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JanD's Maintenance Diary. Week 15 onwards


maintaining since June'09
Refeeding is here .. (JanD on the refeeding bus.)http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-ref...eding-bus.html (JanD on the refeeding bus.)

and the first week of maintenance I was on holiday ... http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-ref...y-diary-o.html (What sad person keeps a 'holiday' diary :eek:( ....)

and then 5 more weeks ... http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-mai...t-6-weeks.html (JanD's Maintenance Journal. The 1st 6 weeks.)

then up to week 14 ...

So - here's a new start after my jollies! I've about 3lbs to lose to get back where I want to be.

I've been in bed all day today. Had a fig when I got up. For tea I've had 3 slices of roasted pork loin with salad and a fat free Italian dressing. Will probably have some fruit later. Tonight I'm having a few voddies with diet coke - you see it's my duty to toast Tanya's big bingo win and her graduation tomorrow ;) xx
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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
:giggle: Make sure you have one for me Jan seeing as i cant! :sigh: xx


maintaining since June'09


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
:giggle: didnt take much persuading mrs!! LOL


maintaining since June'09
:crazy: :party0027: :party0027: :party0027: :drunk: :giggle:


maintaining since June'09
Thanks Mary ... Just tonight & tomorrow then back in work for me too! xx


maintaining since June'09
Granola with blueberries & ff fromag frais for breakie.

Ham salad with a little coleslaw for lunch

A couple of bites of chicken when I was preparing a plate for mum's tea.

Tonight I wasn't hungry - in the end I had half a tub of cottage cheese with onion & chives and 2 oatcakes which I only had because I was having few voddies and diet cokes and thought I should eat something.

Drank - about a litre of water, black coffees and those v&dc's xx

Editing to add - another oatcake with some houmous on, an extra spoonful of houmous and a spoonful of egg & bacon sandwich filler ..... :(
OH! And a Tia Maria & diet coke :eek: (Oooops ;)) xx
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Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Jan

Just caught up with your posts.....oh you and that Mary are a right boozy pair ;-)!! haha.....

When do you weigh in this week? I am a bit lost and all over the place? Do you feel you are getting on track again? You seem to be, apart from the V&DC's ;-)...just pulling your leg :)


maintaining since June'09
Ha Ha! I emptied the vodka bottle last night and so finished off with a Tia Maria .... NOT a good idea sugar wise but still .........

Iris I weigh on Monday. I was lucky enough to pull back my holiday gain to just 1.4lbs with tfring on maintenance products for 2 days but that still leaves me about 3lbs over where I want to be because I had that little gain before I went. Sorry if I'm repeating myself.

Mind you - if today's anything to go by I won't be losing it all that quickly!! We took 2 of the grandchildren out for their tea so I had a chip, a bit of batter off a fish, a bite of garlic bread (GOD! Why am I such a 'picker'!) And that might not have been so bad but last week I gave my son some bramleys, pears and rhubarb out of the garden and when we took the boys home his husband gave me 2 boxes with apple and rhubarb crumble to take home ...... well I HAD to taste both didn't I?? It really WOULD have been rude not to! I needn't have had the 2 big spoons of each that I had but it was VERY nice - if a little sweet.... I could feel each spoonful settling on my hips ;) :)

Anyway - today's food .. Wed 23rd Sept

Breakie - Granola, blueberries & ff from frais

Lunch - Salad with a tin of sardines in BBQ sauce (wouldn't recommend these :eek:)

All of the above 'pickings'

Tea - Baked salmon, roasted tomatoes & courgettes and asparagus.

Work - I've brought a cottage cheese with onion & chives salad. I haven't brought anything else. I managed at the weekend with just a maintenance bar in the night. The more I bring the more I eat, the more I eat the more I want, so I'm going to try to just have the one 'meal' and leave it at that. xx
I am exactly the same Jan, the more I take to work, the more I eat, and so on. I too am best sticking to a small lunch box for work.

The crumble sounds devine - mmm a little bit of egg custard - swoon.


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Jan

eh- you are not doing that bad really when you think of it......if only 3lbs from what you want to be...gosh, that is nothing really in the grand scheme of things. Just remember you are still maintaining...BUT, just think how much better you would be if you would stop your picking !!! ;-)!!! Yes, little pickers wear big knickers.....haha...had to throw that one in for a laugh.

On the whole Jan, I think you eat very wisely and healthily; you have just got that little nibbly demon now and again, but I think because you are nibbling you want to keep on..so, I think Mary is right about only taking what you think you will need when working. I know if I brought nibbles into work I would eat them all. If I dont have it, I dont eat it. So, wee experiment I think coming from you there :)...

I tried, once again, and failed to get LF FF!!! I cant get it in Sainsbury's so will try and go elsewhere for it. I just got natural yoghurt in the end as I was getting frustrated, but I wont have a lot anyway but it is nice to have FF. I will hopefully have another look in Sainsbury's near work and see if they have it.

I need to update my posts and let everyone know how I am doing, but finding time so precious at the minute, and I would rather reply to others posts :)

Well, look forward to seeing how you do on Monday, as like me! Who knows,,,gain or loss.....whichever I am prepared for :)

Take care


maintaining since June'09
Yes Iris - As I said to Mary the more I bring the more I eat - just coz it's there and then the more I want after that! So last weekend and now 2 nights this week I've just brought one 'meal' and no snacks.

Thurs 24th Sept

Breakie when got home this morning. - 2 weetabix, blueberries, splenda and skimmed milk and 1 oatcake with hummus (must learn how to spell that - don't think I've spelt it the same way twice Lol!)

Bed all day

Fresh fig when I got up.

Tea - Lidl's Pollock with broccoli topping, cauli & broccoli followed by 1 sm desertspoon of that apple crumble, another of the rhubarb one and one of custard. Then MY dessert :eek: a pear cut up with ff from frais.
Sorry you can't get that Iris - I never have any trouble, they have it in all the supermarkets. They're big tubs - about 500g I think though I think you can get smaller ones. In tesco & sainsbury they're with the natural yoghurts, in asda they're near the cottage cheeses & things. Hope you find some!

Work - I've brought a mixed salad with a small tin of pilchards in tomato sauce.

When I woke up today I had to go downstairs to let the dog out because she'd been on her own all day. While I was waiting for her I got on the scales and was very pleased to see I'd lost 2.8lbs since Monday! I didn't think I'd been THAT good. Maybe I still had some water retention from the flight, maybe it was a blip and it'll be back on monday :eek: but it gave me a bit of a boost and added incentive not to pick! (though I still had that crumble :eek:) xx

Edited to add 2 thornton's chocolates & a little bo of raisins in work :eek: x
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well done jan, its amazing how we can reign ourselves back in! i weighed today and sts so i'm sure what i put on last weekend i've lost, but want to try and lose from now to wedding,
well done again ;)
Well done on your loss Jan, just shows it can be done when we think about the foods we take to work - lol, you are exactly like me. If I took 4 slices of bread and filling, 3 cakes, 2 packs of crisps and a few biscuits - I know I would eat every morsel lol


maintaining since June'09
Thank you both - and well done Nicola, I knew you'd be okay :) ...

I must say though I'm beginning to wonder what's going on with me and my eating habits. It's not just in work I eat things because they're there! When I got to Mum's this morning I cut a slice off a little tray of stuffing she had left over from her tea the other night (it was a portion of Sainsbury's pork, sage & onion from the hot food counter) I tore a little corner off a piece of bread while her toast was doing and I broke a tiny corner off one side of a custard cream .... I mean - I ask you - what's that about???? Crazy!

Breakie when I got home - 2 weetabix, blueberries, splenda & skimmed milk then an oatcake with hummous (thought I'd try a different spelling again ;)) - I didn't need the oatcake now did I?!

Bed all day - When I got up I had the end off DH's chippie fish and about 4 or 5 chips :( Then I had a pear cut up with cottage cheese & pineapple and later a nectarine with ff fromage frais.

Went to Mum's before work where I ended up polishing off the rest of that stuffing with a teaspoonful of light mayo. ...... **sigh**

I've brought a sachet of Lloyd Grossman's chicken & vegetable soup to have in the night and I'm going to resist those Thornton's chocs if it kills me!!!! ;)

I'm really hoping that I eventually settle into some sort of healthy eating pattern - this picking isn't good :( xx

Edited to add - had a piece of bread and I can't believe it's not butter AND ..... I didn't manage to resist the Thornton's :(:(:( - only had 1 though :(
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Jan jan jan .. what we guna do about yer picking?! LOL A corner of a custard cream ...!!!!!! :rotflmao: still, least youve got some control ... only 1 thorntons chocolate ... i would have had to of had atleast 10!!!! :giggle:

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