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Errrm.. Alcohol???

I'm in my 5th week of SW and lost 11lb so far.. I went to club last night dreading the scales! I had a crazy weekend and drank so much! Beer, dbl vodkas, shots!! I was expecting at least a 2lb gain.. So I popped on the scales.. 2 1/2lb OFF!! Whaaaat?? How?? I drank my syn allowance and more! One of the girls at the club said "doesn't matter what you drink as long as you eat right" - which I did..
What are your experiences with this?? It's the first binge since I started SW and I don't make a habit of it.. Was just v v v shocked!
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The same thing happened to me, the weekends I go out and drink too much (way over my syns) I end up having really good loses...I'm in fear of it all catching up with me one of these weeks!


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to be honest any time iv done sw in the past, anytime iv went mad n drank all sorts its never affected my losses plus i drink alcopops shots etc, now its not every weekend but whenever i have done it iv still lost if id ate right.. and at one stage i was at sw over a year and had occassions like that quite a lot! my friend is exactly the same.. some people r lucky :D


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i don't drink much at all, maybe once every two months. i went out on friday night and had about 70 syns worth of cocktails and a couple of corkeys shots. i stuck to the food plan 100% and stayed within my syns...just!! and lost 2lb, its my best loss for about 3 months. i think it must have flushed my system :)


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I am scared this week cos I drank sooo much cider over the weekend. My eating wasn't horrendous, but I was away so eating out for most meals. I don't usually do too badly with the booze, but I admit I am scared tonight!!
I guess it's different for everyone! My friend says your only usually lucky like that once! Lol.. I've been very strict with my eating plan. I was pleasantly surprised! I've got an ale festival next weekend so hopefully I won't pile it on like I thought.. But I don't wanna be cocky!
Could it be to do with the fact that your body will burn alcohol first as a fuel....then food. So as long as there is a low intake of food calories, you may get away with it??
Dunno. Dont work for me!!
This has also happend to me :) however i try to stick to vodka and diet coke but never limit my amount haha i drink almost every weekend and havent gained any weight since starting the plan at the begining of february yay
My 3 friends are like alcoholics and have lost just over 10st between the 3 of them in 6 months, they drink all the time and have fab losses every week, maybe I should start drinking too lol
when i did it before i used to always have vodka n diet cokes on a friday night and it never used to affect my weight loss aslong as i ate right... there is nothing in vodka thats your best options i say :)


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Oh hope you are right as its the biggest thing that I can see getting me off track, really do need a vodka fix even if only at the weekend :)


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Very interesting thread. I had always thought I had got away with it when having a lot is alcohol and still losing a couple of pounds. And looking back it is only when I have eaten badly that I have gained.
I drank loads (room spinning kind of loads- what an idiot!) but food wise I pretty much kept right on track! My mum said it might catch up with me at next WI.. But having a zero syn week this week.. So should still have a good loss!
I did give up wine completely when I had to take antibiotics for 2 weeks & was hoping for a bigger loss.... but sadly still lost the the same 1/2-1lb each week.


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It varies for me, sometimes i get away with it, others i dont.

I cant get away with beer, cider or wine. Even 1 usually causes a STS

Vodka and barcardi however are never a hinderance!! I think its down to your calorie intake for the day and whether it clears you out or not the next day haha tmi? xx


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I have given up wine pretty much and now either drink gin and slimline tonic or vodka and diet red bull - so far so good!

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