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  1. pommychic

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    To change my mindset from calories to propoints. I cant seem to get the propoint values for everyday things to stick in my head. I also wonder how to split the propoints for meals throughout the day? For example, is 14 propoints a lot or a normal amount of points to set aside for your evening meal?

    Its weigh in on Monday and my motivation since returning from my holiday still hasn't come back! Argghh!

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  3. SlimmingKitchen

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    Morning Hun
    How are you today?
    When I first started doing ProPoints I struggled to balance out my ProPoints for each meal at first.

    It depends how you like to eat. Me I like a light breakfast as I can't eat much when I first wake up so I tend to stick with fruits for 0pp or use 3-4pp on cereal.

    Lunch again I tend to eat light as well because in my job I'm out and about in the community so its not easy for me to have anything more then a quick sandwich, a salad or some soup in a flask. As I can't store my lunch too it can be hard especially during this hot weather. So lunch for me tends to be between 5-9pp.

    At night is when I like a feast for dinner.
    Depending on what I've had throughout the day my dinner can vary from 9-15pp.

    Then if I have any left I will have a little treat or some fresh fruits.

    It is worth having a look at some of the WW meal planners as well they're in the magazines and also if you google them they come up to. This helped me split my ProPoints better over the day.

    If you have access to the app as well I try to plan my day ahead by logging everything I want to have.
    I've already logged my dinner for tonight so I know what ProPoints I will be using and what's left if I fancy a nibble.

    As for calories you just have to try and forget about it. I came from Slimming World so for me it took time to forget that this and that has got "syns" lol!! But within time I soon kicked it to the kerb as WW is working for me :)

    Good luck Hun and if you need any help just give us all a shout here.

    Stacey xxx

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  4. pommychic

    pommychic Full Member

    Thank you so much for your reply. you are right, I need to concentrate on Propoints and not calories. I will stop fretting and get on with the plan. I don't think I am going wrong anyhere, it's just that damn holiday has turned everything upside down for me! You can't go all inclusive in a fab hotel without putting weight on can you?

    I also need to become better at pointing and not be lazy and give up when I can't fathom it out....!
    How Re you set for your weigh in tomorrow? Have you been disciplined with yourself this week?
  5. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    The way I see it Hun is holidays don't come often and they're not cheap either so I always go away and enjoy them.
    Worry about the gain when I face the scales then concentrate on getting it off when I'm back.

    When I stopped slimming world I deleted the SW app, left all the fb groups and even sold all my SW stuff on eBay. (They sold extremely well too lol).
    I also deleted mfp too as I used to obsess with that as well lol.

    Now I just concentrate on WW only. I've treated myself to a lot of the WW stuff and I love it.

    Its a hard journey but worth it.

    You can do this let me know how you get on :)

    I usually weigh on a thurs but I had to work so I've gained 3 extra days to be good lol.
    I had 2 meals out but kept right within my ProPoints so fingers crossed for a loss xxx

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