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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Hayleyj123, 18 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Hayleyj123

    Hayleyj123 Wannabe Loser

    Was sat having dinner with the family and my OH was telling me that he had got me a curly wurly from the shop knowing that they are only 6syns. I told him that it was weigh day tomorrow and I'm paranoid I haven't lost or even worse I might have gained so wasn't having anymore syns today. After saying that, my eldest daughter put her arm around me and said "Awwww mummy, you're not that big!"

    LOL thanks Kayla! Just thought I'd share this because it really made me laugh. especially as it's star week.

    Hayley xxx
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  3. hayleya

    hayleya Full Member

    ha ha ha that's so funny, kids saying the funniest of things, apparently when me and my sister was younger my mum was getting ready for her night out and dug out her fave white wrangler jeans and she was laying on the bed while my sister held the jeans together while i tried pulling the zip up using a coat hanger and in the end after about ten minutes of us trying to do them up without much luck my mum got upset and said its no use I'm just too fat where my sister replied " oh well mummy never mind, at least you have lovely teeth" ha ha :)
  4. Hayleyj123

    Hayleyj123 Wannabe Loser

    Hahaha that made me laugh! Lovely teeth lol
  5. hayleya

    hayleya Full Member

    lol yeah my mum said even she had to laugh in the end even if she didnt get to wear her fave jeans he he ;)
  6. suepat10

    suepat10 I am one of the 63336

    Awwwww bless xx
  7. JoJosing

    JoJosing Full Member

    My smallest has taken to measuring me by putting her arms around me.

    Two years ago when I started SW she could not get her hands to meet if she hugged me round the waist! Today she tried and can do so even round my child bearing hips!!!
  8. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Awww.....my Daughter has told me that she loves doing the Wii Fit with me as I can now jog without sounding like Im having an asthma attack..and she's only 3!!!!
  9. mumtheshopper

    mumtheshopper Silver Member

    My daughters of 9 and 7 come to class with me. They always ask before everything, 'is that on the plan?'. My 9 year old said the other day, 'well I would eat something off the plan if I were you. You're well thin enough.' Aww bless. If only. I remember my Dad telling m when I was about 13 that I lhad a lovely sturdy pair of thighs and what wa I worried about.


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