Non scale victories (stolen from SW forum)

Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by xeilidhx, 11 March 2012 Social URL.

  1. xeilidhx

    xeilidhx Gold Member

    I saw this on the SW forum and thought it might be a great way to share victories when the scales aren't budging?! I know these things aren't things I'd mention to family/friends/colleagues but would be lovely to share them with fellow

    To start it off:
    My jeggings were baggy today :)

    I can do up my jeans :)

    My mum exclaimed (loudly) in a shop that she couldn't believe the difference in my hips/thighs

    Add your own!

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  3. SilverSilph

    SilverSilph Silver Member

    I love this idea! Good thinking Xeilidhx! :)

    I have reached the final (self made from last diet) notch on my studded belt and will need new belts soon.

    All my jeans are too big

    I've lost 3inches from my hips

    Skirts that have never sit properly now sit properly! (can't wait for summer!)

    I HAVE A WAIST!!!! :woohoo:
  4. xeilidhx

    xeilidhx Gold Member

    Fitting into a dress that I bought during the diet but it was too small (about a month ago)

    Going to a works do and not being recognised (in fairness I was dressed up and done up and am normally in trackies!)
  5. SilverSilph

    SilverSilph Silver Member

    Oh forgot to post this earlier. Quote from James:

    "I don't remember you being this thin on Lipotrim"

    I actually agree, I don't remember being this size on LT, despite the fact I was a good 15lbs lighter!! :D Dukan Rocks!! :party0049:
  6. Being able to walk around in a t shirt without wearing something over the top to hide your bouncy boobs!

    Men may like bouncy jubblies but I hated mine.

  7. ellie1969

    ellie1969 Gold Member

    being able to walk in very big heels all night... infact scrub that dancing in very big heels all night without my feet hurting... 5 stone less to be supported in them :p
  8. xeilidhx

    xeilidhx Gold Member

    well done ellie! i think my lack of balance will still make me look like bambi on ice in heels but i don't care!

    NSV...I discovered my biceps today. Not been exercising much at all but was aware that the tops of my arms are firmer and there's a definite bicep lurking :)


    CHRISR Gold Member

    feeling so much better about myself, how I look and how I feel - I walk with a spring in my step and for once I cannot wait for summer
  10. xeilidhx

    xeilidhx Gold Member

    Another one tonight. I've been measuring since the start (except the boobs, I'd like to be blissfully ignorant of their disappearance) and tonights the first time I've noticed those cm off!!

    Brushing my teeth, looking in the mirror I was looking a my tummy and how "flat" it was (only comparing to itself, not to an actual flat tummy) and was like "right eilidh, breathe out and see it properly...."and I couldn't. I wasn't tensing, I couldn't believe it! 15cm off my belly itself but I've finally seen it :)
  11. CHRISR

    CHRISR Gold Member

    Forgot I had hip bones ;)

    Someone said the other day I looked taller (I am 5'10")
    thats because I'm not as wide an optical illusion
    bloody dukan brilliant I say .............
  12. curvygirlie

    curvygirlie Full Member

    discovering I had kneecaps...

    a woman behind me in the queue at Asda saying to me (we were discussing cream cakes and how naughty they were at the time) "it's alright for people like you, being able to eat what they want and not put on weight"

    - i just smiled sweetly at her..:flirt2:
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  13. Zoesastar

    Zoesastar Silver Member

    Size 10 skinny jeans bought in tesco today, slightly too big round the waist.... Didnt have an 8 but wouldve been too tight in the leg anyway!

    Get in!!
  14. xeilidhx

    xeilidhx Gold Member

    Somebody told me I'd lost a lot of weight at work yesterday :)

    I now can sit comfortably in my car without feeling the seats push my thighs up as the seats curve :)
  15. CHRISR

    CHRISR Gold Member

    having more room on a bus/train seat when you have to sit next to a stranger (I like my own personal space)
  16. xeilidhx

    xeilidhx Gold Member

    Being able to comfortably cross my legs! (being short doesn't help, I've only got a 26 inch inside leg so it's a biomechanical disadvantage!
  17. xeilidhx

    xeilidhx Gold Member

    Seeing a waist in pics. Have 2 pics in same dress (one at 2 weeks and one now at 10) and i like the difference!
  18. xeilidhx

    xeilidhx Gold Member

    I can see a difference in 10 weeks....although slightly disgusted by the first :S

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  19. Elisheba

    Elisheba No matter what, carry on!

    Wow<<< xeilidhx!

    My victory is that I all my pants are now too big.
    I had to buy new ones... and a belt for them.
    I still haven't reached my target yet ...
    Last edited: 20 March 2012
  20. xeilidhx

    xeilidhx Gold Member

    I'm only half way to target but it was nice noticing a difference in pics! Only had a double chin yesterday when posing awkwardly not like before! :) still 25 lb to go!
  21. ellie1969

    ellie1969 Gold Member

    your looking fantastic :D

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