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I am a lil gutted... grrr.

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had my piercing in my lip nine weeks ago.. and found out 3 weeks later that the person that pierced it had been sacked from teh shop and didnt even have a piercing license so she should never have pierced me... not only that she pierced me with surgical steel which is illegal as it causes infections and irritations to people. so was banned.

so 4 weeks ago i went to a diff shop and the guy changed my ring to titanium ring which is better metal and legal.. but changing the piercing so soon made me at risk of extra infection..

now 4 weeks after the change.. i am getting a absess like lump on my lip inside and its painful grrrr its upsetting

i have a doctors appointment at half 5 today.. im hoping they will not tell em take piercing out and will just give me antibiotics because i feel myself when im pierced (hard to explain) but it gives me confidence ect...

NOT ONLY THIS... it means im having my monthly weigh in today instead of wednesday which means the extra 1lb i could of lost wont be there grrrr lol..

ahhh welll.. x
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Ow ! Fingers crossed that the Dr doesn't make you take it out hun and good luck for your WI xxxx
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they wont take it out , ill rather leave then have it taken out lol.
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Good luck on your appt, I'm sure antibiotics alone will do the trick, I remember when I got my nose pierced many decades ago I used hydrogen peroxide on it as it went a bit yukki, don't know if they suggest that now though. Don't worry about the WI I'm sure you will do yourself and us all proud.
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hope your appt went ok. Try bathing it with warm salt water.
S: 23st4lb C: 10st7lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 12st11lb(54.91%)
yeah i wash the piercing twice a day with warm sea salt rinse and diluted mouth wash ...

i went to the docs and they gave me antibiotics ^^.. and said it should heal okay.. wohooo happier now..
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yeay!!! i had my ear pierced at the top an it wen all gunky once so i got some sergical spirt and it did the trick just fine!

hey pinkkii i lurrrrrrrrrrrrve your new siggy xxx


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Hope the antibiotics work soon for you, must be horrible having an icky swollen lip you poor thing :( xx

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