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christmas countdown buddies needed !!

Hello everyone we have approx 6 weeks till crimbo descends upon us I have. a few parties to go to and wanna look my best x I wanna drop 20lbs by then what does everyone else want to drop ? And how r u all doing so far I'm on day 5 and feeling pretty good now I've lost 5 lbs upto now but still want another 20lb off is it possible ?
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Hello Shelly... Good luck with the loss... It would be too adventurous for me to lose all that for Chrimbo... But everyone loses at different speeds so it is do-able... :)
Hello Shelly, it is doable...just stick tot he rules. I will join you, tomorrow is my day 1...lets do it..Good luck!
hi, im starting again tomorrow so will join u. 20lb is probably my goal too :)
Hi Shelly, i am waiting to do the LL diet, but until then I am doing the Atkins, (i have been told LL might take some time as i need to get forms signed by GP).
20 lbs is all i want to lose for xmas, and that is certainly achievable!
I lost a stone in 3 weeks last time i did Atkins!

Good Luck to everyone.
hey girls . pretty good start today. having done it and succeeded last year i know i can do it and i know it will work so i think i have probably had an easier start than any new beginners. i already have a a load of recipes and tricks from past experience so im feeling really confident. my trouble last time was an emotional upset causing my "food is love" syndrome! lol. I WILL BE STRONGER!

homemade donner kebab in the oven at the moment for tea with some lettuce spring onions and mayo. (was supposed to be lunch but i swapped it round and had a big portion of cheeseburger pie with brocolli earlier!

so day one. 16st dead on. which i think is 224 pounds! so im hoping to be 200 by crimbo! would be even happier with 199... :)
Hi, I'd like to join you all - keep stopping and starting as I struggle at lunchtime at work (no kitchen) but need to and want to try and lose a stone before the end of the year x
Hi everyone, am totally in for any christmas challenges. 6 weeks to go until christmas, can easily lose around 3lbs a week I think on atkins so hopefully get a good 1 1/2 stone off by then. I am starting atkins tomorrow after having done 4 months on lighter life (lost 4 stone) and still have a bit to lose. have put on about 1/2-1st since coming off lighter life and having maintained that, need to gear up and get the rest off. I starting at 95kg back in feb and now hover around 75kg, I want to lose another 15kg by feb to mark the 1 year mark. Low carb definitely works for me, and I am starting p90x yoga and will continue my running. If anyone is looking for a buddy let me know, however very keen to get the rest of this weight off and finally hit my goal.

Menu for next week as follows:
Breakfast: 1 whey isolate protein shake and 2 boiled eggs
Lunch: Salad and soup
Dinner: spinach and steamed fish.
3lts water a day.

Would be ace to keep in touch with someone and have an atkins buddy

CornishPixie, looks like we have the same weight/goals and if you want to buddy up that would be great :) I'm using mynetdiary to track on my iPod if you or anyone else here wants to be my buddy - I am in need of inspiration...... as it gets colder all I want is comfort food :-(
hey teeny, always up for a buddy. my goal date is valentines day as that was (sadly) the day i signed up to LL and I want to know that 1 year later, everything i wanted off is gone - this works out at roughly losing a minimum of 2lbs a week for me. 92 days to go and about 40lbs to get off (at least).

Comfort food is always a dangerous one, however I found LL taught me a good few things about comfort food. I am a massive emotional eater, and always a people pleaser. I try to find comfort in other things now like doing my nails, or having a bath to remove myself from the situation. Or if i am tempted to buy some food i shouldnt have, have in the house or just want, I think "waste the food, waste the money or waste my body". Mind over matter is so important, look at the breakdown of the food and its value to your body. LL definitely taught me that your body does not need a lot to survive on and can achieve a lot if you are consistent and keep going. Have faith in yourself, and your goals and you'll achieve it. definitely.

looking forward to reaching the finish line! :)

p.s apologies for the novel length post.
I know it can be done, I have done it before and can do it again :) I certainly think doing it with a buddy will be good, what sort of soup do you have? I'm rubbish at being prepared and meal planning, I know the saying about failing to be prepared and all that.....
Anyways, just cooked Jimmys farm sausages and will have them for brekkie then see what i can get in Asda for lunch.
If you use any of the iPod tracking apps pm me and I will pass on my id :)
that sound like an ace breakkie. soup, i got some chicken broth which has 11g of carbs per 1/2 pot, i also have a fresh tomato and basil one which is nice. ipod apps i use a calorie counter one which is really good, i think the atkins one is quite limited compared to some of the others you can get.
our kitchens at work are really limited, so i try to make as much ahead as i can. we do have a microwave so soup is a winner this time of year. am currently scanning websites to find some good induction friendly soups i can make x
I am always worried about shop bought soups, love morrisons tomato and basil but not sure if the carb count is good. I make broccoli and Boursin soup but got bored of it very quick.... work sucks for lunch but at least I manage to drink loads of water :) look forward to hearing your soup finds :)
Morning everyone... I'm currently 17st 7lbs - would be great to lose 10lbs before Christmas - I doubt I'll manage more as I've got a really stubborn metabolism ... But would love to join this thread! :)
Morning alpaca I'm just gonna step on the scales my official wi is tomoz but I can't help it lol ! you will do 10lbs easy by crimbo x how long have u been on atkins ?

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