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Jenny's Core Diary - Back and with a new target!

Hi, I thought i'd introduce myself as today is my first day following the core plan online. I've done slimming world on and off in the past, which has been succesful, but I needed a change and ended up here!

Today's menu is:

B: Fruit Salad (Strawberries, Nectarine and Raspberries)
L: Egg, Chips, Mushrooms & Tomatoes
D: Stuffed Chicken (chicken breast stuffed with Extra light soft cheese, wrapped in bacon), leeks, brocolli & New potatoes
S: Sugar free jelly & raspberries
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G: 10st7lb
Hi and welcome

I am doing core as well, been doing it for 4 weeks now. I am sure you will get on very well with it. Your menu sounds fantastic, very healthy and filling.

Good luck sweetie.:)
Today's menu is:

B: Weetabix, raspberries & Milk
L: Salad (chicken, red onion, peppers, boiled egg)
D: Chicken, Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes, Brocolli

Later i'll be jogging too. Got a 10k in October to train for.
Today it is:

B: Yoghurt & Banana
L: Salad with Prawns, peppers, cherry tomatoes, new potatoes & Red onion
S: Banana & Apple
D: Egg, Chips, beans & mushrooms. Strawberries for pudding

Was starving when I got home yesterday as my train was delayed so didn't get home till 8 hours after my lunch and there's only so much space an apple and banana can fill!

So far I'm finding the core plan really good, but because I'm cooking from scratch each night I have loads of washing up to do!
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Hi and welcome, I am doing core too - so far I like it, hope you get on well with it.
Thanks - So far i've been finding it fine, which is great. I'm looking forward to getting my freezer replaced so I can cook in bulk again and cook up all my delicious recipes (they were sin-free on Slimming world, so should all be core too!).
Well my haircut last night took longer than i thought, so I had to eat my dinner on the train home instead. I opted for a salad from M&S with crab and king prawns, and then I also had a couple of cooked chicken drumsticks (skin removed) and a tub of pineapple. I figured that the only thing that I had that wouldn't have been core would be the dressing (chilli & mango) and I would count that as 1 point to be safe. It was a delicious salad though - just not quite enough to hit the sides for dinner, especially as i was starving!

Today then it's:
B: Banana (running late & all I had time to grab)
L: Chicken Drumsticks & big fruit salad
S: Banana & Apple
D: Chicken Curry & Brown Rice. Strawberries for dessert
Chicken Curry:

Brown Strips of chicken in a pan, then add sliced ginger and chopped garlic. Add sliced mushrooms, onions, tin of tomatoes, curry powder, tumeric and coriander then leave to simmer. Cook for about 10 minutes until cooked then remove from the heat and stir through a few table spoons of low-fat natural yoghurt and then serve with rice.

I usually make it with King Prawns (added towards the end of cooking), which is delicious, or veggies. Actually this recipe works with just about anything you want to chuck at it!
Well yesterday i was a bit all over the place as i hadn't got myself organised for anything food wise. I was still good though, got a chicken wrap from a lovely place where the food is all wholesome and un-meddled with, so just a tortilla wrap to count for points. For dinner I met up with a friend and I stuck to a chicken and pasta salad with a diet coke while she had delicious looking pie and mash with a goblet of wine. I felt very virtuous sticking to my plan when normally i would've allowed myself to be flexible and have it.

Going jogging tonight, so that'll earn me some more points ready for a busy drunken weekend. No idea what i'm eating today yet either, but i'm going to waitrose at lunch so I should be able to pick up something delicious and fine on core. I've avoided the mass of croissants and pastries in the office this morning in favour of a bunch of grapes - hard, but pastries are so not worth the points!!!


Im just me!
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Hello Jen,
lovely to have you here with us,sounds like your doing well,you will have to let me no your wi result monday as my wi is monday evening x
Ok, bit of a catch up.

Friday I ended up throwing my lunch all over my in a packed park (ham and pea salad), then got stuck on a train home so for dinner all i had was pasta and pesto (1 point).

On saturday I was out with friends for a birthday, so I used my points on a burger, a piece of cake and several glasses of wine.

On Sunday I was too hungover to move to managed some pasta and pesto (1 point) and then I made some chips - not bad food wise but i didn't get enough veg in, not that i could face it yesterday though!

Today was my WI and I lost 5lbs. I'm so pleased as i haven't struggled at all.

Today I have a pasta salad for lunch and a chicken stir fry for dinner tonight.


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wow Jen
5lbs down, thats fantastic,well done!
I am starting core next week, giving it a go anyway, and Ill see how I get on.
Ill be reading your diary with interest. the curry sounds fab, will deffo try that out!
how long have you been doing core?
keep up the great work!
I've only been doing it for a week, but I've found it really easy so far. I much prefer to know what foods I can eat rather than counting points, just works better in my head that way!
I'm crossing my fingers for next week - i'm not expecting losses as big as this week as it was my first week, but i'm not going out eating and drinking at the weekend, so i'm staying positive.

B: Alpen light bar (1 point) & Banana
L: Potato salad with bacon, carrots, onion, pepper and 0 point honey & mustard dressing + apple
D: Stir fry with Chicken, mushrooms, stir fry veg, egg noodles and Thai seasoning.

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