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  1. LeanneB94

    Extra Easy Inferno Pizza syns, please help

    Hi everyone, I'm new to slimming world and mini mins, there is a recently new pizza place around the corner from my work and during our monthly meeting are discussing getting one in to share. I was wondering if anyone knew the syn values for their pizzas? They're thin based and can be topped...
  2. Pierce

    Guidelines for members supporting members

    This forum is for any online competition like weddings, baby shower, hen parties, stag nights, birthday presents, photography session, talent shows, pet shows etc etc any online competition that requires you to have the most clicks or votes . You can post this on your diary, link in your...
  3. Valentine_N

    Advice needed. Hungry all the time!!

    I started slimming world just over 2 weeks ago and I am struggling so much with hunger. I am hungry all the time! I am eating regularly too as well as drinking lots of water. I have recently cut wheat from my diet as I am intolerant and I am also a vegetarian. Could it be that the snacks I'm...
  4. S

    Eating out on slimming world please help??

    i am eating out with friends tomorrow at a buffy restaurant called jimmys, could you tell me what type of food I should avoid and what I can eat? This is the restaurant menu :) http://jimmysrestaurants.com/food/ Thank you
  5. C

    Help.. Motivate.. Succeed

    Hi Everyone. What a great site for us all to be a part of. I need some help and suggestions on where to begin. I started back at group on the 1st of March. Lost 1.5lbs. I am trying to see what works best for me.. I feel having my 20 syns every day makes me want to eat more choc (what I use my...
  6. SWnewbie2016

    Help...gaining weight!

    Hi all, I've recently joined slimming world and have been doing the diet for around two weeks. Exercising more than ever, but the weight won't shift? I was hoping someone could tell me from my food diary if I'm doing something wrong! Tuesday 2nd Breakfast - an apple and grapes Lunch - mugshot...
  7. Lauren.B

    Extra Easy Chips!!!

    I went out to my local pub last night for dinner and I had chips with my mixed grill, I don't know how much to syn them at and I don't really want to estimate the number. Does anyone have any suggestion? It was a Marston's pub if this helps! I feel a lot better with someone else estimating...
  8. Missa!!!

    Has slimming world changed much?

    Hi everyone So I have to decided to follow slimming world again but I will be doing from home as I don't have time to attend classes. I have the 2014 directory and food optimising book. Has it changed much from 2014?
  9. May45

    Anyone got to week 4 yet???

    Hi, I'm just starting week3 been 100% TS and planning to stay the course. I heard I need to 'eat' in week 4 ... Is anyone doing this or have you done this?? If so how did it go? Can I just have 4 packs instead of 3 ?? Scared I'll gain.... Any advice appreciated
  10. W

    Extra Easy SP SP Week Results

    I've been doing slimming for the last 6 weeks and I've lost a stone. Woohoo :) Now I thought I would do an SP week to give myself a boost after The festive season. This week has been hard like hell! I honestly did not realise just how restricted it is. Got on the scales this morning to find I...
  11. S

    Extra Easy Good idea to start now?

    I had my beautiful baby girl 15 months ago and she is amazing. I only gained 7lbs when I weighed myself after pregnancy. This stayed off for a while as I was breastfeeding. Then since then the lifestyle change (staying in more, not working) and also being a bit depressed after caring for a sick...