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Name 1 physical feature of yours that you like! :)

Hiii fellow mini-mins! :)

I don't know if this has been done before, but I thought let's cheer everyone up! (I know it's late in the night lol)

So everyone, describe or name one physical feature of yourself that you like! And describe one feature of yourself you'd like to love after your weight loss!

I'll start!

I like my eyes :) They're big and brown, and usually what people comment on first :)

What I'd like to love after my weight loss which I HATE at the moment is my stomach, so many bulges! I want a flat stomach that I can flaunt :)

Ready, set.. GO! :) xx
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Aww, mine are so short and chubby!
And you will love you butt again very soon :)
Nice thread! Okay, I like my hair- it's long, blonde and thick!

I would love to love my legs...I've always hated them, ever since I was a tiny child so to be proud of them would be such an achievement!
Love my eyes and I love my legs at 5 ft 10 they are long !! I wear the shortest skirts but hide my stomach and Arms (if I can) bleurgh :-( x

(25.08.08-18 stone 5) (24.08.11-12 stone 10) 79lbs lost 25lbs to go!!
leedsforever said:
Love my eyes and I love my legs at 5 ft 10 they are long !! I wear the shortest skirts but hide my stomach and Arms (if I can) bleurgh :-( x

(25.08.08-18 stone 5) (24.08.11-12 stone 10) 79lbs lost 25lbs to go!!
Snap!! In pretty much every way lol. I've always loved my legs and my wrists weirdly!! Just wanna have a flattish tummy. Doesn't need to look good naked! Just nice in my clothes would do.

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I like my eyes, cos they're a bit weird - green with orange squiggles in.

I don't like....the rest of me, but hope to in the future!
I like my high cheekbones, hair, lips, teeth, bum and legs.

Can't wait to love my stomach, i'm getting there. Don't think i could love my boobs without surgery though :p


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Love my collarbones -looking at them you wouldnt think I was fat!
want to love my thighs, the shape is good, just need to get rid of the inside flabby bit at top.

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Love my wrists and my back. Actually my arms in general are pretty good, I never put weight on them and even though my triceps and biceps have no muscle tone, my forearms are pretty good. I suppose on a good day I love my boobs. I'm starting to love my stomach, it's still chubby but even at my heaviest I never had love handles and now I can see my hipbones :) Love my collarbone now I can actually see it! I love my small waist and my slim shoulders (my bra straps always fall down on tightest- I have one that tightens all the way from the cup and the plastic bit you move has to sit directly on my shoulder to not fall down and be comfy).

I can't wait to love my bloody legs. Too bloody short for anything. My calves are too thick and my inner thighs are massive. Plus my thighs have some weird shape to them. I blame having 28" legs (on a good day!) :p

And it turns out I like more of me than I thought :D
I love my smile and eyes, and ankles.

Would like to love my thighs but far too wobbly for that. However I do think the wobbly bits are getting higher (ie just above the knees, not so bad now).
I used to love my eyes, but they apear to have droopy eyelids now :( I hate my whole self, from my droopy eyelids and double chin, right to my fat feet and hairy toes.

I think maybe I need therapy!

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