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diary of angie-bum, first time mum


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Hello all! had been worried because of stomach cramps and spotting so had my first scan today and saw little mr/miss bean for the 1st time. Could see the heart beat and umbilical. So so relieved. Also found out I am nearer 9 weeks pregnant than 8 weeks....so most likely fell pregnant on the very first try...go us! no problems with fertility then =):talk017:
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Fab news Angie! :) really chuffed for you both. Finger's x'd it's a smooth ride from here on in.


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:pCongratulations on your pregnancy - I'm so glad that all is well and you got to see your little one too:p:D

Take care

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How you feeling Angie?


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oh wow guys! i don't sign on for a day and I get all your sweet notes =)

I am feeling okay, still bleeding very slightly and having tummy cramps, but am less freaked out by that than I was. They wrote on the report to my gp and midwife that they couldn't see any cause for the bleed. I am taking it as easy as I can, but as I have so much to do in the garden, it's hard not to do chores. The one thing that is stopping me is that I am sooooooo tired! I only have to walk half up the garden and back with a watering can and I am shattered.

thanks guys for all your wishes of goodwill, I need it. Will feel a bit better when I have got through this first trimester

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Loves weight.. training!
Hope all is ok Angie :)
Hi guys, your really sweet for thinking of me! everything is fine, baby stayed and I have got my energy back now and apart from a cold I feel good. My mind is clearing too, less mumnesia than the last 6 weeks! However, my hair has now gone extra wirey instead of curly and my skin is greasy for the first time in my life...I am waiting for each development with interest. This pregnancy lark is a real bag of new experiences. At least I haven't taken to eating coal =)

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Loves weight.. training!
lol at the coal!! Any cravings are ususally based around the nutrient that is missing so you don't need to eat coal! lol honest! lol

Really pleased all is well and you're progressing toward the 2nd trimester :) Hope your hair settles down! lol :D

Don't be a stranger.. we missed you! lol there are another couple of new ladies here now, so we can all have a real good chinwag :)
blah! want to punch someone, feel fat and frumpy......I know I have a good reason, but the comments from well meaning & and frankly piss taking colleague have left me fuming tonight. How come I look so fat, when I have only put on a few pounds. The other things is that my hair thinned with months of cambridge, but that's been growing out since christmas so I now have shoulder length hair and this bl88dy stupid frizzy fuzz stuff sprouted in between the hairI retained, that and it all going frizzy instead of curly and greasy, slightly darkened skin.... well bl88dy hell! I am feel teasy, ultra crabby and bl88dy physically repulsive!



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Growing a baby isn't easy, it's hard work for your body and somethings got to give! The hair and skin is only temporary, and will soon change. I'm sure that you don't look awful, but I understand how easy it is to feel horrid in this early stage.

Ignore everyone else, they don't matter! What matters is you and the baby x


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Easier said than done but try to ignore them all, have a nice warm bath with lots of smellies, hope you feel better in the morn x
thanks guys =) do feel better this am. I work in quite a close knit team, some of them reacted weirdly that I had gone and lost weight, one in particular now thinks it's funny to crow that I am now getting bigger again. I didn't like his attention when I was losing the weight, I am not happy with his or others attention now my belly is growing

However, I can rise above this. Took a good look in the mirror this morning. I realise that I have probably gone up a cup size (!woohoo, always did want a little more!)in the last week and my tummy is thickening to look much like this time last year (when I was 17 stone) but the difference is I can still see my ribs when I breath in and the weight gain is definitely babe's.

So, I am not fussing, I am pregnant. It is expected that I will grow bigger round my middle,I would be surprised ifI didn't! bigger boobs are a plus =) & I am sure my work colleagues will soon get used to my changing shape, even the chauvinistic b8stard one!


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Angie next time the pig makes comments about your weight loss tell him that he is being inappropriate and how would he like it if you discussed the size of his manhood at every available opportunity?

Not that you know how big it is of course, never can find a microscope when you need one ;)
I thought of saying, 'I am getting bigger cos I am having a baby, what's your excuse?' me-ow....but I thought I wouldn't stoop to that level. Will have to think of some kinda retort that put the subject to rest cos he is the irritating type who'll keep at something if he thinks he's hit a nerve

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