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Lydia's New Year New Me Diary

G: 10st7lb
So first day back on WW, will join a class in a couple of weeks when I feel better, still off sick, still really weak. No idea when I will be able to start exercising again!

Food for today:

B - 30g Dorset spelt cereal (3)
100g low fat greek yoghurt (1.5)
L - 2 slices Tescos 5 grain pave bread (2)
2 teaspoons Flora diet (0.5)
2 teaspoons WW Raspberry spread (1)
D - 2 Tescos Mushroom burgers (5)
Salad (0)
Alpro dark choc dessert (1.5)
New pots 150g (1.5)
S - milk (1.5)
Energy bar (kindly made by a friend made without sugar justs oats and seeds) (3)

20.5 points out of 21
2 litres of water
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S: 20st8lb C: 19st13lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.9 Loss: 0st9lb(3.13%)
So first day back on WW, will join a class in a couple of weeks when I feel better, still off sick, still really weak. No idea when I will be able to start exercising again!

20.5 points out of 21
2 litres of water
Aww hun, sorry to hear you still arent well! Hope you get better soon.

Your ticker made me a bit excited (already; its only Sept aswell) about Christmas lol. I just LOVE it! x


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S: 14st9lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 1st10lb(11.71%)
Good Luck on your new start. Hope you are back to full health soon.
G: 10st7lb
Thanks very much. I hate being ill, hate being away from work, but if I am honest, I know that I couldn't possibly get through a full day at work at the moment, just walking the dog to the bottom of the road results me having to have a lie down when I get back! I honestly thought when I first got this that mind over matter would work everything out and I would just suddendly start to feel better because in my head I was refusing to acknowledge I was ill. SO many people (majority who had glandular fever in the past) told me I was going to learn the hard way and boy were they right.

On Sunday I actually thought I was going to die, i just burst into tears and thought about getting my friend to take me to A&E, but whilst I still feel really ill, definintely an improvement from Sunday.

I'm mad with myself for giving into my cravings over the last 3 weeks and putting back on all of the weight that I lost. But I feel a greater level of motivation from this week so hoping that weight will soon come off again then its onto the long road to finally getting to goal weight.

Going to go back to classes probably last week of the month (hoping will feel strong enough by then), going to go to a different class, where the leader is a little more "straight to the point" then my previous leader - think thats the kind of attitude I need - also the leader of my new class (when I finally get there), is a sports scientist - makes me feel that she has some real knowledge going on there - well thats what I am telling myselt at least.

Just reading through Starlights pages right now, up to page 11 - its really motivational for me!
Sorry to hear you're still feeling so awful Lydia. It can take such a long time to recover but hopefully you're on the mend.

I didn't realise the Alpro desserts were only 1.5 - I'll have to get some, I've always liked them and they travel well so I could take one to work. I recently discovered that Muller Light yogurts have gelatine in them and I was horrified. Serves me right for not looking at the ingredients but gelatine???? In a yogurt????
G: 10st7lb
Ah you must be a vegetarian as well!! Yes I didn't realise until last year that they had gelatine in, I mean come on............... a yoghurt!!!

The dark choc desserts are 1.5 points not sure about the other flavours!

I think in reality is going to take 8-12 weeks before I fully feel back to normal, I am not good at being ill, really hate it. AND can't wait to start exercising again!
Yes, I'm veggie. I'm never going to trust a yogurt again without looking at the ingredients!

Sounds like you'll be on a very slow road to recovery. Frustrating when you're used to being as active as you are as well.
G: 10st7lb
Certainly is!! I wish I could say that daytime television is the best, but its isn't, although I do have a lot of DVDs to watch, but unfortunately often fall alseep half way through! At least I have internet access!!
G: 10st7lb
I'm up to page 55 now Sandy and I can honestly say that its really given me a boost and I feel all fired up to to do this, this time, gonna read some more pages today!!
G: 10st7lb
Food for today:

B - porridge with dried apricots, greek yoghurt and honey (4.5)
L - Half tub Covent Garden Tomato & Mascapone rissoto (5)
D - Homemade quorn chilli (3)
60g dried weight brown rice (3)
S - milk (1.5)
Small glass orange juice (1)
Energy bar (3)

21 points out of 21

2 litres of water
G: 10st7lb
Ive felt the same (glandular fever wise) for about 3 days now, so I kinda think thats an improvement and that I will start to feel better soon, if that makes sense, still sleeping loads, but I don't have the pain anymore in my left side which means my spleen isn't enlarged anymore so thats a def good sign.

Just need to slow start working on getting my eating under control now. I ended up going over my points yesteday, had a second energy bar and a piece of birthday cake (quite small bit) followed by some tortilla chips. Not as bad as I have been eating recently so just need to try and improve today on yesterday.
G: 10st7lb
Food for today:

B - porridge with half a small banana, 1 tablespoon greek yoghurt and 1 teaspoon of honey (4.5)
L - half pot Convent Garden Tomato and Mascapone Rissoto with 1 slice of bread (6)
D - jacket pot (2.5)
1/2 tin WW beans (2.5)
40g low fat cheese (2.5)
S - milk (1.5)
not sure what else to have - only left with 1.5 points for snacks but want to use up the food in my fridge.
G: 10st7lb
I felt pretty good yesterday almost back to normal but feel rotten again today but the upside of that is that at least I am having good days so that must mean I am well and truly on the road to recovery!

Food for today:

B - muesli, chopped banana, greek yoghurt and honey (4.5)
L - Super Noodles Low Fat Thai Sweet chilli (5)
D - going to treat me and mum to a takeaway - not sure what to have yet either Dominos or Chinese probably the latter - I'll leave Mum to decide.
G: 10st7lb
Oh will definintely enjoy the takeway but be straight back on the WW wagon tomorrow!!
G: 10st7lb
Thanks sweetie x

Well my takeaway turned into a disaster, we decided on Chinese, so I was going to have the sweetcorn fried rice which is lovely, well I ended up having half a portion of chips aswell and Ive just remember half a portion of banana fritters on top of some Tescos muesli yoghurt clusters which I don't think are as healthy as they sound! I had been really good during the day until that point!

Ah well ***dusts myself off*** and back on the wagon today, don't weigh in until Tuesday so plenty of time to rectify the damage last night did - not that I can exercise at the moment - but I can't drink either - so at least I am not hitting the bottle!!

Not sure what I am going to be eating today, so will update on that later.

Finally decided what to spend my birthday money on - going to get myself a new ipod nano to replace my rather lovely but old ipod mini.

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