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  1. H

    Slim n Save or Shake that weight

    I am about to start a Vlcd diet but i'm not sure which one to start with between slim n save or shake that weight.I want opinions based on taste and price. Thank youu
  2. Terilbs

    VLCD Reccomendations

    Hi All, I am new to mini mins and I am currently trying to decide what diet would be best for myself. Currently I am leaning toward VLCD but there are so many out there I don't know which is best to choose and best value for money. Can anyone help? Teri xx
  3. L

    Exante diet after frequent yoyoing

    Hi Everyone, Despite the fact I am a somewhat professional dieter, I have never joined a forum before, so am really hoping this will help me stay on track! I am three days into the Exante Total Solution and finding it ok so far. I have previously tried all sorts of diets and successfully lost...
  4. Izabellaboo

    a first day rant...

    let me just start by saying this is not my first vlcd, I did Cambridge for 2 months last summer and apart from 3 pre-decided weekends (sisters wedding etc. ) I did not cheat and last 2st2lbs I started my exante shakes yesterday and have never felt so horrible in my life, it didn't help that I...
  5. angie-bum

    New thread for a new start

    I have been here many times b4. Not sure of my strategy yet, but it involves losing at least a lb a week I will- Weigh daily Be accountable Eat mindfully Limit sweets til end of day, and have a controlled amount Lose 1lb a week If I sts or gain I will do Vlcd/low carb til I rectify the situation
  6. S

    Back to VLCD from Atkins

    Hi all, This is my first post as I'm new to minimins! I started Exante VLCD on 5th Jan and managed to lose just under a stone (6kg) in 3 weeks, which brought me down to 64kg. Since then, spent a few days slowly phasing myself and I did a week and a half of Dukan (induction phase) and lost...
  7. R

    Step 1 Sole Source Returner and cant get into ketosis

    Hi there, Id really appreciate some help. I last did Cambridge diet 6 years ago and lost 3 and half stone. Ive since gained 2 stone due to a knee injury which prevented me from my normal 4 to 5 day gym routien. Im now ok to exercise so have joined cambridge to kick start my weight loss...
  8. Muso_Girl

    Total Solution 2nd Attempt for Goal Weight!

    Hello MiniMins! I started the Exante TS in January 2015 and despite a few mishaps here and there, I went from 15 stone to 12 stone and was pretty pleased with that! I'll be honest, I didn't stick to it 100% and I know that in the four months that I was on the diet, I could have lost another...
  9. Shuckels

    Exante Works. I'm Living Proof. (Pics Included)

    Hi guys, first ever post and was the only forum I could find that had a good Exante thread. Well, it's been an extraordinary journey, but I'm nearing my goal. My starting weight: 308 lbs - Current weight 202 lbs (7 months I have lost 106 lbs). When I first looked into VLCD's there were so many...
  10. I

    Day 1... Need to be accountable!

    Day 1 of Slim and Save... Feeling a bit hungry but its not overwhelming. Decided to create a diary to keep myself accountable! Eaten so far: Banana Shake Cottage Pie Plan to have banoffee porridge for tea and then a chewy chocolate bar for a snack before bed :)
  11. Q

    Total Solution 3 Stone in 6 Weeks Possible? Let's find out...

    It’s Friday 1st July and in exactly 6 weeks (42 days) from today, I’m off on holiday. My Background: I’m a guy, 31 years old, 5'10. For most of my adult life I’ve always been around the 12 stone region, but in the last 3-4 years I’ve been rapidly letting myself go, jumping well over 16 stone...
  12. Julie2011

    Groupon Special Deal for Exante Shakes - £29.99 for 2 weeks, £39.99 for 4 weeks

    Free Delivery. These are selling really fast so probably won't be available for too long. Also, if you are new to Groupon (or possibly will work with a new email address) you can save £10 on the 4 week offer by using SAVE10 in the promo offer box at checkout. Even when I am not doing Exante...
  13. K

    Hair loss

    Hi, I've lost 3 stone with CWP and have now stopped as my hair is falling out. Can anyone else tell me if they had this how long it lasted for? I'm so worried as so much is coming out! Thanks x
  14. Mini

    Step 1 Sole Source Australia Discovers Cambridge Weight Plan!

    Looks like from this article on the link below, that it is only now that Australia has discovered the Cambridge Weight Plan... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3625823/New-Australian-diet-craze-called-dangerous-medical-professionals-lead-pregnancy.html Not sure if this article is being...
  15. L

    Total Solution L's "Slim by Summer" 2016 diary

    Hi all, After a tough past couple of months filled with lots of comfort eating, and little to no physical activity, I decided to give Exante a go, as my weight had crept up so quickly! I started on Monday 22nd of February weighing in at 80.5kg / approx 12 stone 9.4 lbs, and having weighed...
  16. E

    Is anyone on Shake that Weight?

    Hello, I started my shake that weight diet a week ago. I'm on three shakes a day and a low calorie meal at night. I couldn't find a recent threat for this so I'm wondering if theres anyone out there to chat to? :)
  17. S

    Total Solution and..the journey begins..again.

    Hi All! Brand new here, so, I'm gonna put myself out there and tell you my goals, what's happened and various other bits. My story has many ups and downs, but, I hope it can help inspire and also support me! I'm 30. A male. I am 6ft 2 and I weigh, whilst writing this, a whopping, 24 stone 1.6...
  18. smidge87

    Total Solution Smidge's 2016 Diary :)

    So... I'm a typical yo-yo dieting female who has conquered exante once before losing about 4 stone in 3 months for a summer holiday. That was 2 years ago and now I'm back, bigger than my starting weight then! Anyway, no point dwelling too much on the past. I'm here now and I will do it again I...