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Fern's Pregnancy Diary, Right From The Very Beginning!

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Good evening all! *waves*

So here I am, starting my pregnancy diary from the word go.

Its very early days, but i am ecstatic. Still feeling a bit shell shocked.. but thats ok. OH is being very calm and collective and supportive.. and is happy, most of all :rolleyes: Ahh.

So iv had a positive 1-2 weeks on two clear blue digi tests.. and calculated at 3-4 by the doc who confirmed pregnancy with me a little over 2 hours ago. I have my pregnancy pack and will phone up for a midwife app. for after xmas/newyear tomorrow morning.

I have no cramping, just a 'strained' feeling across my tummy.. but iv had a bit of dihhorea (TMI i know..) the last few days so could be that. Although MUCH better today.
Feeling slightly sick.. thinking this is just the shock though.

My estimated due date is August 18th.
Bloody hell.. is this really happening!?

I'd like some stalkers please.. some people to chat too! lol

xxx Loves and bubbles to all xxx
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Congratulations - saw your progress on the SW boards and thrilled to see your happy news!
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Many congratulations Fern-enjoy every minute of being pregnant and I'm sure you will make a great mum


I will do this!
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congratulations Fern and welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood, the most amazing experience if you lit it be! x
Hi Fern,

I'm pregnant too, 20 weeks for me now and decided to come back to slimming world after it was great for losing my baby weight last time.

Hope you are feeling ok, I had awful ms for the first 15 weeks this time. The only thing I could eat was toast, bad bad bad!!!

By the way August babies rock, I had my boy in August 09!!

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good afternoon everybody.

Oh how odd it feels to wake up, knowing that you are pregnant. A little bit of me wants to cry with happiness everytime the thought of being a mummy hits me.. then its met with that little bit of hurt and worry in the pit of my stomach when i think of how early i am and the possibility of MC.

Id be so heartbroken.

4 weeks and 2 days:

I didnt really sleep properly last night and i woke at half 6 and was unable to get back to sleep!! Nerves, excitment.. i think!
iv had some 'tugging' and a bit of 'deep' cramping if you understand what i mean! quite low down. . but not as bad as it has been the past few weeks. The more i think of it, the more i can see the difference between period pains and these. My appetite has completly gone- im still eating reguarly so my little bubs is getting nurtrion but the actual thought of food isnt bothering me at all.. OH sat with tin of biscuits earlier and i didnt bat an eyelid.. this is quite bizare.. im not sure whether its pregnancy related as its SO early.. but this is not normal for me! LOL maybe so many other thoughts in my head for food to compete with.

According to the chinese calender i am predicted a Boy. I really dont mind either way. Were staying team yellow!!

I have also asked my big sister to be my birthing partner! I have a midwife app. mid Jan and i'l be 11 weeks around my birthday so it'l be nice to have a scan around my birthday! :rolleyes: Im hoping for a water birth.


.. oh and im suffering today from ' OMG I HAVE TO DRINK SOMTHING NOW! .. extreme thirst.. followed very quickly by the need to go for a wee right then and there!
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OMG congrats Fern I'm so happy for you, no the wonder you weren't losing the weight!!! Will watch out for your updates xx
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Oh Andie.. thank you! But i dont think i can blame the weight problems on little bubs just yet.. i am only like a smidgin preggo and its only like the size of a poppyseed!! haha

Iv been reading my pregnancy books! Im so over the moon.

praying for a sticky bubs... Please stick, please stick! ... First aim is 8 weeks! .. then 12 week scan.. 20 week scan.. and then my hols to cyprus at 26weeks.. i hope that this goes okay.

geeez.. still getting my head around this stuff!! :D
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Okay, iv bit the bullet and told the boss woman!

it was awkward! lol .. but with all the heavy lifting involved i had to bubba first, i did um and arrr about it, but i just had to do it. Now iv just gotta hope that i havn't jynx'd it.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that this all goes smoothly.

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Congratulations Fern! You sound exactly like I did 9 months ago :) I also lost my appetite and it took about 7-8 months for it to return. Great for a low weight gain however. Rest assured your body will provide the nutrients your little one needs, but of course you need to keep your own strength up and keep up the calcium levels too (I had OJ with calcium daily with breakfast to help the iron absorption).

I know it's easy to say but the best thing you can do is to relax and not worry (much easier said than done!). Will keep my fingers crossed for you :)
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Thank you so much for popping in..
Its so reasuring to see you and your little one so healthy and happy.. esp if you were feeling this way too.

All i ate today was a hifi and a yogurt untill 4pm. :eek: then it was like bang, had to eat somthing.. only thing to hand, a kitkat and a peice of white bread. :break_diet: then i lost interest.... 3 hours later i cooked a roast as couldnt be bother yesterday. Ate like 3 roasts, some peas and a slice of chicken.. then i lost interest again...

then bang.. the biscuit tin found me.. 4 choc digestive later..

Bloody hell LOL this isnt going well. Atleast i am not bingeing though, which we all know i have major issues with!

Drinking tonnes of water, im so thirsty ALL the time today.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Is it possible for nausia and a bit of sickness to kick in already, im only 4 +5 .. bloomin hell :(
Iv been nautious ALL day on and off.. and iv just had a mouth full of diet pepsi, after cutting it out for the past month (caffiene..) but iv not even swallowed the mouthful before iv had to run to loo to be sick a little bit :( GAG. It tasted awful. :cry: whyyyyyy.. i love diet coke!

Oh. However, despite my awful attempt at eating (i.e not being able to eat, then having bits of naughtiness here and there..) my own scales are showing 10st/ 10st 1.. which is 7lbs lighter than 2 weeks ago. Bloody hell. How odd.


The old me is coming back
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Hey Fern,

Just browsing along here and saw your message. Congrats on your pregnancy and hope it all goes well for you!

I am nearly 25 weeks pregnant and smiled when i read your posts. For me normal eating habits etc went out the window for the first 14 weeks. At 6.5 weeks morning sickness kicked in and you really just have to go with what your body wants. I had nothing but toast, potatoes, rice, oven chips for the first few weeks. Loads of stuff made me gag including diet coke which i also love, i got cravings for Fanta and drank it by the bucket, i was getting sick 5/6 times a day so whatever i could keep down was a blessing. Your body knows what it needs and junior will take all the stuff it needs from your supplies. Whatever you can tolerate at this stage have and that will be fine.

14 weeks and 1 day all returned to normal for me - love all fooeds again, no vomiting etc normal business has resumed but i have not forgotten the crazyness of the first few weeks.

All the best hun!
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Thanks for dropping by ! *waves*

Im glad to know its all normal, but still.. 4+5 is still earlier than 6wks! Im so scared all the time.

Iv had a few cramps today but nothing major. I just keep getting out of breath quickly and all hot!!
We did our food shop this evening and we bought nothing LOL. well hardly anything.. i was just wandering around thinking.. ohh that looks... eurgh gag. Changed my mind LOL
Everything is just feeling odd. I cant help but think this is all in my head.. i found out friday and then this all kicked in sunday?


I managed my first full meal this evening.. horah!
Im quite tired tonight.

I told my boss on the phone yesterday evening. At first her response was positive, however i think its hit her that shes got some sorting out to do.. and has since ignored me all day. . and im rather peeved as i only told her because id need help with all the heavy equipment we have. Well i shouldn't have bothered telling her.. as she didnt give me any extra help or bother asking how i was with lifting, how i felt about it. :( she seemed very off all day. Il give it a few days, if she doesnt get over it i'l have to pull her aside and ask her what her problem is.. as we are the only two staff in 3 days a week with no one else to bounce off of. . im not spending the next 8 months working in that atmosphere.. cos i love my job far too much!



big bear

A bear on a mission!
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Hey just popped by to say the eating thing is natural & the sickness. I was not sick with Ryan but when I was pregnant with Eryn sick all the time didn't fancy anything. Had cravings of chips with salt & vinegar apparently this isn't uncommon. i then got cravings for ice, crunching it, I went through a 2kg bag in one night & I'd have a hissy fit if I knew my ice was getting low lol

I put on about 1.5 stones all in all and like Sarah only got my appetite back at around 8 months preggers. Don't stress too much about your weight & eat as healthily as possible. If you fancy a cream bun etc have it but not all day every day lol. My best mate is preggers at the mo & she's craving cake badly.

As I said over on the other thread speak to your boss in a few days, there's nothing worse than an atmosphere.

I know you said you want a water birth but go with an open mind as it all doesn't quite work out that way.

With Ryan I had to have an epidural & had 3rd degree tears (he was 10lb 4oz) & with Eryn I didn't have a thing was in labour 5.5 hours & the MW said I was really calm throughout until the end. I never put on my birth story here but what happened was they had to break my waters half an hour later H went for a fag (naughty) & the MW went to see someone else & I'd the urge to push & out popped her head. The MW came in the nick of time got me up on the bed & she was out within 5 mins. She was 9lb 1oz & I did that all naturally & had no tears. Unfortunately my placenta wouldn't deliver & I ended up in theatre to have it removed.

All I'm saying is just keep your options open.
Just thought i would say hi and congratulations, my due date is 17th August, and i have a little girl who is 7 months old too lol. No morning sickness as yet. Only found out on Saturday, really lucky as we hadnt been trying that long.
I also have a son who is 19 and another daughter who is sixteen.
Going to the doctors on Thursday.
Feel quite tired at the minute so trying to take it easy. I am also not sleeping at the minute, i am still off work until 1st March will then need to tell my boss that i will be finishing again in August ( dont think they will be pleased but nevermind)
Take Care
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Oh my goodness your 1 day ahead of me, how fab!! Thanks for stopping by.

thanks for sharing bigbear.. im more than aware things may not go to plan!! so whilst i would like a waterbirth, im certain i wont be that lucky. I really want to stay as calm as possible throughout all my pregnancy and hope that i can curve my panic attacks and chlostraphobia by the time i give birth.

Im finding myself really breathless with the odd chest pain. I will mention this when i see midwife next month.

I weighed in a fatclub tonight. Iv been to class the last 2 weeks but not weighed as i didnt want to see the massive gains i knew i had. I last weighed at 10st 8 last thurs when weighing on my home scales which are never more than 1lb out either way.. and i weighed in at 10st 0.5 a lb.. im suprised because eatings not been good, but not because lack of food=lack of calories= loosing weight!!

i feel very nautious tonight, i made the mistake of treating myself to a curry. I now feel very sick. . proberly because its the only full plate iv eaten in days.

Im 5 weeks tomorrow and i'm glad to be along one more week. :) if that makes any sence. Each week will be a little milestone, and a little closer to 12 weeks. I cant wait to see my baby.

Now. Am i being silly.. or has my very low down, almost ladygarden place gone all hard already? its deffinatly noticebly hard when poked *chuckles*

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Your hormones will kick in as soon as the egg gets fertilised. I stopped sleeping through the night before I knew I was pregnant (and haven't slept through since!). Luckily didn't suffer on the sickness except for a couple of times when I'd over indulged. So any sort of typical changes can happen at any point from now onwards.

I hope you've sorted things with your boss. Not sure if it's a bigger outfit overall or a very small company but regardless, you have your own health to think of and heavy lifting is a no no and she should know that if she's in a management position. If it is a bigger company then chat to occupational health if you have one, otherwise your boss needs to cover this, and if she just ignores you or makes you feel uncomfortable then you can write a letter of complaint as you're being treated differently due to your condition.

Fact is, if it hadn't been for the heavy lifting you'd not have had to tell her until you were 25 weeks so you've done her a favour in the long run.

Try different foods for your nausea, you may find something that makes it easier. Ginger is said to work, Sainsburys has nice stem ginger biscuits which I liked (not sure if the worked but they tasted nice!). Ginger tea is good too, but I couldn't stand that! Also ginger ale/beer, just check it's the alcohol free version ;)
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Sarah! The nausia seems to have more or less stopped the last 3 days..

Its all a bit odd. When i get my cramps and that dull ache.. im like 'this feels poo!' but then it stops and im hoping it'l come back so i know its in there! lol.

I just cant wait to be a bit further along. I want to see my baby so bad. :(

i'm 5+2 today. Its still SO early... I lost 3 lbs this week (WI was wednesday) through lack of food i suspect.. but my appetite has come back since the nausia stopped.. and with a xmas function almost everyday, and 2 meals tomorrow.. i think its safe to say unless im lucky this week will result in a gain, as will next week as i will have NO control over food at all whilst away with OH's family. Will have to get serious with sw come new year to really get on top of it.

My bessie popped 16 days ago, lost 1st 5lbs the wed after she gave birth, and then another 5.5 this week.. meaning shes back to her pre-preg weight thanks to sw in two flipping weeks. Gawd i hope im that lucky!!!

I went out for our xmas works do last night, i had a fab time despite being very sober and my boss has taken an interest in me again.. which is nice. Shes also helping a bit more with the equipment.. but as theres only two of us, theres only so much she can do on her own. I did quite a big peice on my own and when she realised she did say ' your not supposed to be lifting!' .. and i thought, great.. atleast you are noticing!
and i feel we all broke boundaries with her last night in terms of the boss-employee relationship and it was nice to see her true side. Shes such a lovley person of her own accord, but as a business woman she sucks LOL.

I wore my size 10 skinny jeans and a very 'boobs ahoy' top as my OH put it. I figured it was proberly the last time they'd see the light of day for a long time now.. and as skinny jeans are snug as they are.. i doubt in a few weeks they will button up. It was almost a bit sad... RIP size 10 body!

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