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***Weighty Mateys Wintery December Challenge***

Welcome to the Weighty Mateys Wintery December Challenge​

Good Luck all :D

Donnie46 - 1lbs, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Loss: 1lbs)
dottydotty - 0lbs, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Loss: 0lbs)
Evilpenguin - 0lbs, 3lb, +1.5lb, 1.5lb, (Loss: 3lbs) **Newbie**
friendlyflamingo - 0lbs, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Loss: 0lbs) **Newbie**
Happy Holidays - No WI, No WI, sts, 1lb, sts (Loss: 1lbs)
Hobbithead - 0.5lbs, 2.5lb, 1lb, 2lb, sts (Loss: 6lbs)
Kizzib - 0.5lbs, sts, 1.5lb, 0.5lb, (Loss: 2.5lbs)
Lonestitcher -2lbs, sts, 1.5lb, +0.5lb, 5lb (Loss: 8lbs)
Malaika - 2.5lbs, 2lb, 1lb, 3lb, +1lb (Loss: 7.5lbs)
Metrognome - 0lbs, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Loss: 0lbs)
Mollysmum1 - 0lbs, +0.5lb, 1.5lb, 0lb, (Loss: 1lbs)
MrsV - 0lbs, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Loss: 0lbs)
Salli - 1lbs, +1lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Loss: 0lbs)
Sanicholl - 0lbs, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Loss: 0lbs)
Sarahandmolly -+2lbs, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Gain: 2lbs)
Scarletdarcey - 0lbs, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Loss: 0lbs)
toliveordiet - +1.5kg, 1.7kg, 1.5kg, +3kg, (Gain: 1.3kg)
toofatkat -0.5, sts, +0.5lb, 5lb, +1lb (Loss: 4lbs)
Vic08 - 0lbs, 0.5lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Loss: 0.5lbs)
Vickiw - 0.5lbs, +3.5lb, 1lb, 0lb, (Gain: 2lbs)
Weemo - No WI, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Loss: 0lbs)

blondie1987 - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (0lbs)
cookieg - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Olbs)
Ditzydiva - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Olbs) *Newbie*
Hypa2008 - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb,(0lbs)
Ikkle87 - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Olbs)
Jowillet - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Olbs) *Newbie*
littlehobbit - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Olbs)
Mel1981 - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb,(0lbs)
Nu Nu's - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb,(0lbs)
Raapunbird - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Olbs)
Sex Kitten - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb,(0lbs)
Simmy - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb,(0lbs)
Smurglebumf - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Olbs) *Newbie*
Strawberryblonde - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, (Olbs) *Newbie*
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No problem Kaz - welcome back xx
Hi everyone - I can't believe it's December already and I've been doing SW for almost a year - I only wish I'd done it 10 years ago!

I only lost 1/2 lb this week but at least it's coming off not going on. I'm finding it quite tough going at the moment - I always want the naughty stuff at this time of the year. I'm desperate to get that 1/2 lb off to get my 5 stone award so I'm going to give it my best this week.

Good luck everyone x


Not such a fat kat now :)
Hi I stayed the same tonight Im afraid. Want to lose 3 1/2 lbs before christmas to get my 3 stone award.
I lost 0.5lb last night, which I'm surprisingly pleased about seeing as I was miss piggy last week plus its my TOTM.
Well done Vicki! 1/2 is 1/2 :clap:

Toofatkat - STS is great still, chin up and keep going :clap:

Welcome to Weighty Mateys Vic08! :wavey: xx
Well Done honey! :clap: that's fab!! x
2 lb off for me this week!!!

Quite happy as I'd been ill all last week and didn't get out much.

Just hope that last week won't catch up with me!!!

Well done everyone......Especially Malaika!!! I was sure you'd said you were a SLOW loser!!!!
Well done Lonestitcher, that's great. I am sure it won't catch up on you!

Vic08 glad we make you smile :D xx


Lover of Extra Easy
Thanks Sarah and Lonestitcher!

Lonestitcher, I am normally a slow loser though the last 3 weeks has been great, except last week when I STS!
Happy December everyone. Hopefully you are all geared up for Christmas, I've surprised myself this year and have already finished the present shopping:woohoo:

We put up the tree this weekend so I'm looking forward to that - I love Christmas!! :109:

Everyone seems to be starting December really well with some great weight losses:happy096: unfortunately I'm rather letting the side down coz I went away for the weekend and spent 3 days eating, drinking and being merry:sign0007:. As a result I have put on 1.5kgs. I will do better from now until Christmas though because we don't have anything else planned....back to the diet.

Good luck to the other WI's today. Have a great week.


Slow but sure....
Hello everyone,

A Happy December to you all, and a good weight loss December too I hope for all of us.

I have lost another 1lb this week, so I am really pleased with that.

Have a good week everyone, love and best wishes to all my lovely fellow matey's. X
Hello all. Some good losses to start off December. Am keeping my fingers crossed for my WI on Monday.

Sarah - thanks again for doing this for us. My loss of 0.5lbs was for November as my first December WI is not until Monday, thanks

Have a fab weekend all :D:D:D
I lost another 1lb this week much to my surprise! December is going to be a bit of a struggle as many of you have said. I am prepared to not do well this month but determined to get right back there again in January. :smiley1842:


Trying again!!!
Well done on the losses so far this month ~ December is such a tricky month! I didn't WI on Friday due to a hectic social week which consisted of eating, shopping, eating, drinking..... so I didn't want to put myself in bad form. Hope everyone has a good week xx
Hobbithead, I have classed that 0.5 lb loss as your 1st WI for December as Monday was the last day of Nov. So more days were Dec last week... I have done this with everyone :) You completed your 4wks in Nov as I have put in the last thread. Hope you don't mind x