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JanD's Maintenance Diary. Week 7 onwards


maintaining since June'09
Refeeding is here .. http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-ref...eding-bus.html (JanD on the refeeding bus.)

and the first week of maintenance I was on holiday ... http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-ref...y-diary-o.html (What sad person keeps a 'holiday' diary :eek:( ....)

and then 5 more weeks ... http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-maintenance/100816-jands-maintenance-journal-1st-6-weeks.html

Monday 27th July

Breakie - 2 slices roast pork - 1 rolled with goat's cheese and then a bit of from frais with some raspberries .. I KNOW - strange combination but didn't have them at the same time. I DIDN'T have anything at my mother's YAY!! ;)

Bed all day.

Weighed when got up - gained 1lb .... could have been worse! :eek:

Tea - a HUGE salad with prawns and I started off with a piece of smoked trout as well but I got a bone with every mouthful so gave up after 3 (coz can't stand that!) & traded my trout for DH's prawns :)
Slice turkey breast, slivver of cheese (making sarnies for tomorrow :eek:) & tesco reduced fat biscuit & raisin bar.

Drinks - wine, water (not much only 'bout half a litre) & black coffee.
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Hi Jan, great idea splitting it up . gives you like a fresh start this week again . Well done .


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oooh best get me subscription on this thread going ;)


maintaining since June'09
Tuesday 28th July

Breakie - granola, blueberries & ff fromage frais

Lunch - sm tin pilchards in tomato sauce with toms, cucumber & red pepper. Nectarine.

Snack - 40g bag of 'you are what you eat' nuts, fruit & seeds.

Tea - Slow cooked turkey mince stew (everyone else had potatoes I picked mine out)

cheese string & pkt quavers :eek:

1 oatcake with bit of egg & bacon sandwich filler on.

Drinks. Vodka & diet coke, water (not enough), black coffee.
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Wed 29th July

Breakie - 50g granola (was v hungry this morning so had a slightly bigger portion) blueberries & ff from frais.

Lunch - Tin sardines in tomato sauce with toms, cucumber & sp onion. (& a bite of one of the kids' cheese butties :eek:)

Tea - Diet Chef Lamb Hot Pot

Spoonful of egg & bacon sandwich filler.

Work - Salad with ham, turkey & cheese string, pear & nectarine.

2 chocolates :eek:

Drinks - water, black coffee.
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Thursday 30th July.

Breakie - Sort of took Mich's advice in that I had a bigger breakfast but I split it because I knew if I had it all at mum's I'd still want something when I got home. SO I had 2 oatibix with splenda & skimmed milk and 2 sm slcs wholemeal with lf cr cheese on.

I don't know if this may have been too many carbs though because I've really got thr munchies tonight!

Bed all day.

Tea - Diet Chef Rabbit & rice stewie thing. ff from frais with pear & blueberries.

Work - 2 chocs, a slimfast cheddar flavour bites snack. I've brought salad with ham, turkey, cheese string & gherkins and a pear & a nectarine. As I have the munchies I'm hoping this will be all I have! :eek:

Drinks, water & black coffee.



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Isnt it horrible when you have the munchies!

I have another problem tonight, I am eating so much fruit and soup that I have dreadful wind......jeez, farting for Wales.


maintaining since June'09
Don't know what's going on with my CP .... I've been checking it regularly (yes I HAVE been refreshing the page!) and it's said no threads etc. Then I come to all my subscriptions to type my confession and there's 3 been posted in!! HMPHH!!.....


Glad I'm not a colleague of yours at the moment Mary ;) :)

I'm beginning to think I should just resign myself to 'picking' when I'm working and 'catching up' in between ... I really don't know what I'm going to do with myself :(. I'm not looking for comments or anything but I'm making myself document this - embarrassing and cringeworthy as it is hoping that confession really is good for the soul and hiding it would only really be trying to fool myself :eek: .... this is assuming of course I can remember everything.

I'd already had 2 chocs and the snack I'd brought with me ie. the slimfast cheddar bites early on on the night. About 2.30am I had the salad I'd brought followed immediately by the nectarine and then immediately by the pear. When I've got this munchie head on I can't leave things for 'later' once I start on what I've brought I have to carry on till I've finished.
About 3.20am I went to make a cup of coffee and while I was waiting for the kettle to boil assembled another 2 chocs, a strip (5 squares) off a big bar of dairy milk. a 2 finger kit kat and a titan bar (Aldi's mars bars) - and then buttered a thick piece of white bread and put jam on it too just for good measure. I stuffed that all at once - then at 5.30am I went back to the kitchen and got a cup cake with another coffee. It's no good saying don't have the coffee - that wouldn't make any difference.

I would love to understand this I would love to have the kind of therapy session I know I could give to somebody else but you can't do it with yourself :( ......... hmmmmmmm .......

ANYWAYS!!!!!!! I can't promise not to have anything else - I'm not being defeatist just realistic knowing what I'm like. It isn't inevitable but it IS possible - I have to negotiate the newsagent's, my mother's and my own kitchen before I get to bed. I'll take each one as it comes and TRY not to think 'oh well - in for a penny...' I said TRY!!!!

I think what MAY have been my downfall was that - as I had to go downstairs when I woke up at 5.30pm yesterday because DH wasn't in and the dog had her legs crossed, I got weighed and had lost what I put on last week. Obviously I didn't consciously think 'oh that's all right then I can put a bit more on' but I do think if I hadn't lost it I would have stayed vigilant. But who knows?? :eek:

Oh well - another day as they say.

Like I said - there isn't really anything that can be said, I just didn't want to say nothing and hide it.

Thought occurs .... I had a double whammy of carbs at breakfast yesterday didn't I? with oatibix AND bread ... I have said I think maybe carbs is my trigger .... but I can't do without them forever and they were 'good' ones. OH I don't know.

**big sigh**

Have a good day everyone xxx


maintaining since June'09
Resisted in newsagent's. Had buttered toasted bun at Mum's and took 2 fancy biscuits from tin, ate one but actually went back out to the kitchen and put one back! Okay, only a drop in this particular ocean but a bit of an achievement anyway.
At home I've had muesli with skimmed milk and I'm about to take a piece of toast with don't know what on it to bed with my coffee.

Here's hoping the munchies will have disappeared when I get up this afternoon!! :eek: xx
Hi Jan, thanks for your honesty, heres hoping that the munchies doesn't rear it's ugly head too often. It just goes to show how extremely easy it is for us all to go off the rails and that reaching our personal weight goals is far from the end of the battle. I hope you win this one hands down!! By the way, did you get the video clip of Vicki and me?


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Mum's and took 2 fancy biscuits from tin, ate one but actually went back out to the kitchen and put one back!
Jan, it is a start!!! well done :)

Im not sure i can offer any advice or anything as i too am struggling but every body has 'off' days - cut back the rest of the week and all should be ok. Maybe the carbs did trigger off your binge? I know me eating carbs triggers something that makes me want food more but you are right, we cant go forever without them! What can we do hey?! :sigh:

Just take it each day at a time Jan. Think back to being on TFR and think of how you managed to resist it back then, much harder now though that you can actually have it isnt it :(

*big hugs* i hope you get your straight and narrow head back on soon, if anyone can do it you can Jan :) xxx
Hi Jan I am glad you are so open and honest in your posts, as I too am struggling at the moment with maintaince and it is reasuring that we are not alone with our little battles with the munchies.(The damn things).

There is just some days I can't seem to reel it back in. My self control is tested to the max and its much harder as the food is around now unlike the TFR. :eek:


maintaining since June'09
Ah thanks guys!! You're all so supportive and it really is helpful :)

I think it's useful to document what happens, however embarassing it might be because eventually we may be able to recognise a pattern or something that makes it understandable. Then maybe we can be prepared and put measures in place to deal with it better. For instance I feel fine since I got up today, totally focussed and I know I won't have anything I 'shouldn't' tonight. The same thing happened last week. Then I thought it was because I'd finished work but this week I still have another night to do. Maybe then it's that I automatically follow a 'bad' day with a good one .... ? I don't know but we'll see.

Sharon - I emailed you from home earlier tonight - I found the video clip in my spam folder!

Friday 31st July.

Breakie - as above.

Bed all day

Tea - Half a piece of grilled gammon with stir fried veg and a tesco reduced fat biscuit & raisin bar.

I've brought to work a maintenance bar (hoping to recapture TFR discipline ;)) & a snack pkt of 'you are what you eat' fruit, nut & seed mix.

Did have 1 chocolate in the night, but this time not because I had the munchies and HAD to have it - I just decided to have one and just one was fine :)

Drinks - water & black coffee.

Thanks again folks ;) :) xx
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Sat 1st August

Breakie ... well - had half piece bread with lf cheese spread at mum's because i had to go to tescos on my way home and felt v tired.
Before bed - toast with hummous on one half and banana on the other. Slice ham rolled with cheese string.

Bed all day

Tea - Diet Chef meatballs & butterbeans & half slice of gammon from last night.

Pkt quavers, slimfast caramel snack bar.

Drinks - wine, water - only half litre, black coffee.
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maintaining since June'09
Lol!! I DID cut the toast in half first ... they didn't run into each other but I can see it wouldn't be to everyone's taste :) xx


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lol hmmm


maintaining since June'09
Sunday 2nd August .... Grandsons' christening

Breakie - 2 oatibix, blueberries, splenda & skimmed milk

Snack B4 Christening - sm slc wholemeal & lf pate.

At christening - 5 quarters of sarnies with various fillings :eek: - 1 cocktail sausage, 2 chicken goujons, 1 fish goujon, 3 spicy wedges. 1 slice of Dime bar cake .... WHICH WAS TO DIE FOR!!!!!!! :( ...... 3 wine & sodas ..... half litre of sparkling water ...... slice of something sweet with sponge and chocolate and raspberries .... heart raced like mad after eating this - quite scary actually :( ....

Pub later - 3 vodka & diet cokes ... then at home - more vodkas & diet coke & lilt when coke ran out .... think I may be missing wi in morning :eek: xxxx


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Jan, we all have bad days - we'll cut back next few days and we'll be alright :)


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Yeah you're right.

Put on 0.6lb. Decided I'd be better facing the music. Haven't made a very good start at cutting back this week yet tho' :eek: - will do diary later. However I am determined not to let the scales go up again next Monday - no way! xx

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