cereal .... it's crunchy and has toasted oats, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, coconut, cashew nuts, linseeds, almonds, hazelnuts & walnuts .... basically, oats, nuts & seeds all toasted, it's really nice. xx


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It sounds delish ... cant have it till after refeed though can i?! lol


A little of everything!
Ohhh that granola sounds great! If anyone's found it in Ireland let me know!


maintaining since June'09


maintaining since June'09
Well - as I've said elsewhere. Today's WI was a bit of a cheat in some ways....at home, in my nightie, post wee & pre coffee.
With the week I've had I hoped that would mean sts but I was actually 2lbs lighter ... YAY!!!!
I'm pretty sure that means it would have even been a bit of a loss at the chemist's as well, but anyway - these are the scales I'll be on from now on....

...I'm really pleased :) xx


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yay! well done jan :D x


maintaining since June'09
Thank Yooooooo!! :):) xx


maintaining since June'09
Monday 22nd June.

Breakie - was in a hurry so had a TFR vanilla mousse, enjoyed it too!

Lunch - (out) Asked for BLT on brown with no spread. Good enough the chap came out of the kitchen to apologise that he was so organised he'd buttered all the brown bread. I asked him to scrape off as much as he could. When it came I might as well have had the white because it wasn't wholemeal bread it was just brown (which is only dyed white - but still ...) I ate it all and enjoyed it too!! :)

On way home we went for a drink in the sun and I had a vodka with soda and a load of slices of lime .... it was GORGE!!!

Tea - Baked salmon with asparagus and salad.

Drinks, water, black coffee and will probably have a couple of vodkas - but ONLY because I have soda in the cupboard and limes in the fruit bowl ... weeeeeel be rude not to ;) xx (had 2)

Snack - cheese string
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Mmm asparagus, I have not had that in ages. Might go and buy some today, I love it.

Mind you, if the sun comes out, I am going to iron in the back garden then do some exercise to work off the chocs from last night.

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