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Tig's shed :)


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Hello :)

I'm going to pop my food diaries here, I find they really help keep me on target... Being held accountable and all that!!

I've been on SW since 7th Nov, so 2 and a half weeks now :) 6lbs down!!

I tend to do green days, as I'm a carb fiend!! Feel free to criticise etc... I'm not easily offended :p

So! Today! Green day :)

B - Omlette with mushrooms, onions, garlic, cheese (HEXA) and spaghetti hoops
S - Fibre plus bar (HEXB)
L - Pasta bake (5 syns) with cheese (HEXA)
S - Fibre plus bar (HEXB)
D - Spam fritter (10 syns, lol! My guilty pleasure :p ) with SW chips and beans
S - Pineapple & Strawberries

Exercise - None! Shattered after work today!
Total syns - 15

Not my healthiest day, but it is friday!!


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So, day 20!

I have an xmas do later, so need to try and save some syns for a G&T!

EE day

B - Omelette with bacon, mushrooms, onions, garlic with cheese (HEXA) and baked beans
S - Kelloggs fibre plus bar (HEXB)

I'm going on a run later, so than it'll be a big late lunch/ dinner job..

L/D - probably a stirfry... followed by some pineapple and strawberries :)
S - G&T (slimline of course) (4syns)

Hopefully I can stay on track, I'm a Monday weigher, so a bad weekend can't be clawed back!



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Day 21! EE today.

Soooo, that one G&T turned into red wine and jager bombs followed by a pizza... :party0036:

Whooops, have drawn a big line under it and i'll get a run in before weigh in tomorrow!

Not overly hungry after last nights antics, so had a big lunch, and will snack later.

B - missed, i snoozed until late!
L - Omelette with chorizo (5syns), mushrooms, onion, garlic, cheese (HEXA) with SW chips. Yummy :)
S - SW cheesecake with strawberries, even the bf loves this one!
S - Pineapple
EDIT - Had toast in the evening, so turned into green day, re-sinned the chorizo and had it as HEXB - so 10 syns for the day... I'm quite bad for changing the day as it suits me!!
Hopefully I can get a tiny loss this week. Be satisfied with a STS though. One night might have blown my whole week :(

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Day 22, green!
I've planned tomorrows meals... It'll be weigh day so I'll edit tomorrow to update!

B - scrambled egg on toast (HEXB)
L - vegi lasagne (5syns).
D - Chorizo omelette again (8 syns for chorizo) :)
S - fruit and mullerlight

Exercise - Was supposed to be a run but i'm still at work :mad:

May need to watch my egg intake, it has soared!


EDIT: Today is indeed weigh day... And I'm still at work, so i've text my cons as I won't make it.
I did a mini weigh in at home, my scales actually match those at class! 1lb on... boo! But it is *week and i had a naughty saturday! Onwards!!
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Thanks Sausage, as you can see from my edit above, i gained :( boooo! Serves me right... Dry week coming up!



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Planned tomorrows meals - Going to chuck in some red days, did all green last week!

Day 23 - Red
B - Omelette with bacon, mushroom, tomatoes and cheese (HEXB)
L - Tuna sarnie on wholemeal (HEXB) and ex light mayo (1 syn) with big salad
S - kelloggs bar (HEXB), mullerlight, freddo (5syns)
D - Salmon and vegis

Exercise - 5mile run
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My red day has gone suprisingly well :)

Going to do another one tomorrow! So here is tomorrows planned menu... I'm so determined this week!!

Day 24
B - Omelette with bacon, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes and cheese (HEXA)
L - Ham on wholemeal bread (HEXB) with salad. Ripple bar (9 syns... sooo worth it!)
S - kelloggs bar (HEXB), strawberries.
D - chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with cheese (HEXA)with iceberg lettuce
S - Pineapple
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Another success with todays above red :)

I'm going to EE tomorrow, as I'm running low on meat!

Day 25
B - beans on toast (HEXB), satsuma
L - corned beef hash - 5 syns, pear, satsuma
S - nakd bar - 6 syns, options-3 syns
D - bacon, scrambled egg, cheese (hexa) and SW chips, fruit for pudding

Set myself 5lbs in the December challenge, so after my 1lb gain, aiming for 11.2 :)
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Today has been good :) had hash instead of my salad but it isn't salad weather!!!

Tomorrow going green :)

B- Scrambled egg, tomatoes and cheese (hexa) on toast (hexb)
L- pasta salad with cheese (hexa)
D - I'm trying the infamous mushy pea curry with Sw chips, followed by Sw cheesecake (7syns as i have a few malteasers on mine :) )(hexb) - low syn friday bliss!!
S- satsumas, nakd bar - 6syns

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I'm feeling a bit bloated after my green day! I def feel lighter after a red day, but don't enjoy the food as much!

Not as organised for tomorrow, I'm thinking EE.
Day 27 -
B - saute potato, cheese omelette and bacon with tomatoes and a satsuma
L -
D - Leftover mush pea curry (amazing!) with SW chips. Pineapple for pud.

8 miler today, race day next weekend!

Had a sneaky jump on the scales and I've got high hopes for monday :D
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Back from my lovely soggy run :) Dashing out again in half an hour, so lunch was fruit.

Might have another SW cheesecake for pud tonight, seeing as I have hexb and syns to spare ;) I'm thinking a chocolatey orange one!
Ok been reading your diary and I have to ask....where is the recipe for these SW Cheesecakes your on about..cheesecake hmmmm thats my absolute FAVOURITE!!!!!! x


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Tara! Great name ;) slightly bias!

Aaaah the beloved cheesecake.

Right, serves 2.

4 Alpen light bars - any flavour depending what way you want to go!
2 sachets of options - again, any flavour. The white choc one gives you an american cheesecake style pud.
1 tub quark.

Warm the alpens until a bit gooey, push down into small bowls/ ramekins.
Mix options with the quark, pop on top of alpen bars. Some people add sweetner too but I don't think it is necessary.
I always mix some additional choc into the quark. Tonight I'm putting half a crunch bar in ;)
If i'm on EE I put strawberries on top!

Enjoy! x
oooooooo YUM!!!!! :D thank you! Deffo going to be a chocolate pudding i think! Perhaps mix a bit of nutella in with the quark? yummmmmm!!

I must try this Quark stuff, ive usually just used Asda's own range. I looooove cottage cheese with pineapple hummmmm drool.

Your name Tara too? I've never met anyone with the same name as me!!! :)


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We're a rare breed! :p

Omg, nutella - never thought of that!!
Quark mixed with stuff is gorgeous, on it's own i'm not a fan at all!

Have fun experimenting :)


Ended up going out for some drinks last night, friend in need! Had 2 glasses of wine and a cocktail - could have been worse, and I resisted post drinking snacking!

Day 29
Red day

B/L (got up late) - scambled egg and mushrooms on toast (hexb x 2)
D - Edit: fancy a cheese omelette (hexa) and salad now instead
S - grapes, chocolate - 5 syns, options - 2 syns.

Not running today - it's chucking it down! Weigh in tomorrow, I've planned another red day.

Day 30 - wow a month on SW!
B - bacon sarnie (hexb)
L - tuna on wholemeal (hexb), big salad, mullerlight
D - beef enchiladas - I'm allowing 17 syns for 2
S - Fruit, kinder bar (5.5)

Exercise - 5miler
7.5 syns to rein in!
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