Tesco ediets! Join today special offer.


Not dieting ATM!
Been thinking of joining ediets at some time for a while now and today they have an offer if you join by 10am tomorrow for a minimum of 10 weeks you get 1000 clubcard points. As someone who collects clubcard points this is an attractive offer to me as they are worth £40 in clubcard deals.

Thought I'd just mention it just in case anyone wants the chance to try ediets and collect some more points.

I'm off now to join.

Dizzy x
Hi Mini

I did join up but I delayed my start date until Monday. Not sure if I can check out all the facilities until then but will try to this evening. I'll let you know what I think and what it's like. May be something I can add to my diary too.

If anyone still wants to take up this offer it may be still available as I had an email which said for limited time as well as it being for one day on Tesco.com.

Thanks for taking an interest.

Dizzy x
Just a quick warning. About six months before I started LL I joined ediets (about August,2004) I paid for 3 months, was not too impressed and cancelled before the 3 months were up. Blow me last year (2006) they started debiting my credit card month after month. The credit card was Tescos own and I had hell of a job to get the debits stopped. It when on for about 4 months and each month I had to fill in a new dispute form. I emailed ediets about but never got a reply. So beware

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Cheer Pam

I'll bear that in mind. I have printed out the cancellations terms to have to hand. My credit card is Tesco's one too though!

Dizzy x