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cambridge diet

  1. Shaz woodhouse

    Day one tomorrow CD plan

    Starting day one tomorrow as a returnee Cambridge dieter. Anyone else starting too and fancy being each others [email protected]@ kicker? Shaz x
  2. R

    Step 1 Sole Source Returner and cant get into ketosis

    Hi there, Id really appreciate some help. I last did Cambridge diet 6 years ago and lost 3 and half stone. Ive since gained 2 stone due to a knee injury which prevented me from my normal 4 to 5 day gym routien. Im now ok to exercise so have joined cambridge to kick start my weight loss...
  3. J

    Step 1 Sole Source JANNE'S DIARY

    Dear all, Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR. My name is Janne, 27 years old, residing in Singapore. On 1 December 2016, I started on Cambridge Weight Plan (Step 3). Within two weeks, I have lost about seven kilograms, which is an achievement. Step 3...
  4. J

    Step 1 Sole Source Cambridge Weight Plan

    Dear all, This is Janne, 27, from Singapore. I started Cambridge Weight Plan (Step 3) on 1 December 2016 and started on Cambridge Weight Plan (Step 1 - Sole Source) on 24 December 2016. During Step 3, I have lost 7 to 8 kilograms, which is an achievement. I am looking forward to lose more...
  5. F

    Any newbies starting out?

    Hi I've done my first week on the Cambridge weight plan and wanted to get a new thread going. Has anyone just started or anyone still going strong that wants to share. My official weigh in is on Thursday but I think I have lost around 11lbs in the first week. Pretty pleased with that!
  6. R

    Cambridge step 2

    Hi all, I've started Cambridge step 2 on Wednesday to see if I can achieve results I want to lose 3st 8 lbs. I've previously done SS+ but given up once noticeable results were there, partly because of boredom the flavours became repetitive I only had shakes and bars. Since starting I'm worried...
  7. serife

    Feeling really weak from period?

    Hi I'm on day 4 of my Cambridge diet, currently I'm having 3 shakes and a meal of chicken and broccoli. Day 4 and my period started a few hours ago, I had 1 shake and felt really weak and tired so I went to sleep with some pain killers. Woke up feeling better until I came downstairs to make...