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slimming word

  1. W


    Hey everyone I'm. New to this group so please be patient with me! I've just started doing slimming world again after 5 years of being off it and 2 baby's in those 5 years! I am doing it from memory so hopefully I remember it all lol! I am sticking to green days because I had massive...
  2. MrsE13

    Slimming World Pregnancy Diet

    Hello Everyone!! So I'm pregnant. I'm really happy and excited to be having a 2nd child but also nervous. I am overweight and want to stay in control while pregnant. It isn't so much about the weight gain but more about the control. Say to me 'you can eat what you want for 9 months' and I...
  3. G

    Extra Easy My Food Diary

    So last night I joined back at Slimming World so today is my first full day at the diet and I am feeling hopeful! I've tried to diet/eat healthy on and off for years and have never been successful but I am more determined and motivated now than ever before so fingers crossed I will stick with it...
  4. lets.do.this

    Very first time dieting!

    Hi everyone. Basically me and my boyfriend have decided that enough is enough and we want to lose some weight. We are both 22 and have been together since we were 16, so we have grown very comfortable with each other. We both used to be very skinny, myself even underweight, but through the...
  5. C

    Best App for food tracking

    Hi, Does anyone use an app for tracking of their food / syns? I have mfp but am not that bothered at the calories so wondering if there is something more suitable out there!
  6. Titch88

    HexA dairylea dunker

    Could you use the cheese as your hex a if you don't use the breadsticks/tubes
  7. K

    Marks and Spencer syns

    Hi everyone it's my 1st week on slimming world and I was hoping you could help me with a few things. How many syns in the following meals from m and s? I was hoping to have a small treat and these seemed rather good. Balanced for you chicken jalfrezi Balanced for you courgette and broccoli...
  8. S

    Extra Easy SarahMP

    I was doing slimming world a while back and doing really well. Then I had a few bad weeks that turned into a bad month and I just went off track. Last week I transferred my online membership to group and enjoyed the 1st meeting. I've been on and off the plan all week and I'm feeling very...
  9. Titch88


    Hey guys! So I'm back to dieting, decided not to go to meetings and to do it with some family members. Does anyone have any tips when it comes to cooking for a couple (one who isn't bothered about what they have on their plate and obviously the "dieter") so far we've had a syn free pasta...
  10. W

    slimming world eating out

    Hello I am going for a weekend in Blackpool in a few weeks. Can anyone recommend any slimming world friendly resturants? Thank you Gem
  11. alona

    Slimming for myself

    Iv been on and off a diet for the last 6 yrs. This time im doing it for me ( no special events, so no pressure) Im a 38 yr old mum of 6, married to my best friend. We have 3 dogs who need lots of excersize, I should be thin anyway lol My main problem is I don't eat regularly then I eat one big...
  12. S

    Healthier ways to use my syns?

    i usually save all my syns for the night time on chocolate and junk food. But latley iv been off plan and binging a little throughout the day! So thinking of using syns through the day! But not junk syns what can you suggest? Thanks
  13. calamityr


    Hi all! After months of trying to calorie count and not shifting any weight (thus feeling worse about myself) I've decided to give SW a try - I've heard wonderful things! I'll be doing it alone from home so would like to make some SW buddies along the way :) I lost around 7st in a few years...
  14. lellykins88

    Printable/Word doc food diaries?

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any printable food diaries or word docs they could share with me? Cant afford to go back to group yet and was wondering if anyone had any templates they could share? xx
  15. S

    Slim for 2017 - The long game.

    Hi everyone! I had a terrible evening last night. I kept thinking how did I get to this stage of having all this weight to lose? The thought of having to lose the weight made me feel sick, it seems impossible. So I've decided to break it down into small chunks and set myself a monthly target...
  16. B

    Food diary-how am I doing so far?

    Hello everyone, I started sw on Friday and so far I think I am doing okay but would like other people's opinions. Friday •Breakfast: 2 slices of wholemeal toast •Lunch: pasta with some broccoli and cucumber •Dinner: jacket potato with cheese and sweetcorn Snacks: strawberries, grapes, a...
  17. S

    Yeo valley and activia yogurt syns help?

    120g pot of fat free vanilla yogurt how many syns for this please? Also the Yeo valley Greek style yogurt with honey which is 120g pot is this 1.5 syns? Thank you
  18. S

    Can I carry my syns over to next day?

    For example if I have only 10 today can I have an extra 5 tomorrow?
  19. G

    Extra Easy Moma super seeds porridge syn value

    Please could someone tell me the syn value of this porridge, its already got skimmed milk powder in it, so I'm wondering if I could use my HE A and HE B towards reducing the syn value? Its a great porridge, really filling and high in protein. The reading on the back says: Per sachet...
  20. Emmie88

    Hello...SW newbie here :)

    Hi all, I'm Emmie, I'm 27 and I'm from Ireland. I've tried slimming world numerous times before but it's never really worked for me, mainly because I never really gave it a chance. Ive decided to start it again but really go for it this time. I don't go to the group but my Mam does so I have...