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Priya's diary

Hey evry1, i'm priya and am studyin at uni atm...finally i can do sumat to take ma mind off food lol...dint av a laptop for the past two weeks was a nitemare...ad to buy a nu one onli got around to orderin a nu one lst week...started the CD last sunday, had my weigh in yday onli lost 4 pounds which was disappointing but guess was my own fault..ended up aving a sandwhich and a curry....was dreadful...felt soo bad afterwards...:(..its orrible coz i kno i can do it i did it before i strted uni nd it wrked n i lost quite a bit was a size 16 went to a 8-10....bt its js dat bit mre difficult at uni...lol....sowii for the reli long thread its been quiite a while since i was last on a forum lol so nt reli sure wt to put in the first post lol....

weight lst sunday was 11.04
weigh in yday was 11.0 and lost 5 inches off ma waist, ma waist was originally 41 nw it is 36...js reli wnt the weight to cme off fast...:(...got damn exams as well which dnt reli elp rite nw lol tho guess it does stop me frm goin out n dat lol....

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aww hi! good luck, am sure you can lose it all again!
aww thnku....i hpe soo too...:) ma aim is to losse abt 2 and a half stones...see hw it goes iv strteed goiin to the gym this week bt its relii hard i aint been to the gym in quite sumtym so i am outa practice lol....bt see if it elps me in anyway losing a bit mre this week....gta exam 2moro reli nt lukin forwrd to it at all..:( hate exams they are the wrst ting eva nx to tryin to lose weight quckly and effectively lol....hw ru?
hpe ur kk..? :) wish u all the best tooo with ur diet..
Thank you shanny, lol i blumin need it...lol both for the exams and the diet....can u shake the shakes that you make with a spoon coz i dnt av a whisk...:S
js wonderin...
kk so i dnt kno hw to mke the shakes or whether i can use a spoon for it n also i am findin it kinda difficult in drinkin all dat water, ne tips of how to finish it off without feelin yuckky fied... ? lool...i try to space it out durin da day bt it rarely appens lol i do manaage to finish off one 2 litere bottle its usually the 2nd one that i struggle with lol.....it feels soo nyc wen i am feelin thirsty tho js nt as nyc wen i am strtin to feel full of water lol....
omg i ate n i was doin soo well this week as well i actually thrt i wud last this week as well..:(....went to ma mates friend and ended up eatin tho it was a small portion dnt kno hw much its gna affect the scales at weigh in, tho i av been to the gym three tymz this week so mayb it won't b dat bad...dnt knoo...:S ma weigh in is on sunday u tink i cud lose wt i ate todai if i went bk to ss for the nx few days until weigh in?? :(....:'( im fine wen im js in ma room n goin to n fro exams n lectures bt its wen im at mates thats the hardest ting abt uni lol well probz for evry1 relii lol wen they out and abt at least wen ur home u can focus on keepin ur kitchen free of food so u aint tempted to eat then.....:S...bit worried nw...n me being broke money is kinda tite i reli wnted to lose the weight quickly so wudnt av to b on it for that long...:(....got abt 2 stones to lose....onli lost 4 pounds in ma first week which was last week..oh i am soo disappointed in maself sorii for the rant ppl....:(.....gt ne tips to lose wt i ate 2dai lol
thnx shanny will try n go n buy one js been kinda busy with exams n dat....lol
i weighed myself todai on two diff scales and both of them sed that i am closer to 10 stone...so im tinkin both of them cnt b lyin...tho i am goin to officially wait til my weigh in on sunday to find out if i have defoo lost anything at all....i don't think i av lost nemore inches tho...as weneva i look at maself in the mirror i dnt seem to see neting different frm last week wher i lost 5 inches off ma waist...i hpe i av lost sum as i do wna lose bth weight and the inches bt the inches mre then neting....:(....hpe all the rest of u all doin well on ur diets...sum of ur diaries are interestin to read and it is great to do so many ppl doin so well nd being honest abt their lil hiccups...it motivates me...bt do feel free to post in ere as i need all the wrds of motivation that i need rite nw...:)....thnku ppl
the reason y i joined this forum was because it had a thread about this diet and also it was coz i read ppl's diaries and i saw the wrds of motivation cumin frm others in ppl's diaries...i cud reli do with that rite nw plz..:D thnkuu very much...iv been tryin to drink lots of water since ydays hiccup n i av stuk to the shakes 2dai...:D two mre days til weigh in....


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aw, hi again! love your diary, but its hard to read sometimes! haha!

anyway, you are doing great girl, to diet during exams is a great achievement, just make sure you have all your shakes and water so you dont mess up your revision. well done on losing 4lbs, that is brilliant, you dont have much to lose so I am sure you will get there soon.

i have had a really good week this week, but am looking forward to my meal on sat night.
i am so sorrry,....i know i do sumtimes write in slang its all that msn and txin that i have got into slang writing..lol and it is kinda hard to get out of the habit...i promise i will try to type propaly...:$....aww that is relii gd i am relii pleased for u and i av posted this in ur thread too....it is nice to have people riting in my thread as it does help me a great deal..so many people have read it but they have not posted in ere..:(...i do neeed people tellin me off wen i av cheated on a day as that helps me too...:$...i dnt mind ne critisms from people as that helps too....:D.... thanks for your post leeds123,..:) mwahz
:$ im soz shanny lool.....i weighed 11stone 4 pounds last sunday wen i strted the diet and wen i got weighed the sunday that has gone i lost 4 pounds...and i reli want to get down to about 8 and a half stones.....:$.....:(... mwahz
I tried the choc mint wher you have to make it, didnt have a whisk so spent lyk a gd 10-15 mins stirring it with a spoon still had bits of powder in it bt i drank it anyway coz my hand was startin to get tired lol....not the greatest drink out there but i found it wasn't that hard to drink it in one of those big glasses...tho didn't taste all that...yuk had better....lol....oh well see how it goes...the thing with those make your own shakes is that they are cheaper but just a lil bit harder to make and that whereas that ready made ones you just drink it straight out of the carton just bit pricier....:S...but the ones you make did fill me up so i gues they are probz the better option lol...i i havent tried any of the soups or porridges yet,...ne recommendations? tc mwahz
hmm how long do you think it would take then for me to lose that much...and this week i haven;t realii noticed any loss on my waist...:( i hope i have lost a lil bit...oh i was sayn sorry for the slang typo that i seem to do on ere....its just that i am so used to writiin in slang and leeds sed she sumtymz found it hard to read so thort it mite b the same for you lol..:$ mwahz
i started off with the powder shakes for about 2 months then moved over to the ready made tetra's now so much handy to have when out.!

soups i lurrvvvvve leek & pototo ONLY!!

porrides apple and cinamion (sp) lovelyyy too. but everyones taste is different.! x
I understand it!! i was laughing at poor Leeds bless ya.!!! if u stayed on ss a few months, but u will have to go up the plans when near goal.x
ahh rite...yh kk i get you...lol orite....:$ oops thrt u cudnt understand it eitha lol..yh the ready made ones are a lot better as they are small enuf to put in ur bag wen u are out and abt...tho i havent relii told ne1 abt the diet that i am on...:$ as i want them to notice ne differences on me themselves without me tellin them that i am tryin to lose weight nd plus i also dnt wna tell no1 js in case it doesnt work i dnt wnt them lafin at me sayin yet anotha diet failed...:(...wna keep it a secret and then suprise them hehe...:p if it works n that....yh i get wt u are sayin a few months bt the ting is i cnt reli afford it for much longer lol...most of ma loan has gone on rent grr lol....i js hpe that it will wrk and that i will have lost quite a bit if nt to ma goal by the tym i go home for the summer hols...even tho i am not goin nowher for the hols lol js thrt it wud b nyc to lose weight and b slim again...lol... mwah
yeah know what u mean only my mum knows me on cd.!!

no one will ever know how ive lost my weight, it shocks ppl still how much ive shrink.!! lol

Stick to it chick u will be a skinny minnie for the summer.!! it will be so worth it honestly.!

the feeling of wearing size 10-12 clothes is amazing.!!

cd is pricey but all worth the money chick, how old are u ?

me being nosey now? im at uni too 1 day a week, finish in 2 weeks ooohhh YES!!! lol

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