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I've been loving me some Nazi Zombies on [email protected] with the map packs for months now. Because we'd been playing so much of it my bf got us Blops with the new map pack. The maps are good, but we miss the old ones :(

Other than that, played abit of Dead Rasing 2, LBP2 and Tales of Symphonia 2.


Otherwise known as Jools
Sadly am stuck on GT5 on the PS3 with a little bit of Colin Macrae Dirt 2 or Need for Speed - but when on PC am a total wow head :D
Totally addicted to all COD! Especially loving Black Ops and Black Ops Nazis. I totally own and love it when I get abuse for killing ppl ie. Your a hacker, lag switch etc etc...until they find out your a girl and very quickly shut up ;-)

Love WAW too x


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Totally addicted to all COD! Especially loving Black Ops and Black Ops Nazis. I totally own and love it when I get abuse for killing ppl ie. Your a hacker, lag switch etc etc...until they find out your a girl and very quickly shut up ;-)

Love WAW too x
us girls usually do better :D I have one guy trash me in a lobby yelling abuse about how its a mans game women shouldnt be allowed to play. He left after the next game when I asked how come not only had I kicked his ass but his whole teams and came top of the leaderboard on a TDM :D and with a tacknife too bwahahaha.


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Are you ladies xbox or ps3?


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xbox for the most, have ps3 but after recent events, feel like binning the thing.

how are you liking the new map pack on blops? ive done it on prvt but not online yet, been a busy couple weeks.
Hey ladies! i am more xbox than ps3 , my oh loves his xbox too lol and after what happend with ppls data on ps3 im thinkin a lot of ppl will be jumping ship!

I use to rock at gh but ended up trading it in..big mistake i miss it so much!

Anyway that was a long time ago and now i only ever really play random games with oh, i cant stand cod im a proper pansie, my oh says ppl know when im playing cos theres just some1 stood there with the gun in the air spinning round in circles..haha!

Looking forward to LA Noire coming out though, looks really cool! xxx


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i might pick up la noir.
atm I'm running thru res evil 5 with a friend which is fun.


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I'm a Sony Fangirl if there ever was one. I honestly doubt many people will switch to xbox. All my gaming friends just hope psn is back soon. They say online play will be back by the weekend and the rest by the end of the month. It didn't really bother me what happened, at the end of the day I don't pay for psn.

The new blops mappack isn't out on ps3 yet, and even if it was I wouldn't be able to download it lol. I'm only getting it for the zombies... to be honest thats the only reason I have Cod at all!
resident evil scares me! lol

haha and i hate zombies! ewwwww! lol

what i do love about ps3 is that u get the internet there its so handy 4 wen u wanna prove ur oh wrong so have to google something ;) x xxxx
XBOX COD Black Ops :D i like playing the zombies but i'm pap at it lol


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I love Ressie games! I couldn't play them myself till 5 came along. It just wasn't as scary as the others. Looking forward to the new one :D I love playing co-op on Ressie 5. My BF and me used to play it together ^.^
aww cute :) lol and u watched the resident evil films too then? im such a dork i cant watch films with gore in them makes me cringe! although if its a really good film il watch it and just hide when i kow something mingings gonna come on :p lol!

any of u played bully? now that i like! i always LOLed at my oh when he made the boy kiss boys :D xxx


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amazing how many closet gamers there are :D

yeah I'm a wuss too, I wont play res evil alone, I have to play co-op with friend and he tells me if theres anything about to jump out at us :D

COD Zombies bores the hell out of me. IDK why cus I love the other parts of COD.

Have never played bully, will have to go see what its about now and see if I can get a trial :D

Anyone play homefront, bulletstorm or battlefield BC2. I have them too but havent done much online play, battlefield if any online. Nothing like sticking C4 on the UAV and flying it into the enemy and blowing it up. or same with a tank, lil quadbike thing etc.

hmm thinks arcade games...serious sam, thats kinda epic in a crappy way :D Uno is just awesome cept for the very scary webcams people use on there *mind bleach required*

Fallout 3 is another great game, bit frustrating but still enjoyable.
haha! yeah in the latest xbox mag there was a seciton about ppl who had got banned from xbox life, and one woman wrote in saying "my son has been banned from playing online for life, i would really like to know what he has done for this to happen" (or something along those lines) and xbox wrote back "well madam your son has been banned from xbox live as he was exposing himself on the online game uno, have a nice day" haha!! :D

im glad someone else is the same about scary games :hide:

il tell u wat tho the best arcade game is definately limbo! aweeeesomeee me and oh played this for ages, i only wish theyd bring a new one out too! have u played it b4?

ive not played any homefront or battlefield games although oh does. bullys quite old really, u should be able 2 get it cheap if its pre owned, its good if u like first person games , like gta and its made by rockstar too :) xxxxx


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i actually go onto xbox forums to read the why have I been banned threads to cheer myself up. 90% are for modding gamertags and 10th prestige hacks on COD. Hilarious!

anyone a complete try hard? anyone got all achievements in a game?
i have all gamer achievements on mw2 and borderlands. yet to find any other game where its worth the effort :)
I'm such a try hard online, well on cod anyway. battlefield its more about the LOLs.

pm me if you want to add me on XBL. I'd add you on PSN but....:d'oh:....it don't work :roofles:
haha a try hard? u mean an achievement whore? cos thats what my oh is! hes on a website called true achievements.com, u should check it out :)

i never knew there were threads on why ppl have been banned, i will have to have to have a look! :)

so uve not played limbo then? quality game :D xxxx
i recently have got really rubbish at Cod for some reason, i think everyone just caught to my level of awesomeness lol plus i dont like the new maps but hey ho i'll just suck it up and battle through. I'm still determined to unlock my perk pros before maybe prestiging again maybe although i dont see much benefit in it. My OH played bully for a while i didnt see him make boys kiss boys though lol just alot of swimming out of police radar ha

Play a bit of sims3 anyone?

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