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question for consolidation peeps


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What do you have as your Celebration meals? According to the official website I should be reaching consolidation on the 14th June, my birthday is the 15th June and I would really like to go for dinner to celebrate, I know its forever away but I was planning on having a Prawn Cocktail starter or breaded mushrooms, Lasagne, coleslaw and salad for main and Cheesecake for dinner as well as a large glass of wine!!! Talk about planning in advance! As consolidation goes is this acceptable as a celebration meal???
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I'm also planning my first celebration meal - conso is only a few weeks away for me, and I plan to do the celebration about two weeks after starting (too much else going on right now!)

As far as I am aware the only rule for celebrations is eat anything, exactly what you want - - cocktail, three course including desert, and wine but no second helpings of any of it.

And only one celebration a week until you are half way through conso.
Me and my hubby are already planning our first celebration meal and it's 2 months away! In fact I'm already dreaming about it...actually I'm dreaming about shredded wheat for some reason! My fave brekkie!


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What will (either of) you do if you're not at goal on the given date? That's the danger with those sort of plans! "Irishchub" - 8lbs in 5 weeks is probably doable if you stick to it, but Runnerbean 9.8K in 2 months is probably pushing it (although I see that your BMI is normal now, so...)!

Still it's nice to have something like that to work towards... and it's our carrot to keep us on the straight and narrow in Cruise...

So let's get to conso!


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Its really not an option for me to have not lost the 8lb by then lol! I've spent the last year and a half at 10stone without my weight changing unless by a couple of pounds up and half a pound down so I have total faith that i'll be at conso by then!! If not then i'll be close enough that I'll still have my birthday treat! Its really important to me that I still LIVE iykwim? And reading the book I think the doc agrees with that sentiment! lol - If im not at conso then I think i'll enjoy my birthday and then get back on the wagon the next day as suggested, thats the back up plan anyway!
If I'm not at weight then I'll just keep going, the hubby is away for a month with work when our "date" falls so wouldn't be the end of the world, as I'd wait to celebrate anyway. And if I'm not at target then I should be somewhere pretty close and that is achievement itself :)

The weight and length of time is what the website told me, I'm hoping that as I do exercise regularly then it'll achievable. Fingers crossed!


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The funny thing is that my celebration foods have changed over the month - to begin with I dreamed it would be Fish and Chips, a Thai Restaurant or a champagne tea at the Goring Hotel

But none of those things appeal as much now as they did then, and I am actual planning steak (with wine and a desert).
We're planning steak too, which is funny as it's very similar to the majority of the foods we're allowed to eat now! Is that our tastes changing for the better do you think? Although hubby has his heart set on baked camembert...not sure Dr Dukan would approve! But he said we could have what we like!

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