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  1. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Hi All
    I see there are a few of us starting January 2014, so I wondered if anyone wanted to join this thread to give each other moral support, compare notes and keep each other on track. We could celebrate (virtually) by the end of January and add up our total weight loss.

    I want to have lost at least a stone by end of Jan

    So if your in, add your name and a mini goal for 31st Jan
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  3. Tiggytoo

    Tiggytoo Full Member

    Hi MM, I have a bumper pack arrived and waiting to start tomorrow morning, so will weigh then (eeekkk!!) and update!
    I would like to lose a stone by end of Jan too....
    So here goes! Will update weight tomorrow!
    Have never tried VLCD before so onwards into the unknown! :wave_cry:
  4. HeidiGrimes

    HeidiGrimes New Member

    I started TS today. First time using Exante and have been pleasantly surprised with the two products i have tried so far. Need to lose in excess of 10 stone so in it for the long haul. Plan to have lost the first stone by the end of January and maybe see the "teens" on my scales for the first time in a while. All buddies welcome. Hxx
  5. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Well done for making the decision, I am sure we can all help each other through this first month. It will be good to cheer each other on each day and support each other if we have a wobble. Day 3 for me and I'm cold Brrrrr
  6. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Hi everyone. I'm in for for the long haul too. Want to lose about 5-6 stone in total. This month will aim for one stone. On day 3 today & back at work tomorrow so hope to get into a regular routine. Just about to have a porridge with a glass of water. Tummy is rumbling a bit today so lots of water x
  7. Tiggytoo

    Tiggytoo Full Member

    Evening everyone!
    I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow, I would love to see a stone gone by the end of Jan! So thats my first goal!

    Go team January!! :gen126:
  8. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Good luck Tiggytoo, Have a good week
  9. vikkiheat

    vikkiheat Member

    Hiya.....I am starting in the morning! !!! Want to lose at least 2 stone. But I did 100% for 4 weeks before lost 1.5 stone but then nothing and I was 100% ......I have a colostomy and wondered if that had something to do with it!!! Hopefully it will not happen again or will give me a good start x good luck everyone
  10. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Hi vikki. Good luck for tomorrow. Cant think of why the colostomy should effect the weight loss. Perhaps it slowed down for a while as 1.5 stone is a good loss for the month.
  11. chase

    chase Member

    I'm starting tmrw and doing my weigh in then so will update on goal etc then but I imagine I have about 4 stone to Lose UGH!
    Good luck to everyone and will keep coming back to this post for encouragement!
  12. Bonnybie

    Bonnybie Member

    Hi Peeps - can I join? I'm a January starter too - Day 5 for me and so far so good... not feeling hungry so I am really hoping that I have reached ketosis

    I'm Deb and I am planning to move to Australia in August so I have 7 months to lose 8 stone. I have did Cambridge Diet about 2 years ago and lost about 7 stone but unfortunately I put about 4 stone back on :( So here I am to do this for the last time and I am really glad to to some company on this crazy journey!

    I have never stayed on TS for longer than 10 days so my first goal is to make it 2 weeks. My weigh day is on Wednesday so fingers x I get a good result.

    Good luck everyone :)
  13. goingtosortit

    goingtosortit Member

    I'm in! A stone by the end of Jan sounds good to me!! Thought the Tom soup and the caramel shake were nice today :)

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  14. Tiggytoo

    Tiggytoo Full Member

    Morning peeps.

    So, measurements all done last night and weighed this morning! 13s 12lbs eek, was expecting a few less than that. Hey ho!

    Banana shake to start, sweeter than I thought, chose this flavour as thought it would be the one I liked the least. Have to say was a lot better than I expected. Toffee, Nut and Raisin cereal bar for lunch.

  15. chase

    chase Member

    I weighed myself this morning and I am exactly same, 23stone 12!! A lot more than I expected but next week it will have gone down and it will keep falling.
    I totally over did over Christmas. I'm sitting with my first shake and really hoping I can get thru today smoothly!

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  16. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Its so good to see so many of you on the thread - January Team! love it. This will be such a good way to keep us all motivated and on track. I'm now just finishing day 4 Friday weigh in. I am resisting the scales until then, as I dont want to get into the habit of daily weighing. I hope for a big one this week and then settle down the weeks after, to around 2-3lbs a week.

    I put coffee in all my shakes, I love the chocolate and vanilla with coffee hot... yum.

    I tried the Carbanara today, it made me feel a bit sick, so I may pass on that one although I have a few in the box.

    I'm feeling good today, I think I must be almost in ketosis as I'm not hungry at all and certainly have more energy.

    How have all you Day 1's got on? Hope your hanging in there?
  17. chase

    chase Member

    I'm on day one and am getting there! I've had one shake and half a bar. So another shake and half a bar to go.
    I'm so looking fwd to just getting to bed, feeling tired as back to work today and terrible sleep last night.
    I've not been letting myself think about food at all and when I do I just go and get a pint of water. I don't think I've drunk enough though so need to focus on that.
    How's everyone else doing?

    Start Weight: 194lbs
    Goal Weight: 140 lbs
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  18. Hendricks

    Hendricks Full Member

    I'm in for team January. I'm on day 5 today. Going to lose a stone by them end of the month. Weigh ins are on Thursday.

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  19. Tiggytoo

    Tiggytoo Full Member

    Day one good so far, waiting to have my last "meal" til as late as possible! It will be a soup of some variation.... Have had a fair bit to drink so far, think about 2 L.

    So far easier than I thought, but imagine tomorrow may be different!

    How is everyone else?
  20. Tiggytoo

    Tiggytoo Full Member

    Start weight 194 lbs.....
  21. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Well done Chase & Tiggy
    Good for you getting through Day 1, the first few days are challenging, but you will feel better by the end of the week, so stay strong

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