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What are you looking forward to?

So what is everyone looking forward to most when we all reach our target?(beacuse we will get there) I'm needing some inspiration this week so thought I'd list mine -

* Not dreading pics of me being posted by friends onto FB and then having to de-tag myself.
* Shopping with my OH and not being embarressed about picking up larger sizes.
* Looking at clothes on models and actually thinking about trying them on.
* Sitting at my desk and not feeling my trousers digging into my waist.
* One of my most important ... getting my legs out ha ha and being able to wear knee high boots (always wanted a pair!)

I'm sure I've got more but this has made me feel better already :)
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I just keep thinking of being able to wear all of my sexy linen trousers again. lol
Right now I can't even pull them together to get the side zip done up.
I don't know why but I just keep on thinking of those trousers and it gets me motivated. I am so vain. :)
Just knowing I am fit and healthy and being able to run round for hours with my little boy!

Also getting in a bikini would be nice but not 100% if I would be brave enough x
I'm looking forward to being able to put my jeans on without having to do lunges to make them fit!

I totally agree with facebook pictures, and for people to notice I have lots weight!

Bring it on!!!
Good thinking...could do with a bit of inspiration myself!
Agree about the facebook pics and about being emabarrassed about picking up sizes when shopping with others! also the boots...I've a pair upstairs that am dying to get into!
What eles?...hmmm....just generally feeling more normal sized....on the bus today I noticed I only took up one seat! Feeling fitter and being able to do more activities with the family!


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i am looking forward to being healthier and enjoying clothes shopping again. i am really looking forward to seeing my fitness increase. it already has, but i want to be fit and healthy :)
Getting back into all the lovely clothes that are sitting in my wardrobe all sad and lonely.
Strutting about in the sunshine feeling warm, healthy and happy, instead of red and sweaty, bloated and miserable.
Feeling confident in myself when in front of a crowd (DJing / Taking Assembly / On the dance floor / whenever).
Having a singular chin.
What a great idea:
Wearing the clothes in my wardrobe that dont fit
Feeling sexy and confident
Struting about in trend clothes instead of jeans and baggy tops
No wobbly bits and being fit and healthy for my family


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Wearing a bikini (never done this), buying clothes in normal shops (new look, pilot etc), not looking pregnant, finding certain ahem marital aspects easier/better
Wearing a slinky bikini on hol without covering up!! Wearing above the knee shorts! Walking in a shop and picking up a size without feeling embarrassed! Allowing my OH to buy me clothes! Being fit an healthy!! X
Where do I start!!

  1. Not have a muffin top
  2. To wear the clothes in my wardrobe that I have never been able to get into!
  3. To buy my first ever pair of knee high boots.
  4. Definitely the Facebook photo's, how many have I had to delete!!!
  5. To look forward to the summer and not dread it.
  6. To never say again 'I'll buy that dress/top/skirt ...... when I lose my weight.
  7. To feel 'normal' and not a fat, lazy, greedy slob :cry:
There are many more, but don't want to go on :D
I have a dress in my cupboard waiting for me when I reach size 12.

I really want to go shopping with my friends and not go red when I can't fit in the things they do or sharing a changing room.
The diamond ring my husband will get me when I lose and hit target!

I'm also looking forward to:
-Wearing shorts that are above the knee
-Wearing stuff that doesn't come from "fat people shops" or the "fat range"
-Losing the bingo wings
-Having just ONE chin!

There's so much that will be great when I lose the weight!


Not evil at all
I'm looking forward to being happy and healthy! Also excited about being able to buy the clothes I want rather than the clothes I have to buy just now. I want to be able to walk up stairs without running out of breath! And my knees are going to be a lot less painful once I shift the weight :)

Aww I'm so excited about getting there! Wish it would come quickly!
I was in Evans today and tried on my usual size and was delighted to be 2 sizes smaller (now size 20) so I am looking forward to be able to go into any clothes shop and be confident that I will get something nice to wear which is not the largest size. I have lost 27 lbs but so much more in inches as my shape has totally changed.


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My 'thing' was knee high boots....I'm only halfway to target and I now have 5/6 pairs-OK, so some are Evans EEEEEEEEE fitting calves, but I couldn't even squeeze into them before SW ♥
I looking forward to being healthy, my mum got late onset diabeties due to being overweight, she also has water retention, high blood pressure & high cholestrol but she's not overly overweight. This made me realise I could go the same way if I carried on gaining weight.

So I'm looking forward to a healthy life & feeling good about my body, knowing whatever I wear I look good in without 'bits' in the wrong places.:p

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