2nd weigh in and a big bad slip...:(


Looking for Slimville!
Hello everyone, hope you are doing well.

So I had my 2nd weigh in on Monday past - I lost 5lbs :). However...I had one serious slip this week in which I ate cake AND custard. It was total comfort eating as I'd had a fall out with my boyfriend...

Sorry if you read this Nicole! (my counsellor) I've not slipped since and been sticking to the plan...

I weighed myself this morning and it looks like I've possibly stayed the same weight? It's hard to tell with these cheap scales!

I can't believe I did that though.I was doing so well then BANG! How do you all resist temptation at those tough times?!

~ Erin x
:cool: your only human ..youre back on track .....wait and see you maybe suprised about your weight loss........just off for my first pop in and weigh but this is only day 2 so won't expect much !!!:confused:
How do you resist temptation? Well, you rationalise your behaviour. Take a step back and say, why do I want to eat it? When you know it's because you've had an argument then how is eating cake going to actually resolve that? Also, keep your mind on the goal, visualise yourself slimmer and remember all the reasons you are doing this. Oh, and well done on your weight loss!!
Hiya Erin, Jubblys advice is spot on, you need to think before you put anything in your mouth.

I wrote down a list of why I was doing this diet and refered to it when I was low.

Also, what about having a chat with your OH and saying something like, can we try and make allowances for the first week or so, as I found that having that chat and making DH understand how I felt stopped rows etc and therefore took me away from danger zone.

Do anything but eat, you want to lose weight and this is the safest and quickest way ever x
Hi Erin (my daughter shares you name) :D

Don't fret too much but if you get an 'urge' to eat, try waiting 20 mins to see if you can forget the urge, and also try to identify the feeling at the time.

I eat through a lot of emotions (or used to..) boredom and comfort being the main two.

BUT having said all that... yesterday is done.. you CAN move on!
Thanks a lot everyone. I think I'll maybe take a few moments to think about what I'm about to do next time and remind myself it will do me no real good!

Guess I'll let you know how my weigh in goes on Monday. Eek!
Hey hun!! Don't worry yourself about it. I've had many a slip up when I've argued with Gavin.

The whole point is that you don't give up, you've only had a minor blip and you didn't exactly eat the whole kitchen did you?!:) plus this arms you with the knowledge for next time, getting upset is a trigger for you and we have to think of some other way to deal with it cause it's going to happen in normal life. I'll think of some suggestions for you for Monday.

I had a run in with some crumpets the other day :eek: oops! not even fighting with Gavin, no excuse!! But I have got back on the wagon and all is happy chappie!

Don't pay attention to your scales, they might be different to mine! And mine are the only ones that matter :p.

So chin up, back on that wagon and I'm sure you'll be fine on Monday, glycogen which is what you've put on (I seriously doubt fat though) comes off as fast as it goes on, if not faster!!! plus you've done soooooo well and I'm massively proud of you!:)

Toodles for now babes.:D

Nicole xx