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is loving the soup?!
I've never changed shoe size with weight loss, but my mum lost about 9 stone and she dropped 2 shoe sizes!
If your feet are fat, then possibly yes, otherwise cant see it happening. If appendages start shrinking I will be OFF LT in a flash!! Lol
yes my feet have shrunk already from an 8 to 7 or 6 depending on shoes and im only on it 4 weeks
When I lost 64lbs last year I went down from a 6 to a 5 and my feet werent particularly fat to begin with.

I also had to get my engagement ring resized about 5 sizes and I had a small ring size to begin with too!


Love God; Love People
2 dress sizes down and my feet are pretty much the same size but my shoes seem to fit more comfortably. My rings are a lot looser now.
i used to be a 9 (which makes it soo bloody hard to buy shoes) but now i'm a shopping-friendly 8! im thinking of having my wedding rings re-sized when i get to goal cos they jingle now when i walk, one day they'll fly off i think...!
i had the same problem when i got married (sadly before i knew anything about LT...) i ended up wearing some hideous cream shoes from evans that luckily hid just under my dress... but they were comfy! dont forget the comfy factor-you'll be on your feet ALL DAY! :)
ah sack it! wear flip-flops! you'll look all exotic! x
It's mad as beans I tell thee... my work shoes are well lose !

Wasit size - yes, chest size - yes... shoe size - weird !! lol :D
I was always a size 8 foot but these are begining to slip off me shamefull as I have ALOT of shoes but if I have to stuff the toes I will

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