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LL Feb2010 Starters


Could Try Harder
Howdy folks,

As you can see from my details Ive been lurking here for a while now and have had a couple of abortive attempts at LL.

But Feb 2010 is my month!!! This time its on and its for real!

Started again on Monday the first and my meetings are going to be on a Friday. I managed day one successfully and am almost halfway through day two. Writing this now to keep me on track as the work 'dolly trolley' is due round at any moment and I msut keep away from it :D

So come one come all lets kick the Feb starters off with a bang

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Gold Member
Welcome back TOTI. You are in the right frame of mind, I can tell xx


Could Try Harder
Looks as though people have either kick started there resolutions in January or are prevaricating for a little longer.

I will be championing February as the best month to start, Christmas and New year are well over and there isnt really anythign significant on the horizon.

It makes getting into a routine easier. Well for me at least :D


Making it all add up
Good luck T_O_T_I and all the others who will no doubt be joining you this month :)


Is back in the saddle!
Ah yes, the loo roll jiggle. Buy shares now!!!

Best of luck TOTI!!



I will be going to a Refreshers meeting on 15th Feb (earliest my LLC could do).

I did LL in 2007 and lost over 3 stone, unfortunately I have put 2 stone back on.

I can't wait to go back to abstinence, it's the best diet I have ever been on and I'm looking forward to not having to eat! (I know this sounds weird but think most Lighter lifers will understand)

Best of luck to you and here's to a skinny 2010!


Could Try Harder
hi ya Stellios and ShweetThang welcome to Feb :)

I had my first official meeting on Friday and am down 4lb from my official start weight. The tortoise is on the move!

I think im finally gettign into the swing of things and am looking forward to the weeks to come ......


Could Try Harder
Welcome nicoli

Good luck for your weigh in Im sure you will have done really well :D

The power of positive thinking! I can do it on behalf of others but fail miserably when it comes to myself :p



We have both started at nearly the same time. You can do it I will send some of my power across the border for you. Which day do you weigh in?

Good luck TOTI

I am starting tonight.

Scary but sort of looking forward to it as well.

How are you finding it now you are well and truly started? I'd love to have extra info to add to my expectations of how I'm going to find it.

Good Luck!



Could Try Harder
Hi Nicoli,

My weigh day is a Friday so the day of truth is tomorrow.......

Hiya Shellycat,

hope things are going well so far, the first week is the hardest I believe as once you get into a routine its not so bad. If however you are like me and wobble gettign back into the routine is tricky. Best advice dont wobble (easier said than done I know )


I have decided that I am go from tomorrow in the interests of establishing a routine over first few days.

I get what you mean about wobbling. Hopefully all that will wobble of me is what already does and not my resolve!

Thanks and hope it goes well with you.