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If at first you don't succeed....

I'm back.
Having seen a nice steady weight loss late last year, I've put it all back on (and more) over Christmas.

So I'm back again and need to stay on track. I'll be following slimming world extra easy and see how I get on but I have been known in the past to fluctuate quite often between weight watchers and slimming world. Here's hoping I find myself at home long term with extra easy!

2/9/11- 14 stone 9 NEW START WEIGHT!

9/9/11- 14 stone 6 (loss of 3)
16/9/11 - stayed the same (star week)
23/9/11- 14 stone 4 (loss of 2)









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started off quite well today I think. I spent an absolute fortune on food, but I think I got about 2 weeks worth of dinners so I feel a little better about that.

I'm not hungry at all which is great and what I was worried about.

banana and muller light

jacket potato and beans

sweet and sour sauce (3.5 syns for half a jar) with chicken, veg and rice. Dessert was pudding rice boiled up with a splash of milk, fruit and a muller light

H.extra A

H.extra B
cashew nuts

not too bad at all. Only thing I'm a little worried about is the amount of money I spent on food! why is healthy food so much more expensive. nevermind its all for a good cause
Tuesday 11th January 2011
Day 2 went well also, I was having dinner at Mum's last night but thank goodness she is really getting into the extra easy plan herself...even though she doesn't need to lose any weight and is at a totally healty BMI she does not eat properly, she picks and rarely eats meals so she is enjoying proper meals following the extra easy plan- I am just encouring her to use up her syns so this is more of a healthy eating plan to maintain her weight and improve her eating habits.

I also went to the pictures last night to see The King's Speech (which was absolutly brilliant) and all I took in to the pictures with me was a bottle of water (it used to be a latte and a big bag of wine gums).

Anyway, the food went as follows...

plum, pear

Chicken stir fry and boiled rice

mash, syn free sausage, peas, gravy (1 syn), syn-free rice pudding and fat free yogurt


No healthy extra B today

I also had a sneak on the scales, which I'm cursing myself for, but I am also pleased as things seem to be moving. But thats the last time I will step on the scales until weigh day on monday or I will end up ruining it for myself again
I was so tempted to jump on the scales last night, but my brother has unintentionally hidden them somewhere and I really am not that bothered about finding them. I'm really hoping for a nice surprise at weigh-in next Monday!

As for the expense of 'healthy' food - it totally depends what you're getting! Yes, fresh meat and fish are expensive, but frozen multipacks of, say, chicken breasts/fish fillets are often much better value. I have never really been one for ready meals, and find that buying a load of veg and making a huge pot of soup is a lot cheaper than buying fresh soup from the shops, and staples like rice/pasta/pulses are much cheaper if you buy them dry and cook them yourself, as opposed to buying them pre-prepared. What will push up the price of your shop is things like the jar of sweet and sour that you mentioned in your first post.

Hope that helps!

yes thanks. You are right, doing it yourself always works out cheaper. I was just having a moan about the fresh meat that I bought (and have ended up freezing anyway so I could have just bought from the freezer section to start with and saved some pennies)

Yesterday went well, but I did use up 10.5 syns!!!! which I know I'm allowed to but I'm actually cursing myself for what I used it on, I grabbed a couple of slices of soreen while I was waiting for tea to cook, I had plums, pears, apples, bananas, kiwi- but no, I grabbed a tiny bit of soreen that cost me 10 syns- never mind, I enjoyed it!

banana and plum

Chicken stir fry and rice
FF yogurt

Pasta, vegetables, chicken, bacon, tomatoes, ratatouille (0.5 syn), Soreen (10 syns), FF yogurt

Healthy extra A

No healthy extra B again! (I could have had a couple of slices of nimble instead of that flaming soreen lol)
Fresh meat and fish is such an expense! I moan about it all the time, too! Fortunately I'm a fan of pulses so am quite happy to forego meat for chickpeas and lentils!
Thursday 13th January 2011

I caved in and ate soreen again!!! (at least its gone out the cupboard now)

plum and banana

yogurt, pasta, passata, bacon, vegetables
syn free wedges, gammon, poached egg, soreen (5 syns), ketchup (1 syn)
**that dinner is actually really bad, no veg at all- oops**

HE-A milk
HE-B nimble bread
there's been a gap since I lost my 5 pound. I had a mid-week glitch whereby everyone around me decided to join weight watchers and convinced me to come along. I've done weight watchers before but obviously with this new propoints thing I had no idea how to do it anymore and as my friends and family were all about to start on ww and I thought its always much nicer having people to share the journey with...I went along. Got the lowdown on the new plan, got my daily and weekly points etc etc got the new books and got myself a tracker....
I started tracking and realised that although ww has worked for me in the past and I've only ever regained about 10 pounds of the 3 stone I lost on weigh watchers about 5 years ago (I never managed to get to goal though obviously)...any ww does not agree with me anymore. My mind is slimming world trained now and as a result I really ended up upsetting myself over it that after losing 5 pounds I was so easily persuaded to try another diet and I actually feel as if I've put on as well

so back to slimming world now, tail between my legs again! I know I shouldnt do this but I am not going to weigh in on monday....I'm starting again today on the slimming world plan and I will go back the following monday.

propoints is totally crap! Slimming world encourages much healthier eating and I'm really annoyed with myself for thinking the grass was greener cos I've been eating all sorts of weight watchers biscuits and all that

sorry for the big essay. but felt I had to get it off my chest.... even from wednesday I was thinking "what have i done, SW works for you, what are you doing, you're eating like a pig using all your daily and weekly points when you could have a big plate of syn free wedges and fish fillet and peas for no syns at all!

because i was thinking that way of "what are you doing" i kept thinking "right back to sw tomorrow, I'll have to tell the gang on minimims what I've done and get back to it....so I'll just have this last curly wurly then get back on it tomorrow"
but tomorrow has only just arrived 4 days later

never let me sway to "the dark side" again
hello every one and good luck ,i am on sw easy and find it suits me i am slow and steady but will get their soon,lol
to remind me to stick to it and stop me swaying off I'm recording, for all to see, a provisional food plan for the week. lets see how close i stick to the actual plan, I have a habit of swaying away from food plans...

breakfast- fruit and yogurt
lunch- cous cous and vegetable curry
dinner- pasta, meatballs and sauce

breakfast- fruit and yogurt
lunch- cous cous and veg curry
dinner- tuna, sweetcorn, fromage frais, jacket potato

breakfast- fruit and yogurt
lunch- beans and jacket potato
dinner- gammon, potato, grilled tomato, mushrooms, egg

breakfast- fruit and yogurt
lunch- rice and chick pea dahl
dinner- chicken, noodles, chilli

breakfast- fruit and yogurt
lunch- rice and chick pea dahl
dinner- salmon fillet, rice, vegetables OR chicken and vegetables

breakfast- fruit
lunch- beans on toast
dinner- chicken curry or chilli and rice

breakfast- porridge and fruit
lunch- ham and mushroom omlette
dinner- pork steak, potato vegetables
so todays food went as follows....you'd probably all agree dinner was a little on the large side, but it was all free food but I'm not sure if I've overdone it a bit- I enjoyed it though I must say

2 bananas, pear

cous cous, vegetable curry, fat free yogurt

syn free home made brocoli soup (delish!)
pasta, red pesto 1 teaspoon (2 syns), mushrooms, salmon, mackeral
banana, fat free yogurt

HEA- skimmed milk
HEB- weetabix

the soup rocked though, really pleased with it, taking some to work for lunch tomorrow
and just in case anyone is interested in my soup recipe, to make a big pan just follow this recipe

Brocoli soup

1 large onion chopped and sweated in fry light
4 small/medium potatoes diced
1 whole head of brocoli
2 veg oxos made up with 2 pints of boiling water and added to the pan
salt and pepper

boil it all up, whiz it all up til smooth, enjoy, it looks creamy and tastes creamy but there is no fat in it at all
Not too bad at all yesterday really, I used some syns but only 7.

banana, plum, pear

Brocoli soup (syn free), FF yogurt, vegetables mixed in fromage frais on a wrap (6.5)

2 jacket potatoes, tuna mixed with fromage frais and salt and pepper, lots of salad veggies. FF yogurt

HEA- milk
HEB- weetabix 2
today went as follows (26th January)

banana, yogurt

jacket potato, tuna, salad

noodles, pork, chicken, veg, sweet chilli sauce (1 syn) oil (2 syns)

not sure if its a good idea to actually list what happened yesterday.........
you know what I'm going to assume that yesterday all weekly syns and more were used on wine
I am paying now though!

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